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It’s that joyous time again — the season when Postcrossing postcards become beacons of hope and support! This year, we’re thrilled to mark the 11th anniversary of our cherished collaboration with Deutsche Post. A whole decade plus one has zipped by, during which many people in Germany have honed their literacy skills with the help of our united efforts. Hurray!

For our seasoned postcrossers, this will be a familiar recap, but let’s bring our new members up to speed:

For every postcard sent from Germany through Postcrossing during the month of December, Deutsche Post will make a donation of €0.10 to the non-profit organization Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation).

A collage shows the illustration of a person with a pen, writing Happy Postcrossing on a painting on a wall. The painting is a used postage stamp! That’s the essence of it! If you’re in Germany, now is the perfect moment to stack up on postcards and stamps to be ready for the month ahead. Once December arrives, every card you send within the month (and is received by the end of February 2024, which next year has one extra day!) will contribute to this noble cause. But wait, there’s more – your postcards could also be your ticket to winning these nice prizes:

The more postcards you send, the more you contribute, boosting your chances to snag a voucher for Deutsche Post’s goodies. In March 2024, Paulo will set his random number generator in motion, and we’ll announce the total number of postcards sent and funds raised for Stiftung Lesen in a blog post. Last year, we raised an astounding €12,359.60!

What if you’re not in Germany? You’re still a vital part of this campaign! Simply register the postcards landing in your mailbox promptly. As waves of postcards from Germany journey across the globe, your quick registration helps the sender mail another card sooner.

Stiftung LesenStiftung Lesen, a German non-profit, is dedicated to improving literacy, focusing on children, adolescents, and assisting refugee families in learning German. These fundamental skills are often taken for granted, but they can be transformative for those who struggle with them. We’re proud to support their invaluable work.

We invite you to join the 11th “Cards for Literacy” campaign, sharing our enthusiasm to make a difference with our postcards!

P.S. – Postcrossing respects your personal information and will not share it with any company without your explicit permission. The full details of this campaign can be read here (German only).

49 comments so far

Cubbie, Germany

I have prepared my „first wave“ of cards as much as possible, so on Dec. 1st I mainly have to add the addresses and a few words and the cards can be in the mail the same day. My personal goal for this year will be 50 cards registered.

peking_in_15_tagen, Germany

Wonderful! I was hoping this would happen again this year. We are ready and looking forward to sending lots of postcards in December! :)

Kasimir2007, Germany

I hoped that this happens this year again. So I have an amount of more than 55 to sent by now.
I hope that as much cards as possible will be registered by the end of February next year.
My personal goal is that more than 70 cards of mine will be registered at the end.

Mister1975, Germany

I started postcrossing in July 2012 and very soon I have created my own postcrossing postcard. It shows a number of places in my home twon Ratingen. I printed it via a prof company :-D
Good luck for all of us. Lets rock the Deutsche Post :-P

Sawwah, Lebanon

Will postcards sent in travel mode from Germany also count?

postboo, Norway

Looking forward to receive and register lots of postcards from Germany the next few months 😍 👏

Smarty, Netherlands

How can I translate the blogs, my English is not so good!

Toggi, Germany

How convenient that December 1st is a Friday, so we have the whole weekend to write cards. So, get ready to be active from December 1st!
I'm already looking forward to it and everything is ready. I hope to send out more than 200 cards during the campaign and break my record from last year.

Lies76, Belgium

@Smarty : you can use Google Translate.
je kan bv. gebruik maken van Google Translate (zie link hieronder) Je kan tamelijk veel tekst in één keer laten vertalen, maar je zal bovenstaand artikel misschien in 3 stukjes moeten laten vertalen. (je selecteert een stuk (dan ctrl c) en plakt dit op de vertaalpagina (met ctrl v)

Aguaroble, France

This is so good!
Hopefully other postal services in the world will follow!

MozartS, Germany

Great news!!!! 12 slots are ready to be filled with cards - hope they travel fast. :-)

KalleSvenson, Germany

I was waiting for this post, hurray.

Kewl, Philippines

Hoping that there would be more postal systems who will do this same good for a cause. Kudos to Deutsche Post

MerlinM, Germany

@ Sawwah: yes. At least in the last years they counted.
I am so happy about these news. Though I already read about it in the forum. 73 of my slots are free by now. There will be two more by December 1st. And all my christmascards and stamps are ready to travel. I wonder if I will reach a new record.

Angelthepup22, United States of America

For those wondering-
Yes, Postcards sent from Germany via Travel Mode during the month of December and registered prior to the end of February DO COUNT for the donation made by Deutsche Post.
However, if you are not a resident of Germany you are ineligible to win the Deutsche Post online shop vouchers. The terms and conditions of the promotion state that they are "unable to deliver the prize abroad".

ggonzalez023, Mexico

Hi all , I would like to receive some postcard from Germany with nice stamps 👏. Something regarding Christmas 🎄 . someone interested to swap with me pelase let messenge me 😀

Gaiasduhter, Germany

I'm ready and looking forward to December 1st. My personal goal will be sending out 250 cards this December.

Marienda, Germany

I'll do my very best 👍

Hein, Germany

Without a doubt, this fundraiser is a good story.
Since this campaign began, Deutsche Post has more than doubled postage while simultaneously cutting services and benefits.
It would therefore only be fair and right if this were also reflected in the amount of the donation per postcard. Ultimately, Deutsche Post earns a lot of money from the German Postcrossers.

PacificNWotter, United States of America

Looking forward to receiving cards from Germany!!! Promise to register the day received!

Atlanta, China

Does this mean that the Germans would prefer direct swaps in December? If so, I think I can also do something for it.

Ksenja_Ukr_PussyCat, Ukraine

Germany helps us, Ukrainians, and we will support them.

MagiaHobbs, Germany

Yes! I had hoped that we will continue with this. My slots are open and I am ready to start.
I wish all a wonderful and peaceful holiday season.

Geminiscp, Portugal

I'll be very lucky this year to send DE's to contribute to this campaign (with an extra bonus, it costs less to send cards from Germany than from home).

I love Deutsche Post!! :)

AlextheGrape, United States of America

How amazing! This is a great way for Deutsche Post and the great people of Germany to make a difference in our world. It would be great if postal services of other countries followed suit.

Antje321, Germany

I'm ready!
Like every year, I'm already in the starting blocks for the first of December with enough Christmas cards and Christmas stamps - and as always, I haven't saved any slots ;-) But there will certainly be enough postcards from me around the globe.
Many thanks to Deutsche Post for making it possible to write cards for a good cause again this year.

Catlin, Germany

New here. How can I get any address from postcrossing for this DEUTSCHE POST FUNDRAISING CAMPAGNE? My postcards are here, stamps cost a lot but if they are registered, there must be a register code, I will take the risk. My actual max. postcard is seven and not allowed to send more... So can please somebody explain! The one who will be able to make me understand the procedure, will be rewarded with a personal Christmas Postcard! Happy Postcrossing from Catlin

lauratr, Czech Republic

With respect to all the German postcrossers, I am not exactly sure the system needs drastically more German postcards coming in

Herzmuschel, Germany

You do not have to do anything different than what you are already doing. Your official postcards (DE-xxxxxxxx) requested in December will automaticially count. No need for a special registration code or anything.
Just request an address in December, send it like you do with all official Postcrossing-postcards and when it is registered by the receiver before March 2024 it counts and Deutsche Post will donate 10 cents to Stiftung Lesen.

Dandelion2808, Germany

What do you want to tell us with this post?
Postcrossing is about connecting people - no matter what country they're from - and putting a smile on their faces with a piece of paper.
If you get too many postcards from your neighbouring country, we apologise that there are so many of us.

I'm glad that Deutsche Post is doing this again this year and I hope all my cards will reach their destination in time.

debster, United States of America

Even though I don’t live in Germany I am still looking forward to this. The postcards I receive make me want to visit there. I love the ones I get and am excited to get more.

tautiptoe, Germany

Wonderful, I'm looking forward to it.
I have 36 slots - Can't promise I'll manage to continuously fill all of them, but I'll do my best!

o_sandra8, Ukraine

What a great initiative! It will be an extra pleasure to register postcards from Germany in the next few months ✨

Bille, Germany

I can hardly wait to draw my first address at midnight on 1 December.
And I invite all German users who take part in the campaign to the German section of the forum.
Either just to read along or to join in the discussion and cheer along.
At the moment you can still read us here
and from 1 December on here

uconn, United States of America

Look forward to receiving German cards and sending to Germany. I've got send to repeat countries turned on. I think 80% of my written go to Germany 🇩🇪

jjmedusa, United States of America

I just read all of the comments and the support for this worthy cause is incredible! Some Postcrossers are saying that they will be sending over 200 postcards for this cause! Best wishes to everyone, and I look forward to receiving and registering postcards from Germany (my birthplace)! :)

amy666, Switzerland

This is such a lovely idea of Deutsche Post and it's great they continue this "tradition". Would be great to have such initiative in other countries as well.

Ayam61, Netherlands

I didn't even know this existed...
I have been living very close to the German border since November 2013 and started buying German stamps in 2014. And I take my cards to a mailbox in Germany.
So I have been making a small contribution unnoticed for a few years. :-)

yurakana, Japan

Thank you for holding this campaign again this year.
There is meaning in continuing!
I might even have a chance to receive one from Germany.
I’m looking forward to it 😊

SamMax, Germany

Happy to see one of my handmade cards as the illustration to this year‘s „Postkarten für den guten Zweck“ post 🏤 🤍 ☺️

Moonlight1978, Germany

Happy to join this year again. One of my favorite things to do in December. 🥳

MerlinM, Germany

@ Ayam61 They only count if you also use travel mode and send them with ID from Germany.

HM, Netherlands

@SamMax I clicked on the image by accident. So many favourites already!!

HM, Netherlands

To make myself clear, I was not aware you could click the image.

And one line to say:
Let's Rock Germany!!!

juki13, Germany

That's awesome! My postcards are currently still traveling from Travel Mode, but I can't wait for my open slots and join in for the good cause :)

Selena, United States of America

This is always so wonderful! I look forward to receiving as many German cards as possible. Now imagine if every postal service in every country with Postcrossing members did this.

ilovecoffe, Germany

I'm so happy to participate again.
I've sent 11 cards already and hope they will arrive soon 🤗

Binske, Germany

We look forward to a high turnout to support this important institution!

Jess-Cee, Netherlands

Happy to help via travelmode, as I live very close to the border.
Just a pitty though I cannot win a price, even though I could provide a German postal address despite living in the Netherlands.


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