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About Jessica...

Hello everyone!

I'm Jessica and I work as a veterinary nurse.
Some of my Hobbies are: Manga/Anime, Books, Movies, games, comics/cartoons from all over the world, Photography, collecting stamps and enjoying the Nature/Ocean. Obviously, I love animals and I have three guinea pigs at home. So cute. ♥ Recently, I've got a dwarf hamster, he's dangerously adorable
I'm not a big music lover in general, but I'm a huge Queen-fan.

I've learend English in school for 9 years, French for 4 years and Spanish for 3 years, but my French skills have gone down to the point of "very very basic" and Spanish is unfortunately barely existent anymore. I've taught myself a tiny bit of Dutch, because I think it's a cool language and it's quite similar to German what makes it rather easy to learn for me. I should definately do more in that direction.

I recently moved out and I'm now living on my own (well, in company with my guinea pigs, of course), because it was long overdue. It's great to have my own place at last.

I love to receive many different kinds of cards. You can surprise me! I'm not a picky person and I'm open to everything.
If you'd like some inspiration, though, here are some types of cards I really like:
♥ black/white cards are my favorites =)
♥ Art Cards: Art Nouveau (especially Alfons Mucha),Victoria Kirdiy, or any other kind
♥ Jetoy cards
♥ movies
♥ Studio Ghibli / Pixar/ Disney/ Dreamworks
♥ celebrities/famous people/royals/actors/etc
♥ ballet and figure skating
♥ Guinea Pigs
Furthermore: foods, sweets, all types of animals, funny cards, single-view cards, nice landscapes, photos, flowers, nature, comic and cartoon, manga and anime, vintage
... or just send me what you like best. =) I welcome every postcard I receive.

I love and highly appreciate beautiful stamps, but I will always keep them on the cards, because that's where they belong. I will never destroy a postcard in order to get the stamp.

Have a nice day. =)


♥My 1000st postcard is from Great Britain

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