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About Pauliina...

I'm 38 years old, single, in love with small miracles of life, e.g. morning dew, birds flying in freedom, watching waves, bright colors, old books, profound thoughts, poetry, meeting strangers. Every postcard is a treasure, a piece of someone's soul. That's why I love the pics and the messages alike.

I'm a theologian (with master's degree in church history), and I'm teaching religion (church history, ethics, world's religions & bible studies – all very much non-confessional) to 7-9th graders. In Finland religion is just a school subject among others, with aim to increase understanding and tolerance as well as give open-minded tools to build one's identity. I think all religions are equal and primarily different ways of looking for the truth of life, based on the cultural roots of their origin.
However, job situation being horrible these days I'm now working as a 4th grade teacher.

My hobbies are portrait drawing, motorcycling, knitting & crochet (passionate about crocheting large, complicated blankets!), classical singing, opera, gym & badminton, and I like to read books dealing with philosophy, medieval history or papacy. All sorts of folklore is close to my heart: I get happy chills while looking at or wearing Finnish national dresses, but I also adore Ukrainian vyshyvanka blouses, sarees from India etc.
I'm a devoted greyhound person (if such exists: I've owned several Italian greyhounds in the past), yet at the moment I have two cats and three budgies! I totally love animals! I'm also a dedicated vegetarian. On weekends I volunteer at a local animal shelter, cleaning the cats' rooms.
Oh, and I simply adore Belgian trappist & abbey beers, as well as the beauty of ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and figure skating.

My biggest dream is... to find love, eventually. ♥

Postcards are very welcome! Feel free to write about any specialties of your country or daily life!

Love, Pauliina

Ps. I'm not a big fan of wishlists or "don't send me this & that" concerning postcard themes. I've received hundreds of fabulous cards; every card will be greatly appreciated as long as you like the chosen card yourself. :o)

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