is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 622,345 habitants. The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica.
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1. mangavictory, Montenegro mangavictory
775 postcards sent
2. AnutaF, Montenegro AnutaF
535 postcards sent
3. bebironchic, Montenegro bebironchic
465 postcards sent
4. melodypops, Montenegro melodypops
387 postcards sent
5. Sofija92, Montenegro Sofija92
223 postcards sent
6. Volimte, Montenegro Volimte
182 postcards sent
7. kirswift, Montenegro kirswift
158 postcards sent
8. lilmonster, Montenegro lilmonster
141 postcards sent
9. ttatianaa, Montenegro ttatianaa
139 postcards sent
10. Ajsa, Montenegro Ajsa
134 postcards sent

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melodypops, Montenegro YanaDulina, Montenegro ljubicica188, Montenegro dancing_silhouette, Montenegro montenegrin1919, Montenegro kirswift, Montenegro AnnaOzarina, Montenegro Jaksa, Montenegro fentezi3, Montenegro mangavictory, Montenegro Hanna2007, Montenegro Ajsa, Montenegro
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