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About Antje...

Hallo ;-)

My collection for 2018 will be : Comics and their Movie adaptions like Batman, Superman, Tank Girl, The Walking Dead and so on ;-) I´m a *Fan* of Deadpool and Aquaman ;-)
(But you always can send me a Postcard with a Cat!)
I also love wonderful B/W pictures! Or Bob Carey - the man with the Pink Tutu ;-)
You also can send me a medical related Postcard.

I work as a nurse in Wuppertal - friends call me Lilly ;-)
Since some weeks my family has a new member - a tiny black kitten called Sam (okee, at the moment Sammy) :-)
I love my two - now three - tomcats Buddy (RIP my lovely friend) , MrMurphy and Sammy, Tattoo´s, reading (Thriller), surfing, trying to play the clarinet or my tenor-sax and photography.
I love the TV Serials True Blood, LOVE!The Walking Dead, IZombie and Bones!!! Also Marvel and DC Comics + movies ;-)
I love cards with Zebra´s, Bats, Cemeteries (old gravestones, skeletons, Dia de los Muertos, Catacombs), Volcanoes, Halloween
I hear Punk Music, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Ska, Swing, Rock´n´Roll, Blues and good old Rock Music ;-)
My car is a Mazda-MX5 Roadster - with a Postcard of it you would make my Day perfect :-)
Or a wonderful classic hearse ;-)
I love Horror Movies, but I also LOVE the Jungle Book (W.Disney), *Tim und Struppi* (TinTin et Milou), Snoopy + Woodstock and Simon´s Cat :-)
You can send Ad/Free cards, Homemade cards, recycled or re-used ones, selftaken Photos, Food- or Non-Food cardboard packages, a great picture cut out of a newspaper and stuck on a cardboard - everything what is possible to put in a Mailbox and where you can stuck a stamp on ;-) I can´t understand why some people say a folded Postcard isn´t a *real* Postcard ?!
For me, a perfect Postcard is not a thing of *paying money for it or not* - it´s everything in my Mailbox with my name, a stamp, sent with heart and something nice written on it :-)

And PLEASE - if possible, no typical Tourist-Postcards, I have so much of them now ;-) I love it bloody, spooky, creepy and scary :-) - or a cat ;-) And please - no animals in clothes - I think fur is enough to wear ;-)

This is a Wishlist - but no *Must have* Do NOT feel as though you must apologize on the card.
Any type of Postcard you choose to send will be a joy to receive!

You can see my Favourite Postcards on the Postcards wall *Received ones* - on the *Favourites* wall you can see Postcards I would love to get - you may have one of them?
To New Zealand - is there any Postcard about Burt Munro and his *World´s fastest Indian*? Or a picture of the All Blacks ;-)

Carpe Diem ;-)

Stay Wild at heart and be free in your mind

Enjoy the *flying trains*