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Did you watch Sesame Street growing up? It was a big part of our childhood in Portugal, and stumbling on clips with familiar songs and stories is something we’ll never get tired of. This week, we bring you two videos from the US version of Sesame Street which are all about mail and will maybe cause some nostalgia, for those who grew up with them. 😊

First comes “Big Bird & Snuffy Mail a Letter”, which in its funny way helps kids learn the different steps of mailing a letter. You’d think it was easy… but there’s actually a lot to it, especially if you’ve never done it before! With some help from the adults and children of the neighborhood, Big Bird and Snuffy succeed in getting it done:

And here’s another one titled “I am a letter”, from 1970 — a song that is all about mail and mail delivery!

If you watched Sesame Street, did you know these clips? Were they were recreated with local characters in your country’s version of the series? Or, do you remember other clips about mail from TV series you used to watch? We love discovering these, so please do share them with us on the comments!

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rickmanfan, Germany

Ah, yes, Sesame Street or, in Germany, Sesamstraße...loved it.
I grew up with watching it nearly every day.
What I remember is one song - not really good, but you can start singing it and - in a bigger party - you'll find always one person who can continue...

RyanR, France

"Look up, Look down, look all around, Up in the air, or on the ground, come for a walk, come for a ride, there is so much to see, come outside!.

This is a UK version that I remember watching

R.I.P Lynda and Pippin.

Victory_Mum, Singapore

"Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street."
I still remember the sone.

secondhandrose, Australia

Sunny day, sweeping the clouds ☁️ away.
Sesame Street was new and we did a homage at our school concert around 1972. Australia 🇦🇺

hueftgold, Germany

There was a series for children in German television called Willi will`s wissen ( Willi wants to know).
There was a program about sending a postcard from northern Germany to southern Germany.

cerres, Estonia Garfield shipping Nermal to Abu Dhabi... Years later, a good friend of mine went to work there. I asked if he has met Nermal :D

CynthiaMarie, United States of America

"I Am A Letter" is the clip that, when I saw it first at age 3, made me a mail addict. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen!

mysweetlife63, United States of America

Oh my gosh those were great video's! Thank you for sharing those.

Pangolee, United States of America

Love these so much!

betslets, United States of America

Sesame Street recently celebrated 50 years. . .I remember seeing the PBS program with my younger brother, as well as throughout my son's life. While my son was in school, both "Gordon" and "Susan" visited local malls, where we lived at respective times, to celebrate the grand openings of their J.C. Penney stores. So we got to meet them! (Sadly, both "Luis" and "Bob," whom we fondly remember from the beginning, passed during the last couple of years)
Thanks for sharing the YouTube memories from the USA and also versions from other Postcrossers. BTW, I remember sharing some Sesame Street USPO stamps on many postcard exchanges -- wondered if other countries had their versions of these as well.

Flippie, Canada

I did grow up with Sesame Street but can't remember the clips. I like the last one. I remember the song; Please, mister Postman, from The Marvelettes. My father love the song and listen to it every day.

MagicMarie, Germany

The song is adorable! 😍

DamienYeager, Australia

When I was a kid in China, I used to watch that show a lot. We even had a special opening song for the show that was broadcast in China. It's amazing how time flies!

gailthesnail, United Kingdom

Wonder show! I remember it from the beginning. It was so ahead of the times. #One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong....#

curlierthanthou, United States of America

🎶A postman is a person in your neighborhood 🎶 and Mr. Rogers had Mr. McFeely.

PaiviM, Finland

I used to live in Portugal when my children were small, my son was 3 years and half. He was watching Sesame Street twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, the same programme. When he was 3 years and 9 months we noticed that he can read both Finnish and Portuguese which are his parents' languages. We were really amazed how and when did he learn. Since the age of 9 months he loved (loves) books and we were reading to him (and to the sister also) every day. And he also loved doing puzzles.

Yarn-Lady, United States of America

I was in my last year of high school when it started - at the time, I was a volunteer in the children's wing of the hospital. That is where I met Sesame Street and watched the children fall in love with it!

Bookworm72, United States of America

one of my favorite skits on Sesame Street were any of the Twiddle bug skits. Here's one specifically appropriate for our group.

Selena, United States of America

I loved this tv show called Zoom when I was a little kid, and liked it much more than Sesame Street. I grew up on the US east coast, and the show was on tv in that region. I don't know if it got any national airtime, and probably not any international? Anyway, they encouraged children viewers to write in to the show! Here's an article with more info, and a video with the mail song.

Slawophilist, Germany
eakins, United States of America

This is so fun! What a great memory - I loved Sesame Street when I was a kid. The USPS issued Sesame Street stamps a few years ago! I love them. And this headline is a clever nod to the beloved show:

Norway_girl, Norway

In Norway it's called Sesam Stasjon (Sesam Station - as they're in a train station). I don't remember much. But there was a clip which was played quite regularly, with a song counting from 1 to 12. Everyone* know that one; just start singing and others will chime in!
We had a show for kids called Kykelikokos, which was shown on Saturday mornings. One could call them if one wanted to take part in one of the competitions they had in the show. Everyone* knows that phonenumber too. Start singing 8 1 5, and everyone else will chime in with 4 9 3 0 0!
* Everyone in the right age group at least, and probably the parents as well.

seaview, United Kingdom

I actually can remember watching this “Big Bird & Snuffy Mail a Letter”; thank you for the memories.

But my favourite song I remember is: 'Sesame Street: Street Garden Cooperation'
...manybe as, at the end they sing it on repeat:
"Cooperation, makes it happen. Cooperation, working together":

In the U.K. I saw by chance the JoJo and Gran Gran episode. It was released in 2020 but I only just saw it as a recommendation on BBC's iPlayer. But you can see a clip on YouTube is anyone is interested:

seaview, United Kingdom

“Big Bird & Snuffy Mail a Letter”

It is always grandmas' getting letters.
Love near the end about the most important part of sending a letter like the riddle:

'I stay in the corner, but travel around the world. What am I?'

guzu, Japan

Of course, Sesame Street was amazing... but for the best Muppet postcard memories, does anyone remember Fraggle Rock? Every week, one character received a postcard from his uncle who was off exploring the world (or "outer space" as they called it!) Fraggle Rock was a rare show to have postcards as a continuing plot point!

Demmi, Romania

Oh, yes, Sesame Street! Loved it!

AliceMelao, Portugal

This is so important!! Nowaday kids do not know how to send letters/postcards and how the postmail works. What a pitty 😔

kennethmiller, United States of America

I showed a friend in Colombia a video of a mail person walking from house to house. She did not think postal workers were real, that they only existed in American movies. Having sesame street as a reference is a great idea

Ginnine, United States of America

I loved Sesame Street especially when watching it with my own children. I once made a postcard for someone on postcrossing that was a Sesame Street theme. It made me very nostalgic to put it together.

greCulAch, Canada

I can see where Beavis and Butt-Head got their inspiration. "Are we forgetting anything? Probably not". Huhuhuhuh huhuhuhuhu. Dumbasses!

andreabetweentwoseas, Germany

What a wonderful idea!
I also grow up with Sesame Street later Sesamstraße in Germany.
I still love the song of Ernie „Hätt ich Dich heut erwartet hätt ich Kuchen da!“ (If I would have exspected you I had cake at home).
Here in the video with Krümelmonster:


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