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Have you been a good girl or boy this year? If so, it’s probably time you wrote to Santa and let him know! :)

In many countries around the world, writing to Santa Claus is a big part of holiday’s fun for the little ones. We want to do our best to keep this lovely letter-writing tradition alive, so every year, we ask you to help us compile an updated list of addresses where these letters can be mailed to. 8287990618 b742914ddf z

Here’s the list of Santa addresses for 2015, so far:

Check out where to send your letters to Santa in your country, and pass it along to the parents and children you know, to help keep the tradition going!

And if your country has a special address for Santa which isn’t featured here, just post the link in the comments and we’ll be happy to add it.

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Enitnerolf, Netherlands

The address you have for the Netherlands is not quite correct. It's the address of Sinterklaas, who is not the same person as Santa Claus (historically they are derived from te same person, hence the similar name. But they both have their own holiday, and we celebrate both Sinterklaas and Christmas here).
Sinterklaas does like getting letters though so it's not really a problem :)

indestructible, Germany

Santa has a Ukrainian address too ;)

meiadeleite, Portugal

@indestructible do send us the link to his address in Ukraine!

MarionClvr, France

In France, here's the link >

Drakon75, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Here is the link to the Santa Claus address in Bosnia & Hercegovina (Republic of Srpska):

Miloudi, Greece

Link for Greece is:

An address I used to use as a child and works is ( in Greek)
Άγιος Βασίλης
Βόρειος Πόλος

And I also used to draw a stamp next to the real one. In Greek posts, there is a specific mailbox, dedicated to santa claus, where children can put their letters in...

SammyKruemel, Germany

There's also an office in North Pole, Alaska :)

Santa Claus House
101 St. Nicholas Dr.
North Pole, Alaska 99705

carin_22, United States of America
AutismMom, United States of America

This is the latest media release from the US postal service for 2015. It was issued yesterday Nov. 24, 2015

manme, Finland

If there is no address for Santa in your counry, you can always write a letter to Finland. The Santa Claus's Main Post Office is located in Finland. Also the Santa Claus Village is located in Arctic Circle in Finland. Every year there comes letters to Santa (Finland) from about 200 countries. :)

manme, Finland

There is also an opportunity to order a letter from Santa to you/someone!

Norway_girl, Norway

There's 2 Norwegian addresses;

Julenissen’s Postkontor
Torget 4

2500 Tynset

Jija, Czech Republic

Dear Postcrossers,
Here - in the Czech Republic, we don't have Santa Clause but "Christkind" (as per or Baby Jesus Christ (the old pre-internet name). And we can write for presents to a small village of "Bozi Dar" (EN: God's Gift) for mor you can see on (unfortunately only in Czech) in the "Krusne Hory" (the Ore Mountains). There is also a post service that if you sent your Christmas cards in a big envelope, you will received a special Bozi Dar's Christmas stamp. And the "Jezisek" post address:

Vánoční pošta (Christmas Post)
Boží Dar 150
362 62 Boží Dar

Have a nice day, Happy Christmas and lots of postcards
Jirina Jezkova (Jija), Czech Republic

j_nathalie, Latvia

Latvian Santa's adress

Ziemassvētku vecīša adrese:
Ziemassvētku vecītis Rūķupē
Ziemupes pasts,
Vērgales pagasts,
Pāvilostas novads,

UnaHora, Germany

Dear Postcrosser,

I found two websites with adresses from Germany and a part of the world.
Sorry, but the websites are only in german :(

🎄🎄🎄Have fun and a great christmas time🎄🎄🎄

OlgaBy, Belarus

Yes, yes)) I confirm! In Belarus the official address of Santa Claus with us)

daggiluna, Switzerland

In SWITZERLAND you can just send it to "Christchindli" (it means the same as in Czech Republic: Christ Child). You can help them if you write down your adress but if it's missing they try to track you down with the information you give them in your letter. :-)

Poste, United States of America

Merry Christmas to one and all!

mounten, Italy

I wish allPostcrossers around the world; MARRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 Keep on going.

Augenstern, Austria

Just a quick note: The Austrian address actually doesn't refer to Santa Claus, but to "Christkind" (= "Christ Child", the same as mentioned for Czech Republic and Switzerland), who brings gifts and the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve :)

ibarge, Portugal

Latvijas Pasts announced three addresses: for Father Christmas in Latvia, Santa Claus in Finland and Grandfather Frost in Russia. Here's the link:

Ninocas, Portugal

In Portugal we don´t have a specific address, all letters mailed to "Pai Natal" are answered by some staff of CTT - portuguese postal services, they send a small gift to the kids.


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