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Today on the spotlight we feature bodrumlu (aka İbrahim), from Turkey. He’s an avid gamer and loves his first place on Turkey’s ranking of postcrossers!

Here is what he had to say:

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

In 2008, when I was a very active member of CouchSurfing, I had been looking for some websites to exchange postcards and stamps. I had seen a topic about postcards on that website and one of users mentioned Postcrossing. I clicked the link given on that topic and that’s how I met your mother… oops! I meant how I met Postcrossing! :)
Since then, I’ve been sending postcards through Postcrossing no matter where I am, or what I am doing.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

Apart from collecting postcards, stamps and coins from all over the world (which are very rare hobbies here), I like solving puzzles and playing strategy games. I am an avid player of Age of Empires and the Red Alert series! I also like swimming and playing chess.
“Self-improvement” is the key point of my life, therefore I like to read related books and watching documentaries about the lives of successful men. As part of my self-improvement program, I also love to go to gym even though I am a one-handed disabled man. I have even designed a special glove to let me use the lat pulldown machine. There is an old saying: “as long as you breath, there is a solution for every problem, just keep looking for it”.

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

This is me, going to send my postcards:


And this is where I keep my postcards. Looks very tidy, doesn’t it?


Here you can see my post office, the last stop for my cards :)

Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

Here are some of my recent favourite postcards:

Have you been surprised by any place that you have received a postcard from or sent a postcard to?

Yes, there have been some places I was surprised when I’ve seen the address on the card. For example, Papua New Guinea, Montenegro, Mauritius, Macau, Iraq, Ecuador and Bermuda (I didn’t even know there was such country!)

Have you met any other members in real life?

Yes, I have organised a meeting in the most beautiful city Eskişehir (my hometown). We were a small group but we had a great time altogether. You can have a look at the meeting pics on the forum. I have also personally met countess_ofdark.

What is it your favuorite part of the Postcrossing process?

Going up and up in the top rank list! Well, not that exciting anymore as I’m the first on the list (just kidding!)
Well… the moment when you wait to show up a “random” address that you send a card. I have even been praying for “please God, not China this time” because of their very long addresses, but now I print addresses, so not a problem anymore! :)
To be honest I really enjoy every moment of the process, from writing the postcard ID to receiving a “thank you for your beautiful postcard” message :)


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39 comments so far

ned44440, Ireland
I enjoy finding out where my next card is headed, too.

Jodie05, Australia
What an entertaining and inspirational post! Lovely to meet you Bodrumlu!

RuskiG, United States of America
age of empires is the best series ever...they should make some postcards of it hahah

moonlessnite, Canada
That is a very refreshing interview. Good fotos!

Luxi, Luxembourg
Congrats...and I am sooo jealous of your tidy drawer..I could not shoe mine ;-) I would be embarrased to death "lol"

bodrumlu, Turkey
thank you so much for all messages:) I think I'm famous now in PC lol :D

ddonkey, Croatia
lol really nice interview :)

volvomom, United States of America
So great to meet you here! I hope we'll exchange cards onen day! :)

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Great interview, I struggle with the Chinese addresses too- they seem so strange to me, I have to copy them letter-for-letter! Or just print them... that is the more sensible option :-D

carolisha, Switzerland
It's great to see someone on spotlight who sent me a postcard ;)

Earney, Austria
hi nice to see you here remember my card AT-70181 Do not forget me :) and me as well struggel with the chinese addresses :) good luck. Salam Earney.

isagv, Germany
Very nice interview. :) Enjoyed to read about you. :)

shopgirlap, United States of America
Great interview and I enjoyed it very much!

marica_t, United States of America
Very interesting interview! :)

bodrumlu, Turkey
thanks a lot guys! your comments make my day!
best wishes;)
Ib xx

aynur, Turkey
tebrik ederim :)) bodrumdan tek olduğumu düşünüyordum ama yalnız değilmişim hatta zirvede bir bodrumlu varmış güzel... mutlu posta kartı gönderip geri almalar :D...

hibertansiyar, Turkey
that's a good interview, it made me smile. :) i'm also having hard times with the addresses which is from a not Latin alphabet user country. too bad, posting is not common in Turkey.

lotusbloem, Netherlands
Congratulations Ibrahim. Very nice interview. Greetings from the Netherlands.

florencen, Australia
greetings from australia .Did you tidy the drawer for the photo?I like reading about others in the forum.I like your motto for life.

elifus, Turkey
bodrumlu had been popular before aswell, but now his popularity is going up :) nice interview and the part of "Please God not China this time" made me smile too! Because everytime i wait for the random address, i say not USA this time ! :)

Spright, Netherlands
So nice to 'meet' you :)

littlenicole, China
very funny man, yeah,u became famous in postcrossing!!!

Elisabeth_, Austria
Nice to "meet" you, great interview and admirable that you manage everything so perfectly with one hand! I also had to smile when reading "Please God not China this time" - I'm one of the praying men when it comes to requesting an address, too ;-)

CallMeIrresponsible, Russia
Greetings from Russia to everybody!! If be honest, every time I'm afraid of receiving Chinese address as well, but for another reason: as a rule, my postcards don't reach Chinese Postcrossers((

Rheinlandliebe, Germany
Hello and nice greetings from Germany. I found it really
interesting to read about your hobbies and your way by getting in touch with postcrossing.
By now I just sent one postcard and I am waiting patiently
for my very first card to arrive.
I wonder which part of the world I will discover next.
Nice greetings from Rheinlandliebe.

BOOGIE_PIPPIN, United Kingdom
Oh yes, I also say 'please not China,' for two reasons
1) The incredibly long addresses
2) Dare I say it? I rarely get my cards registered when
I send them to China.
I enjoyed reading your interview, especially as I have recently sent you a card. I hope you like it!

indestructible, Germany
This interview is really great and very inspiring!
It's nice to meet you Ibrahim!
Greetings from Germany! :)

Ladcraig, United States of America
Very nice interview. As I've sent all of my cards and am waiting for my first one to arrive, I am enjoying the other parts of Post Crossing.

alcatraz, Romania
Merhaba! You were lucky this time with: Please no China...cause I have to send a card to China now! But I printed the address both in Latin and Chinese alphabet!
Good interview!
Kisses from ROMANIA!

dardo, Spain
I love press the "get address" button. It's so exciting. Only I'm a little disappointed that my winter followers know the destination country of my next postcard before me.

@cliffs in my case is no Finland this time. Of, Finnish address are sort, Finnish name are easy to write, Finnish name are funny (test it, can in presence of Spain and say that your me is Mika Tenkula)

dardo, Spain
Stupid touch screan, messagewas sent while editing.

Oh dear! Another time Finland. In my region lives more people than in whole Finland. Where is all the other non-finnish people? Of course, they are very nice people, not like my neighbors from third floor.

No problem wit postcard sent to China since so started print addresses, but i think that a printed postcard if less systemic than a ful written one.

Best wishes!

yashasmom, Iran
very interesting your interview!!
wish you all my best in future!
happy postcrossing, ipue.../ yashasmom

SusanLB, United States of America
Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing from your corner of the world.
I sent you a card a month ago... I hope it reaches you soon.

SusanLB, United States of America
I just heard about the earthquake. I hope you and your family are ok

bodrumlu, Turkey
hi Susan, thank you so much for your good wishes. You are a thoughtful person. I'm ok and my family also ok. we live in Istanbul which is far away from where the quake happened.
best regards

sofi83, France
Best wishes and have a great day !
Very interesting interview !

LindseySews, United States of America
Great interview. I think it would be neat if the different countries could break down and explain their addresses. I struggle sometimes when I want to know the town. I guess which name is the town and which one is the street.

I would like to know why the person above doesn't like USA addresses. The seem to be the easiest...of course, I am from here. haha I find the asian addresses very long, too. I received one from Sri Lanka. The person's name and city were very very very long. I have 7 different countries to send postcards to this morning.

wwwera, Israel
Hello Ibrahim!
I received a card from you a couple of days ago, nice picture, thank you! It's a pity you didn't write even a word, entirely empty postcard backside :(
Best wishes!!!

ericdeng, Taiwan
Thanks for your nice Cappadocia postcard! I think, I will visit Turkey next summer:) Of course, Cappadocia is a must-go!

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