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The Postcrossing Book Club at Reuver's Library

Today we have another great story of members using Postcrossing in an unusual way - with inspiring results!

The librarians, employees and volunteers of De Bibliotheek Reuver (The Library of Reuver), in the Netherlands, started a Postcrossing-inspired book club! Here's how it works: they've asked every postcrosser that sent them a card to name the title(s) of their favourite book(s). When they receive the card, they search the suggested books and put in a special bookshelf, on top of which the received postcards are also displayed.

They've also set up a large map on the wall, where they put a copy of the postcards received, and a small profile of the sender. The postcards are connected to the countries by strings, to help children find out where they are! It looks great!

De Bibliotheek Reuver's Postcrossing wall De Bibliotheek Reuver's Postcrossing wall

As visitors of the library walk by, they're free to choose a book from this shelf and read it, effectively picking up reading tips from all over the world! :)

Ellis (aka TheBusyLibrarian) tells us "Our readers like the book club as it gives them new or at least unexpected titles. They also like the idea that somebody took the time to name their favorite and recommend a really good/interesting book. (..) Old and new titles appear on these favorite lists. Most we have in our collection."

De Bibliotheek Reuver's Postcrossing wall

The Reuver's Library Postcrossing book club has recently been featured on the De Limburger newspaper - you can read the article (in Dutch) here. They're also planning to organise a meetup soon, to introduce visitors to Postcrossing, and help them get started. If you're the area, and would like to help or just get together with other postcrossers, get in touch with TheBusyLibrarian for more details.

Well done Ellis, and everyone at the the Reuver's Library team! Big thumbs up for this initiative! :)

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Posted by on 22 Jan, 2013
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50 comments so far

rosenbusch, Germany
An interesting project. Thank you for sharing this information....
Posted by rosenbusch on 22 Jan, 2013

DorotheeB, Germany
Isn't it amazing with what ideas Postcrossers are coming up? I enjoyed reading the article and and looking at the photos. Great idea, thank you for sharing this with us!!!
Posted by DorotheeB on 22 Jan, 2013

Poedie, Netherlands
Great ! I live near by Reuver. Me and my daughter are Postcrossers since a few month. I will surely visit this library ! Very creative! :D
Posted by Poedie on 22 Jan, 2013

Andreahexe, Germany
It's just great !!! I think that such project will connect postcrossers AND people who likes reading books ... wonderful :-)
Posted by Andreahexe on 22 Jan, 2013

Biepmiep, Netherlands
What a great idea!
As a Dutch librarian and an addicted postcrosser I wonder why I didn't think of it myself. It is a perfect combination of my two passions of reading and postcrossing.
Too bad Reuver is a long way from where I live.
Posted by Biepmiep on 22 Jan, 2013

paenq, Finland
Awesome! I can see my card on the wall!! The whole idea was brilliant; I felt privileged to receive this particular address & join their project. Good luck my friends in Reuver! :o)
Posted by paenq on 22 Jan, 2013

Bestgirl, Austria
Posted by Bestgirl on 22 Jan, 2013

leugim, United Kingdom
awesome! :D
Posted by leugim on 22 Jan, 2013

geminiscp, Portugal
"like"! :D What an awesome idea! And nice pictures too. :)
Posted by geminiscp on 22 Jan, 2013

hevans, United Kingdom
I love this! Great idea!
Posted by hevans on 22 Jan, 2013

riledup, United States of America
Oh this is awesome!!! I love it!
Posted by riledup on 22 Jan, 2013

ydnic, United States of America
This is a wonderful idea!! I want to go there now!
Posted by ydnic on 22 Jan, 2013

crossingoceans, Germany
I have a list for myself since I started with postcrossing, I have received more than 200 book recommendations until today and read several books!!
Posted by crossingoceans on 22 Jan, 2013

mrssmith, United States of America
This is a fantastic idea! I love it! :)
Posted by mrssmith on 22 Jan, 2013

carolreader, United States of America
I love this too!!
Posted by carolreader on 23 Jan, 2013

Antosie, United States of America
This is a great idea/ I love to read about different places and would be so interesting.
Posted by Antosie on 23 Jan, 2013

YITICH, Taiwan
Is really great idea!
Hope one day I can on it : )
And see there too~
Posted by YITICH on 23 Jan, 2013

Ring-Woo, China
Awesome idea! Enjoy all the wonderful ideas Postcrossers come up with! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Posted by Ring-Woo on 23 Jan, 2013

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Thanx for sharing!!! :)
Posted by YiliLoh on 23 Jan, 2013

TheBusyLibrarian, Netherlands
Thank you to everyone who is so kind as to leave such uplifting and stimulating comments. You make our day! If you would like to make a contribution to our Bookclub than send us a card with the titles of your favorite book(s). Send us a mail requesting our adres through the Postcrossing message-service on our profile "The Busy Librarian". Thanks to all who have contributed already, without your help we could not have started our Postcrossing Bookclub. Have a wonderful day!
The Busy Librarian, Ellis
Posted by TheBusyLibrarian on 23 Jan, 2013

Pebbles84, Netherlands
Wow! This is only a 20-minute drive from where I live, I should really go have a look :D Sounds like a great project!
Posted by Pebbles84 on 23 Jan, 2013

NanaMuffinLady, Germany
this is so awesome!
Posted by NanaMuffinLady on 23 Jan, 2013

Monika49, Austria
What a wonderful combination! Writing and reading are so similar..
Best wishes for your work!
Posted by Monika49 on 23 Jan, 2013

rosna, Belarus
Well done, a great idea and realization!
Posted by rosna on 23 Jan, 2013

miep1947, Netherlands
Dit is geweldig idee van je Ellis.
Posted by miep1947 on 23 Jan, 2013

Harpseal, Norway
How nice !
I have known for a long time that Dutch librarians are something else :-)
Posted by Harpseal on 23 Jan, 2013

Gemini17, Netherlands
Wat een goed idee! Wat is jullie Postcrosnaam? Ik zou graag jullie profiel lezen...., groetjes van een postcrosser en bieb-boeken-lezer uit Waalwijk. Ik lees nu alle boeken van Charlotte Link....
Posted by Gemini17 on 23 Jan, 2013

LaGelatina, United States of America
As a trained librarian (and avid postcrosser, of course), I'm so inspired by your efforts. Well done!
Posted by LaGelatina on 23 Jan, 2013

hobartally, Australia
Awesome idea...and brilliantly it!!!
Posted by hobartally on 23 Jan, 2013

Ni-Hao, Taiwan
really nice idea !
Posted by Ni-Hao on 24 Jan, 2013

TwoBigOneLittle, Netherlands
so cool !!!!!!!!!
Posted by TwoBigOneLittle on 24 Jan, 2013

tinkx, United Kingdom
What an amazing idea! Our class would love to recommend a book! (they are all 6 and 7 years old!) Thanks for sharing this with us xxx
Posted by tinkx on 24 Jan, 2013

Leopold, Uganda
Awesome !
Posted by Leopold on 24 Jan, 2013

pefawm, Norway
Is het nog steeds mogelijk om een kaart te sturen. Kan een kaart uit Noorwegen aanbieden met noorse schrijvers als tip.
Posted by pefawm on 24 Jan, 2013

TheBusyLibrarian, Netherlands
Feel free to make a contribution to our Postcrossing Wall and Postcrossing Bookclub. If you like you can send us a card with the titles of your favorite book(s). Your card will be add to the Postcrossing Wall and your book(s) to the Booklist. If we have a dutch translation we will put it on display. We can't wait to see your cards and we are extremely curious for your favorite books. Many, many thanks to everybody!

Have a wonderful day!
The Busy Librarian, Ellis

De Bibliotheek Reuver /The Busy Librarian
C/O Ellis van Megen
Postbus 4614
5953 ZG Reuver
Posted by TheBusyLibrarian on 24 Jan, 2013

ankehelene, Germany
Posted by ankehelene on 24 Jan, 2013

squino, Italy
What a great idea! I like this project: I wish I could have this wall at home. I send you my best wishes for your activities at the Library.
Posted by squino on 24 Jan, 2013

islander61, Bahamas
I can see my country's flag on the top row of the map poster. I'm going to send a postcard! :)
Posted by islander61 on 24 Jan, 2013

Frogglin, Australia
Oh I would have loved to do this in my Library days - how wonderful! Popping a card in the post :)
Posted by Frogglin on 25 Jan, 2013

nugget, United States of America
Fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing with us.
Posted by nugget on 25 Jan, 2013

Ninja_Neko, Belgium
Very nicely done, it looks really great!
Posted by Ninja_Neko on 25 Jan, 2013

linku, Germany
I think you have already reached your aim, great job!!!!
Posted by linku on 25 Jan, 2013

sabescan, Malaysia
It is a very interesting way to share the enjoyment of postcrossing
Posted by sabescan on 26 Jan, 2013

mashruf, France
very nice idea! i just asked my little sister to have a look and we both are delighted. Also contacted the busy librarian which wasn't necessary. Already they have the address here. Will get a postcard from Bangladesh soon :)
Posted by mashruf on 26 Jan, 2013

Heineken, Netherlands
Really a great initiative! :)
Posted by Heineken on 27 Jan, 2013

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Brilliant idea! I'd like to be part of that book club :-D
Posted by lucymonty on 27 Jan, 2013

alejka, United Kingdom
The display is really beautiful and it is a great work to encourage both adults and children to read books in such a creative way.
Posted by alejka on 29 Jan, 2013

annabanna, United States of America
What a great idea!
Posted by annabanna on 30 Jan, 2013

LacrimadiLuna, Italy
this is really lovely!
Posted by LacrimadiLuna on 6 Feb, 2013

limoda, Italy
it's a very interesting project ; I'll send you a card from Turin
Posted by limoda on 24 Mar, 2013

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