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I still remember sending my first letter to Santa. I was in kindergarten and hadn’t learnt how to write yet… so I decided to draw my wishlist instead! And, lo and behold, Santa did reply a few weeks later, letting me know he had gotten my letter and would see what he could do about it — I was beyond myself with excitement! :)

I stopped writing letters to Santa some time ago, but remained quite fond of these traditions that make holidays special. So today I wanted to pass along the links to Christmas Post Offices around the world, which many of you have been sharing with us on our Facebook page.

Letters to Santa

So far, we’ve heard of special services in:

Pass them on to parents of small children — or help the little ones write/draw their own letter to Santa!

If your country has a special service for the holidays which isn’t featured here, just post the link in the comments and we’ll add it.


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Sunneva12, Norway
wow, what a great litle list :-)
Sorry, I dont know if there is anything like this in Norway..

happy postcrossing!

Anzhelka, Russia
Here comes the address of Belarusian Ded Moroz (Father Frost)---> 225063, Брэсцкая вобласць, Камянецкі раён, п/а Каменюкі. БЕЛАРУСЬ (BELARUS) OR

FelipeDuarte, Brazil
Brazillian Post Service keeps all the letters to Santa Claus (we say Papai Noel) and anyone can go to the central post offices to choose and "adopt" one and buy the gift the kid asks, so that the post people will deliver it by Christmas eve. Here is the link: .

Stebbi, Iceland
Hehehe no matter what you say santa lives in Iceland
hohoho merry christmas.

DmitryKhomichuk, Belarus

Yi-Hsuan_Lin, Taiwan
Hope Taiwan could be listed above!
To make more people know this beautiful island and enjoy the special services from postcrossing :)

linaa6, United States of America
I live 20 minutes drive from North Pole, Alaska. Yes, there is a town in Alaska that called North Pole. They have Santa Clause House that I take my kids to every year to see Santa Clause before Christmas. We even saw him in July once. :) They also have raindears in the backyard. This store have website that everybody can visit and order letters from Santa Clause. Check it out everybody!

rosenbusch, Germany
Thank you for the information....

lisaclown, United States of America
If you want an "official" North Pole cancellation postmark on your Christmas cards, here is how you do it: (I saved this from a newspaper clipping a long time ago)

1) Affix regular U.S. Postal Service stamps to sealed and addressed envelopes.

2) Put them all in a Priority Mail envelope or box and send it (with the proper postage) to:

North Pole Christmas Cancellation
5400 Mail Trail
Fairbanks, Alaska 99709

The cards, which will be mailed from Fairbanks, should be sent there no later than December 15th, although the postal service will continue doing cancellations through December 23rd.

ceoramalho, Brazil
Here in Brazil we have a service on our official Post, which delivers for years gifts to children that write to Santa Claus ("Papai Noel" in Brazilian Portuguese)... I, myself have been volunteering and helping the post office workers to find people to give these children the gifts they ask for years...
The link to the page is the one below:

PingL, China
I have wrote to the Santa Claus in Hong Kong, and he replied a cute hand-write card to me!

Here's the address:
【General Post Office, 2 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong】

froukjeb, Germany
Thank you so much for this post! I´m absolutely sure my joungest one will love this! Why didn´t I come up with this idea myself when the other two where still younger? But we will all be writing letters this afternoon :-)

ned44440, Ireland
I was lucky enough to be able to help Santa reply to all the Irish children who wrote to him a few years ago. What fun it was and such a pleasure too. Santa was great to work for!!!

ALV, Italy
In Czech republic there is this address to write (not Santa but baby Jesus):
Vánoční Pošta
Boží Dar 1
362 62 Boží Dar

Red_and_Green, Poland
Santa Claus lives in Poland too =) We call him Święty Mikołaj. This is his address:
Biuro Listów do Świętego Mikołaja
Polska Wioska Świętego Mikołaja
Przystanek Mikołajów
57-215 Srebrna Góra

And one more:
Kancelaria Świętego Mikołaja
Plac św. Katarzyny 9
87-100 Toruń

If you want more addresses, there is a Forum user who collects Santa Claus's addresses, you can find his thread here:

iphoto, Australia
Australia Post does the most amazing "letters from Santa". It's a true credit to them at such an already busy time of year! The replies bring sm:)es of delight from all who receive them :D the young and young at heart :D

The very best of wishes to all the posties world wide this SIlly Season!


Geminiscp, Portugal
This reminds me I MUST start writing my Christmas cards... :D

iphoto, Australia
For all those "Down Under" address your envelope as follows:


So worth doing for your little ones :)

vikvin86, Ukraine
Would be awesome to have this in Ukraine too:)

schnueffelliv, Germany
German Christmas Post office in Himmelpfort also answers international mail ( in 17 languages - 17.500 letters arrived last year)

if you don't have a Santa Post office in your country, try:

An den Weihnachtsmann
16798 Himmelpfort

flower_lark, Poland
Hi! In Poland we have letter from Santa

rabziz, Latvia
Hello everybody! Merry Christmas to all!
Latvian Post Office also informs about sending letters to Santa Claus (Ziemassvētku vecītis ).

Ziemassvētku vecīša adreses:

Ziemassvētku vecīša birojs
Ziemupe, Vērgales pagasts,
Pāvilostas novads,

Ziemassvētku vecītis Rūķupē
Ziemupes pasts,
Ziemupe, Vērgales pagasts,
Pāvilostas novads,

j-joep, Netherlands
The one in the Netherlands is not a letter to Santa Claus but to Sinterklaas. In our culture we celebrate sinterklaas from 15 November til 5 December, after that Santa Claus comes.

devc, Portugal
In Portugal little kids can also send a letter to Santa Claus ("Pai Natal" in European Portuguese) and receive a symbolic present from the post office (CTT). I remember writing it when I was a kid :)

elos, Netherlands
Nice information; however, the Dutch link above has nothing to do with (Father)Christmas.
It shows a possibility to write letters to St. Nicholas, who arrives in The Netherlands 3 weeks before December 6, his birthday.

missus, Ireland
Swiss children that would like to write to Santa or to the Christkindli can write letters and post them - they will be all collected and replied in the correct language by lots of little helpers ;)

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