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Some time ago, we stumbled on katilemur's profile and were intrigued by a request which read “draw, please, the Dachshund – is a short-legged, long-bodied dog. It’s easy for drawing, really!”.

We wondered… did she receive a lot of drawn dachshunds on her postcards? Turns out… yes, she did!


From the top-left corner (with permission), drawings by zheka-french, Anja71, flooranna, Lord5005, cami21901, katkarapusalaatti, Bookorama, Ella_Grape and julykachanova.

A lot of drawers seem a bit reserved about their drawing skills, but they still gave it a go! How cool is that? :D

We were curious so we asked Ekaterina… why dachshunds?

“Once I wanted to get something more interesting than just ”greetings from… happy postcrossing". I thought how to encourage people to do little more than they used to. And I’ve decide the simple drawing is what I need. So remained only to choose a theme. It had to be something simple, have the typical features and everyone should know it and the result must be funny… I guess it’s very easy to draw the dachshund for anyone, even if you don’t know how to draw: long body with short legs! I’ve got the dachshund and I like this breed. So my choice was predetermined =)"
Hot dog dachshund

Drawing by BenjaminYuxin.

Great work, everyone! :) You can see more lovely dachshunds on katilemur's collection here.


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41 comments so far

rosejoy, Australia
Love it!It makes the cards interesting to have the extra personalisation with the drawing!

GIBSONMS, United Kingdom
I was with my friend when I requested an address - this is what he drew...

Sweetie_in_Japan, Japan
How funny! I hope I'll have to send her a postcard one day :)

mydreambook, Netherlands
that is just so awesome!

Jini-, India
This is adorable. I hope to get to send her a postcard.

aberline, Australia
How cool is that?! I love how creative people are, even if its not a complex drawing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! I also love how people have drawn it in pencil first before using means they've really made an effort.

kelpie, Russia
In my turn I ask senders to draw a whale on the card and receive very nice pictures from time to time) What the interesting thing, the artists often forget about whale's fins (:

roebrtt, Poland
Hahaha, it's cool!

gruskal, United States of America
I have received PC's with handrawn dachshunds...they are my FAVORITE. I have two fur-babies that are of course dachshunds - we rescued them from backyard breeders. We love them !!

cheshirekat, Canada
I ask the same to my senders , but i ask them to draw me a dinosaur instead

greatgma, United States of America
What a cool idea! I love the huge loving community we have on Postcrossing! Gives you hope that the whole world really can have peace if we all try a bit.

nancygee, United States of America
I love this! Great idea

SimonaWilde, Slovakia
Love it! :-D
Its funny because I also have one daschund :-D

ularru, Lithuania
Amazing! I have to try it out :P

cristal6, United Kingdom
Great idea, recently I've had an request for an autumn tree and a house, it makes it more fun:)

summerhawk, United States of America
I recently got the address of someone who requested drawings of cats, so I sent a postcard of a drawing I did of my cat sleeping next to me as I wrote out her card. She was delighted! I love requests like that. So much more fun and personal than the typical tourist card.

Andreahexe, Germany
What a great idea - especially if someone don't know what to write on a postcard ... so just draw something !! I love it :-)

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Lovely idea!

D1ana, United States of America
What a charming idea! Thanks for featuring this story.

HaruTarra, Ukraine
O-ho-ho, I remembered you wrote about this Dachshund's request in LJ comments some time ago!
Great collection :)

rosenbusch, Germany
A funny idea....

zwergi, Germany
I wrote to someone lately who requested Postcrossers to draw a giraffe on the card. That was fun, though maybe I am the most untalented giraffe-painter in the whole wide world...

jjmedusa, United States of America
Drawing is a talent I wish I had. User BenjaminYuxin's drawing is great!

TonyGv, Spain
great idea to make drawing on it, so i do too and i like them at all¡¡¡

islander61, Bahamas
I'd love to get a request for a drawing! Hopefully one day I will :)

pucky, Netherlands
such a great idea!!

SOFT-P, Algeria
A wonderfull idea

geminiscp, Portugal
I've also received amazing drawings in my cards. :D Thanks for sharing this amazing story!!!! :)

MarDob, Poland
That's a fantastic idea!
And dachshunds are the best :)

dark_peppermint, United States of America
This is really cool!

I especially like the hot dog dachshund!

PROBOJATI, Indonesia
nice i also have daschund dog name MOCCA, hes always be my naughty baby with those pity eyes. i also collect daschund dog postcard.cuddle cuddle..nice idea then!

rkneo11, India
I too love daschunds and used to have one as a pet when i was a child. This is one collection i must see someday.

nugget, United States of America
What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

LucieZezulkova, Czech Republic
Wonderful pictures. Dachshunds are so beautiful and cute dogs. And a great idea.

zwiebelbaguette, Germany
If I ever draw your profile Ekaterina, I'll draw a Dachshund for you, too. :D

hobartally, Australia
awesome idea
I'd play...

BialyLisek, Netherlands
I sign my card with a little kitty blowing kisses. I wonder how they would look all together :)

muhmachtdiekuh, Germany
I love Dachshunds. And I´m impressed how great the drawers did their job. It´s so cute and so creative. Thanks for sharing this with us.

wangshuo, United States of America

Conelmate, Argentina
Awesome idea!

Shar65, United States of America
Love this idea!

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