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Some time ago, we stumbled on katilemur's profile and were intrigued by a request which read “draw, please, the Dachshund – is a short-legged, long-bodied dog. It’s easy for drawing, really!”.

We wondered… did she receive a lot of drawn dachshunds on her postcards? Turns out… yes, she did!


From the top-left corner (with permission), drawings by zheka-french, Anja71, flooranna, Lord5005, cami21901, katkarapusalaatti, Bookorama, Ella_Grape and julykachanova.

A lot of drawers seem a bit reserved about their drawing skills, but they still gave it a go! How cool is that? :D

We were curious so we asked Ekaterina… why dachshunds?

“Once I wanted to get something more interesting than just ”greetings from… happy postcrossing". I thought how to encourage people to do little more than they used to. And I’ve decide the simple drawing is what I need. So remained only to choose a theme. It had to be something simple, have the typical features and everyone should know it and the result must be funny… I guess it’s very easy to draw the dachshund for anyone, even if you don’t know how to draw: long body with short legs! I’ve got the dachshund and I like this breed. So my choice was predetermined =)"
Hot dog dachshund

Drawing by BenjaminYuxin.

Great work, everyone! :) You can see more lovely dachshunds on katilemur's collection here.

40 comments so far

rosejoy, Australia
Love it!It makes the cards interesting to have the extra personalisation with the drawing!
Sweetie_in_Japan, Japan
How funny! I hope I'll have to send her a postcard one day :)
mydreambook, Netherlands
that is just so awesome!
Jini-, India
This is adorable. I hope to get to send her a postcard.
aberline, Australia
How cool is that?! I love how creative people are, even if its not a complex drawing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! I also love how people have drawn it in pencil first before using means they've really made an effort.
kelpie, Russia
In my turn I ask senders to draw a whale on the card and receive very nice pictures from time to time) What the interesting thing, the artists often forget about whale's fins (:
roebrtt, Poland
Hahaha, it's cool!
gruskal, United States of America
I have received PC's with handrawn dachshunds...they are my FAVORITE. I have two fur-babies that are of course dachshunds - we rescued them from backyard breeders. We love them !!
cheshirekat, Canada
I ask the same to my senders , but i ask them to draw me a dinosaur instead
greatgma, United States of America
What a cool idea! I love the huge loving community we have on Postcrossing! Gives you hope that the whole world really can have peace if we all try a bit.
nancygee, United States of America
I love this! Great idea
Sipimoponkapa, Slovakia
Love it! :-D
Its funny because I also have one daschund :-D
ularru, Lithuania
Amazing! I have to try it out :P
cristal6, United Kingdom
Great idea, recently I've had an request for an autumn tree and a house, it makes it more fun:)
summerhawk, United States of America
I recently got the address of someone who requested drawings of cats, so I sent a postcard of a drawing I did of my cat sleeping next to me as I wrote out her card. She was delighted! I love requests like that. So much more fun and personal than the typical tourist card.
Andreahexe, Germany
What a great idea - especially if someone don't know what to write on a postcard ... so just draw something !! I love it :-)
lucymonty, United Kingdom
Lovely idea!
D2M2, United States of America
What a charming idea! Thanks for featuring this story.
HaruTarra, Ukraine
O-ho-ho, I remembered you wrote about this Dachshund's request in LJ comments some time ago!
Great collection :)
rosenbusch, Germany
A funny idea....
Nummel, Germany
I wrote to someone lately who requested Postcrossers to draw a giraffe on the card. That was fun, though maybe I am the most untalented giraffe-painter in the whole wide world...
jjmedusa, United States of America
Drawing is a talent I wish I had. User BenjaminYuxin's drawing is great!
TonyGv, Spain
great idea to make drawing on it, so i do too and i like them at all¡¡¡
islander61, Bahamas
I'd love to get a request for a drawing! Hopefully one day I will :)
pucky, Netherlands
such a great idea!!
SOFT-P, Algeria
A wonderfull idea
Geminiscp, Portugal
I've also received amazing drawings in my cards. :D Thanks for sharing this amazing story!!!! :)
MarDob, Poland
That's a fantastic idea!
And dachshunds are the best :)
dark_peppermint, United States of America
This is really cool!

I especially like the hot dog dachshund!
PROBOJATI, Indonesia
nice i also have daschund dog name MOCCA, hes always be my naughty baby with those pity eyes. i also collect daschund dog postcard.cuddle cuddle..nice idea then!
rkneo11, India
I too love daschunds and used to have one as a pet when i was a child. This is one collection i must see someday.
nugget, United States of America
What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!
LucieZezulkova, Czech Republic
Wonderful pictures. Dachshunds are so beautiful and cute dogs. And a great idea.
zwiebelbaguette, Germany
If I ever draw your profile Ekaterina, I'll draw a Dachshund for you, too. :D
hobartally, Australia
awesome idea
I'd play...
BialyLisek, Netherlands
I sign my card with a little kitty blowing kisses. I wonder how they would look all together :)
muhmachtdiekuh, Germany
I love Dachshunds. And I´m impressed how great the drawers did their job. It´s so cute and so creative. Thanks for sharing this with us.
wangshuo, United States of America
Conelmate, Argentina
Awesome idea!
Shar65, United States of America
Love this idea!

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