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Time to wrap up this edition of our Cards for Literacy campaign with Deutsche Post, and finally reveal the results from 2021. It was a great year for the campaign, so let’s just jump straight into it:

Postcrossers in Germany sent a total of 137,299 postcards during December, raising €13,729.90 for Stiftung Lesen!
Illustration of girl bringing a letter to a blue/grey mailbox in a snowy forest

Once more, a record shattering campaign, and an amazing performance by all our German members! We’re so, so proud of you — what a brilliant effort and result. And naturally, even if you’re not in Germany, if you received some postcards from there in the past few months, then it’s likely that you too have taken part in this campaign and contributed to this achievement — well done!

Our heartfelt thank you to Deutsche Post as well, for renewing this collaboration and supporting this good cause. We’re sure their support to Stiftung Lesen’s and their literacy efforts are going to improve many people’s lives.

So, all that is left to do now is for Paulo to run his script to choose the winners of this year’s prizes. If you’re in Germany and participated in this campaign in December, keep an eye on your email — you might be the lucky winner of a voucher to make some custom stamps, or one of their cool footballs.


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37 comments so far

volvomom, United States of America
It always warms my heart to see postcards helping others! Thanks to all who participated!

Samboda, Portugal
I wish the Portuguese also had a similar campaign.

Nadjafee, Germany
Thanks everyone who helped make this year's campaign a big success again! My whole heart is in it!

Sakurablossom, Germany
We did well, didn't we? Pity that over 9000 postcards didn't make it in time and probably expired...

Mosshumla, Sweden
German postcrossers are incredible!

Aguaroble, France
Congratulations, this is truly amazing! It shows that it is always possible to do something of positive :)
Vielen dank!

June060310, China
Good action. I also want that there can be a campaign which raises money for the brave Ukrainians.

Demmi, Romania
Congrats! #Kudos to German postcrossers!

ValerieJG-USA, United States of America
I agree with the others who want to somehow support the Ukrainians.

Pemasagirls, France
I hope it will give ideas to other posts in other countries (especially mine :-) ).
And I support the idea to do something something to support Ukrainians.

beesknees, United States of America

RalfH, Germany
Dear all, the money is donated by Deutsche Post, not by Postcrossing so they rule where they donate it. And they made out to donate it to Stiftung Lesen even before the action started on December 1st, 2022.
But it is certainly a good thing if we donate our to organisations like Red Cross, UNICEF, UN High Commissioner of Refugees etc. to support people in and from Ukraine.

Caradeangel, Germany
Thank you to everyone who helped by registering our postcards <3

aelfreak, Russia
I am truly afraid of sending postcards now. I'm a pacifist, but I don't know what the reaction of the receiver will be.

HM, Netherlands
What a bummer. I sent 85 cards from Germany in Travel Mode. 16 expired.
I thougt I participated in this as well..........
But did I?

HM, Netherlands
For Ukraine versus Russia:
You are Off-topic here.

I am happy for the good results anyway.

sealed4ever, United States of America
I loved this when I read it last year as a brand new Postcrosser. This year it's even more heartwarming. Germany, you rock!!

Cassisia, Germany
Wow, 20.000 cards on top of last year's result. 😃 That's great to hear! 🍻

Mirfi, Australia
What an amazing achievement! Well done German Postcrossers!

Mhaya, Germany
This year for the first time participated in the campaign! \O/
Last year I didn't know about it and I was unprepared - got all the available tips from the comments.
That's one of those things that's really good. Almost hardly anyone (in Germany) knows about the campaign.
During a visit to the post office, I even had to tell the employee about it - she didn't know about it.
Strange that this isn't even communicated internally. Good news are good news, aren’t they?
Anyway… THANK YOU „Deutsche Post“ and „Postcrossing“ <3

mlandman, Netherlands
I love this campaign by Deutsche Post, it's so amazingt! As a children's librarian I know the importance of reading, so it's a great goal. Keep up the good work Stiftung Lesen! And maybe it's a good idea for PostNL too?

Flippie, Canada
Good luck for the winner.
Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

muhmachtdiekuh, Germany
I don't want to offend anybody, but I don't find it appropriate to mix this issue with the war theme. As RalfH wrote, there is a clear purpose of use for the money.

If people like to donate - there are countless possibilities, e.g. I support the Malteser Hilfsdienst.

Please also take a bit care of the feelings of our russian Postcrossing friends, as aelfreak wrote she feels very uncomfortable and unhappy with that situation.

Btw: Always happy to contribute my part to this great project.

Love and Peace to All ❤️🕊️

rococoabean, Australia
@aelfreak - I have a lot of empathy for you and others in your position right now. It's a good time for all of us - Postcrossers or not - to remember that the actions/beliefs of a government and the actions/beliefs of their people are not necessarily the same thing!

nm_rockhound, United States of America
Does anyone know if there's going to be a March 2022 writing prompt?

Sidolix, Germany
Yea, we did a great job !
More than 2000 € as last year !
A good feeling .. !

Tsadida, United States of America
Congratulations German postcrossers on another successful campaign! Fantastic news to hear always!

Sandristica, Spain

nicetry1974, Germany
After having sent about 60 cards I'm a bit disappointed how low the impact I made is. Maybe I should have just ignored the campaing and donated 10 € to the Stiftung Lesen, the impact would have been bigger ...

On the war subject - I deactivated my account for the war time. I wouldn't want to receive cards from war supporters, and even less I would like to send cards to them. I know great people in Russia, but how would I know whose address I got?
I know this is off topic here, but where would I comment on this?
I'd love to send cards, but like this I just can't do it.
(Off course I will register all cards I receive that were sent before I deactivated my account politely.)

HM, Netherlands
@nicetry1974 you could check out the forum for that

NIDUSKA, Finland
thank you,nice results

Anto61, Italy

RowanP, Netherlands

Gaiasduhter, Germany
I like the "Stiftung Lesen" project and I write as many cards as possible in December every year. I want to thank everyone who registers German postcards sent in December. Unfortunately, there are always lot of cards that expire and don't get registered until end of February. Maybe next time we can reach 14,000 Euros :-)

Tahtuman, Russia
My congratulations for German Postcrossers!
Dear @muhmachtdiekuh thank you for your supporting. I live in Russia and I also worry for Ukraine people. But I disagree with @nicetry1974 and if you think that the policy and our people are the same , you are wrong! We all wish the pease in our planet!

kotona, Finland
I'm only wondering the postcard picture beside the news of Deutsche Post and of the German Postcrossers. That postcard - a girl mailing her letter - is drawn by Maaret Ailio. She is an artist from FINLAND. Very Finnish picture with the German news.

Telemekel, Germany
@aelfreak I love receiving mail from Russia. Just write diligently. But I don't know if I can write cards to Russia. Is postal service open. Or disturbed or blocked? And you can't send cards to Ukraine at the moment either, because the post office isn't working?

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