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LacrimadiLuna, Italy


(or Evelise) is a member in Italy . She has been a member for over 8 years (3,191 days).
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  • Distance sent: 1,555,624 miles
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  • Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Latin, ancient Greek, Piedmontese language
  • Birthday: 17th August
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  • 67th on most postcards sent from Italy
  • 84th on longest distance sent from Italy
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About Evelise...


I am Evelise from Torino, Italy.

I am a 27 years old girl graduated in Medical Biotechnology. I am a PhD student in Biomedical Sciences and Oncology and I live in Torino with my boyfriend and my female cat called Kabah. I have a rare disease.

I visited Italy, France, Morocco, England, EIRE, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Greece, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Austria, Germany, India, Japan and I would love to visit Berlin, Portugal, Cambodia as soon as possible. I like very much photography, reading books and graphic journalism, poetry, woods, countryside. I am also keen on music and I like going to the theatre too. I like watching movies and I loved Westworld. I am really interested in history, expecially I and II World War, Cold War, and any kind of "Resistance" to any kind of "Dictatorship". Art and Art history are two other passions. My favourite artists are Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Gaudì, Dalì, Klimt, Caravaggio, Magritte...

I have always liked snail mail! It is really special sending you a postcard and letting you receive my present directly at your home! On the other hand, I am so happy when I read your words and pictures for me, it is like receiving a piece of the world! Why don't you write me what are you doing in your life, what do you like...a secret, your best travel, your dream, something special you have ever done, what is important for you in your life. You could also draw something, for example a cat! :) Be sure I will keep your words and postcard with love.

Here what I like most:

- nature, body of water (sea, lakes, rivers...), islands
- trees, trees with snow, woods, tiny houses, gardens, parks, volcanoes
- UNESCO sites
- little street, door, window, balcony
- beautiful photographs such as Nouvelles Images, M.I.L.K., b/w, FairMail, Postallove
- old advertising
- charity cards
- metro map cards
- kawaii/Japanese style
- mailbox
- 2 cv
- history-related cards
- propaganda from every country
- vintage cards
- Greetings From... from the country of origin (already received: Poland (mountain view), ✔Czech Republic, China, Brazil, ✔The Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, ✔Canada, Russia, Belarus, ✔Norway, ✔Spain, ✔France, Singapore, ✔Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, ✔Germany, Vietnam, ✔Luxembourg, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey, Lithuania, Malaysia, Slovakia, Switzerland)
- ad cards ONLY if about Human Rights, medical research, Fair Trade or something really interesting

I like when cards bring me a story, atmosphere of your country and let me dream. Please, choose something beautiful, sweet, original, important in your opinion and be sure to explain why to me! I also like stickers, beautiful stamps, stationery, colours...

My nickname in Italian means "Moon's Tear".
I am on the testimonal page :)

Have a nice day!:)