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Postcrossing’s birthday month may now be over, but what a great month it was!

With almost 2000 entries, the birthday party map got pins in all continents (apart from Antarctica)! Sometimes though, even better than the photos and videos are the attached comments… everyone shared a kind word or experience, and we cherish each and every single one of them.

Postcrossing's 10th birthday final map

The submissions were closed yesterday, but you will still be able to browse the many lovely photos and videos from around the world in the coming months. At midnight UTC, these were the 10 entries with more votes*, which will receive some nice postcard sets, scratch maps and MOO postcards:

linabella 10bday
“Happy Birthday, Postcrossing, and to the next ten years!”

Linabella (from Germany)

Shchuchka 10bday
“Happy birthday, postcrossing! We’ve known you for only three years, but you gave me the whole world! I communicate with people from different corners of the earth and it’s very interesting! I receive postcards from different points of the planet, I expanded my horizons and knowledge of the basics of the English language, I found a lot of friends – and it’s all thanks to you! If it were not for you my life would be boring, filled with gray weekdays…
I wish you prosperity and long life, my favorite postcrossing!
Happy birthday!”

Shchuchka (from Belarus)

hankadl 10bday
“Happy 10th birthday Postcrossing! Here I made a cake with 10 postcrossing-coloured candles to celebrate ^^ I cut my finger and burned my thumb in the process but it was totally worth it. Postcrossing is an amazing project and a great part of who I am, so thank you and I’m looking forward for the next 10 years!”

hankadl (from Czech Republic)

jean mimi 10bday
“Happy birthday POSTCROSSING !
10 more years… and we’ll see what to wish ;-)
A really nice way to discover people and countries, thank you for all these meetings !

jean-mimi (from France)

connz 10bday
“Tadaaaa… Happy Anniversaryyyyyy. I’m so excited making my wall of fame from the very phenomenal cards of the year. LOL. Wishing for the great more years coming in the future and a lot of nice postcards. Cheers and spread smiles through postcards. Yeayyyyyy ^_^”

connz (from Indonesia)

ming zhe0423 10bday
Happy Birthday Postcrossing :)
We are from UTAR Postcrossing, Malaysia :)"

ming_zhe0423 (from Malaysia)

Postcrossing, you are the best! Happy birthday!"

Ereona (from Russia)

“Happy 10th Birthday wishes Postcrossing from us all here at Kereru Children’s Learning Centre in New Zealand.
We love getting cards in our mailbox and have made Continent boxes to store them all. :) We love learning all about the world around us and every day we 'read’ our cards. Thank you :) What a great learning experience you have given us. we can’t wait to see many more cards in the next 10 years!
One of our biggest joys is to choose which postcard to send to everyone. Once we learn what they would like, all the cards are put on the table and we select the perfect card to send. We hope you all enjoy our choices we have made. :)”

Kereru (from New Zealand)

dwicahyaningtyas 10bday
“Happy birthday Postcrossing and all of the postcrosser around the world.”

dwicahyaningtyas (from Indonesia)

Ejderha 10bday
“♪Happy \(^o^)/ ┌ii​ii┐ \(^o^)/ ​Birthday♪
Thank you for sharing 10 years of postcards, surprises, creativity, smiles and friendships with the world.
I hope to enjoy Postcrossing for many years to come!
Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd, allemaal!
Happy Birthday, everybody!
Big hug from Barbara”

Ejderha (from Netherlands)

So much talent, so many smiles!! A big thank you to everyone who posted, favorited and shared, for making this party such a big success. Our gratitude to MOO as well, for sponsoring this giveaway with their lovely postcards.

We had so much fun going through all your entries that we’re planning to highlight more of them throughout next week… stay tuned!

* Naturally, we won’t count our own entries! :)

30 comments so far

juli2012, Germany

Happy Birthday, Postcrossing!
Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Alenkiy, Belarus

Postcrossing, you are certainly the best!
Happy Birthday!

DracuLaura, Germany

Congrats, earned premium!

ned44440, Ireland

Congratulations to everybody - to the winners and to all the runners up. There were so many wonderful entries. Well done to us all. Here's to the next 10... 20.... 30..... years!!!

Purple-bear, Japan

Everyone enjoyed the Postcrossing 10th birthday event;)
Happy Postcrossing forever!

honeybee, Austria

Congratulations wonderful postcrossing! I could not imagine my life without it. Let us continue forever.

pucky, Netherlands

Such a wonderful, beautiful and interesting entries!
Congratulations to the winners!

Topas, Germany

Congratulations to the winners.
Let's keep going on with writing and receiving postcards.

feral, Australia

Ha Ha Fantastic entries

jean-mimi, France

Happy birthday ;-) And... thank you !!!!!

mahf78, Netherlands

Happy Birthday Postcrossing, on your 10th birthday I've received my 600th card and also send my 600th one!!! Thank you all for the nice mail, fantastic gifts. Keep up the good work.

hobbymail, United States of America

It was hard to wait for the winning entries, just like it's hard to wait for my next postcard to arrive, and the results are all adorable! Happy birthday Postcrossing.

ipuenktchen, Iran

dear paulo & ana!!! congrats to all winners, and even more to ALL participating USERS for being part of such a fantastic *family*!!!!! happy postcrossing forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramya, United States of America

These are so amazing! I love being a part of this cool deal.

Ejderha, Netherlands

Wow, Thank you so much! \(^o^)/
Congratulations to the other 9 winning entries and all the amazing participating Postcrossers.
Big hug for Paolo and Ana!

Geminiscp, Portugal

Congratulations to all winners and everyone that participated. And to everyone enjoying this wonderful project. Let's make it better and better!!!! :)

DracuLaura, Germany

I love how well the winners represent the diversity of Postcrossing.

rosenbusch, Germany


yifen_cheng, Taiwan

Thank you Postcrossing. Happy birthday *\(^o^)/*

iphoto, Australia

Congrats to all the entries. Especially Linabella(from Germany)your Postcrossing 10th Birthday message is creative with excellent attention to detail! ... LoVe that your using your design for your Avatar :D

So happy to read that everyone LoVes & enjoys Postcrossing as I do!


mallidg, India

Congratulations to all the winners. Hats off to their creativity and talent.

Prakashchandra, India

Congrats to the winners...and their efforts to celebrate 10 years of post crossing are really interesting and shows their memorable work...feel proud to be in post-crossing family.

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Wonderful entries and well deserved to honour PC!

Blogger, United States of America

Congratulations to the winners and to Postcrossing!!

nicoleclementine, Netherlands

Congrats to all winners. Luckily we're all winners as we can all continue this great project.

nugget, United States of America

There are some fabulously creative postcrossers! Enjoyed seeing all the ways folks used to express themselves.

clairealgarme, Philippines

Congratulations to the winners! The entries are fantastic! Happy birthday Postcrossing! Looking forward to more birthdays to come! Sending my love from the Philippines!

Phoebe_Huatong, China

Congratulationg!Sending love in China!

saqibmbutt, Pakistan

Congratulations to all winners :)

ukhalanthar, United Arab Emirates

Congrats to all the winners. Thank you so much for making the hobby so interesting


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