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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

Previously on this series, we’ve talked about musicians and writers, but what about other artists from your country? Are there any inspiring (past or present) visual artists whose work you find interesting or iconic?

In February, write about a visual artist from your country.

Ok, I’ll go first! One of the most striking Portuguese-born painters of our time is Paula Rego. Her works are often unsettling and raw, maybe even grotesque… and yet so full of power. They feature strong female characters prominently, in a clear drawing style that blends fantasy and realism by mixing fairy tales, folklore and political issues. The result is an indescribable imaginary universe, that feels very much a part of our national artistic heritage.

What about your country? Are there any painters, photographers, filmmakers, designers or other artists you’d like to spread the word about? Let other postcrossers know about them in the postcards you send out this month!



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lilacs, Germany
That's a great writing prompt! I'm curious which artist I will get to know through it.

Demmi, Romania
Great prompt!
Until I will write about it I leave this quote here:
"To see far is one thing, going there is another."
© Constantin Brâncuși
(born February 19, 1876, Hobița, Romania — died March 16, 1957, Paris, France).

violent_waste, Russia
This is a great idea!

ned44440, Ireland
We have plenty to choose here 🎨🎬🎥🎭

NellyMuc, Germany
Good idea, i´m artist and author.

alison41, South Africa
A bit difficult for us South Africans - our shops sell mainly tourist postcards.

shyamini, Mauritius
Great! Will follow the cue! Thank you...😀

meiadeleite, Portugal
@alison41 The prompts are just for things you can write about — the postcard/image doesn't need to match them! :)

betslets, United States of America
I like this happens that I have a nephew who is quite the artist himself and I always like to brag on him. He has done painting, sculpture, and museum work. I often encourage him to choose one of his works for a postcard (for me to use as an exchange, of course). I'll enjoy sharing more about him via mail.

booboo_babies, United States of America
Could we include recording artists in this as well? There are many countries that may not be well known for visual art but nearly every place has music. Personally, I'm always interested in learning about new artists, both visual and musical. So I would be fine with hearing about an artist that is not well known.

Loli-ts, Spain
In my city, Barcelona, Gaudís works are everywhere on postcards; we have beautiful Modernist artists and I love showing their works when I send postcards. Recently I discovered a sculptor who lives and works near my city: Jaume Plensa, who fills the space with poetry. You can see his works here: There aren't postcards with them so I introduce it here for you!

Facella, Austria
Austria has a lot of famous artists, but I'm not really a fan of classic art in general. But I do like the works of the Austrian caricaturist Manfred Deix. His work was hilarious:
I actually have a few ad cards with pictures by him. Might be a good occasion to finally send one of them, if I find the right person. Wouldn't want to offend someone. ^^

Cool!I am looking forward to the artists I wil know from it!

nm_rockhound, United States of America
Brandon Maldonado
Jane Wooster Scott
Eric Dowdle
Gilbert Stuart

Alexander9179, Russia
Suggest to send to all of Russia "defense of Sevastopol" Alexander Alexandrovich Deyneka, there's perfectly crafted men's line, as well as in other of his paintings dedicated to the great patriotic war...

Предлогаю отправить всем из России "Оборону Севастополя" Александр Александровича Дейнека, там идеально проработаны мужские линии, так же как и в других его картинах, посвящённых Великой Отечественной Войне...

Joerg1971, Germany
As I've studied history of arts I could name so many artists from the middleages until 20th century, but i'll name some of my personal favourites: Albrecht Dürer from Nürnberg (Nuremberg) for the early 16th century, the Asam-family with Georg Asam and his sons Cosmas Damian Asam and Egid Quirin Asam as decorators and painters in churches in Bavaria for the 18th century, Carl Spitzweg as famous artist for the romantic era in the 19th century and at least Franz Marc, an artist working in the years after 1900 and famous for its abstract paintings with animals and member of the artist's group "Der Blaue Reiter" ...

sacdalton, United States of America
We're so fortunate to have many Artist cards available in the US especially the books of postcards by Pomegranate which include artists such as Hopper, Rockwell, O'Keefe, Thiebaud (who went to school in our city), and Homer. Look forward to sharing these fabulous artist's work around the world.

ybur, Czech Republic
I think the most famous czech painter is Alfons Mucha. I like pictures painted by Antonín Slavíček or Adolf Kosárek (landscapists, 19st century). Josef Mánes´s work you can see also on astronomical clock in Prague. Václav Hollar - baroque painter and etcher - employed as a draughtsman by Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel. From the 20th century: for example Max Švabinský, Jan Zrzavý, Emil Filla...And of course Zdeněk Miler, author of The Little Mole!

volvomom, United States of America
I love these prompts! As an avid talker i never run out of things to say, but this helps me explore topics I'd never think about!

vlada_123, Russia
Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky-marine painter, born July 17, 1817 - died April 19, 1900 (Feodosia, Tauride province, Russian Empire).
He wrote many magnificent paintings, they can be seen in Russia in the museums of the Hermitage(St. Petersburg), the Tretyakov gallery(Moscow), the Russian Museum(St. Petersburg).
But his most famous paintings are "the Ninth wave" in 1850,
" Storm on the sea at night " in 1849 and so on.
His paintings can be found on the Internet.

Tresart, United States of America
F A B U L O U S prompt!

For the USA I'd pick Louise Bourgeois. (She was French-American to be precise.) I adore her spider sculptures!

Second pick of mine for USA is Keith Haring. His work started out as graffiti in the subway, but he grew quite popular with his thick-lined style during his too short life. Think: babies, UFOs, hearts, happy people.

Thanks again. Tresart

kbdessai, India
In India, there were and are many prominent artists. I always liked the works of Abanindranath Tagore, Nandalal Bose and also Svetoslav Reorich (he was a Russian who married and lived in India).
In addition, there are Raja Ravi Varma and Jamini Roy too.

Jacque53, United States of America
In the USA there are so many visual artists to chose from! I love art, so I have been doing this all along :). I also try to find and collect US postage stamps of visual artists such as Mary Cassatt, William H Johnson, Hopper, Andrew Wyeth among many others, then I will put these stamps on my art cards as well. That way I can write about more than one artist on a postcard :)

loving6thgrade, United States of America
As I tell other Postcrossers in my profile I treasure each card I receive, but this is #1 on my suggested list.
"-art from your country (I love being introduced to new artists!) "
I have learned about so many great artists from all over the world and could almost start my own Postcard art gallery. One day I received a card with a picture by the Finnish artist Albert Edelfelt. It was entitled "Queen Bianca". I immediately recognized that it was the painting (reproduction) that hung in my grandmother's house for years and now hangs in mine. And now I know the artist! I also just got my first steampunk artist card.
One suggestion is to make sure you print the artist's name and name of the work in English on the back of the card( especially if written in cyrillic alphabet)

kandb, United States of America
USA- Maxfield Parrish...check out his skies...they are stunning!

Terrierinarttu, Finland
One of my favorite artist in Finland, who makes lovely postcards, is
Terese Bast. Beautiful nature things.

Wolfgang_Russ, Germany
Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer Born in Stuttgart), Otto Dix and Max Liebermann are my favorites. Also the cartoonists Dieter Hanitzsch and Wilhelm Busch.

vlada_123, Russia
Also, in my village Rozhdestveno lived a wonderful artist-Leonid Ptitsyn. Unfortunately, he died two years ago, at the age of 88. He painted beautiful portraits, local landscapes. He is great not only for his skills, but also the fact that he had no palms (during the war he cleared bombs and one of the bombs exploded in his hands! Then he was only 14 years old) but he stood, believed in his strength and learned to draw, holding a brush between his elbows. His paintings are known here and in China. He is considered a national hero there.

Ayub79, Russia
And, if our national artist Peter Pavlensky, has now become a national artist in France, burning down their Bank and having served for it already in French prison?

Aviacionado, United States of America
From my home country, Brazilian born artist Vik Muniz works with alternative material and recycling to compose his works of art.
His most famous work was a subject of the movie Waste Land by director Lucy Waker.
Beautiful and inspiring work made of garbage is mind boggling.

Idesia, Germany
Just found out how difficult this it. All Artists I like are not from my Country.

MirjamAfra, Ireland
I love Paula Rego!!! Did you know she did a fantastic set of stamps for Royal Mail on the Brönte sisters!

meiadeleite, Portugal
@MirjamAfra I did not know this — they're fantastic! 😍

meiadeleite, Portugal
@Idesia This is the perfect opportunity to discover new artists! Pick a field (photography, architecture, sculpture, etc) and see what you can find. :)

dovgu, Turkey

GayeDoreen, United States of America
I missed this one by a few days but I want to nominate one of my favorite postcard artists - Karen Vesk. Her postcards can be found on Zazzle and I send a lot of them to my recipients. :)

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