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Spreading the love of postcards... in Malaysia!

About a month ago, a group of students in Kampar, Malaysia hosted a really nice event in their university, to spread the word about Postcrossing. It was quite successful, and everyone had a great time - so we wanted to share their story, in order to inspire you! :) Here they are:

If you are a postcrosser, you can probably relate to that indescribable feeling in finding a happy postcard sitting in your mailbox to welcome you home after a long, tiring day. A postcard is simply magical; each can only contain so few words yet enough to give you a glimpse of the life of someone living across the globe. To receive postcards personalized for you, knowing that each was handwritten by a thoughtful heart, it reminds us that the world is a hopeful and wonderful place.

Wanting to share what makes us so blissfully happy, we decided to start small in our university. One booth, 18 hours, 37 new members (not including those who preferred to register in the comfort of their own home) pretty much summed up our whole campaign. The idea of Postcrossing was very well received; many are excited and eager to restore the once forgotten postcards tradition together. To follow up, we created a small Facebook community, which is still growing each day. Hopefully if we can inspire every postcrosser to reach out and do something small, together we can achieve more.

Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words, here they come…

Our twin #1, Catherine (on the left) sharing her Postcrossing experience with enthusiasm.

Our twin #1, Catherine (on the left) sharing her Postcrossing experience with enthusiasm.

Our twin #2, Angela (on the right) is equally passionate when it comes to Postcrossing

Our twin #2, Angela (on the right) is equally passionate when it comes to Postcrossing.

Meng An (on the right) with potential new members

Meng An (on the right) with potential new members. She also contributed to most of our eye-catching and colourful decorations!

Ming Zhe (on the right) – our photographer #1 and the reason why we are 
now obsessed with postcards

Ming Zhe (on the right) – our photographer #1 and the reason why we are now obsessed with postcards. He introduced Postcrossing to the rest of us!

Yee Hong (on the left) attracting a potential member with her postcards collection

Yee Hong (on the left) attracting a potential member with her postcards collection.

Stewart in action! He is also the man in charge of producing our flyers and photographer #2

Stewart in action! He is also the man in charge of producing our flyers and photographer #2.

Sandrene posting the first batch of postcards written by our new members

Sandrene posting the first batch of postcards written by our new members.

Fantastic work! Please give a big round of applause for the enthusiastic members who organized this event:

Event organizers

From left to right: Angela (aka Hebe92), Stewart (aka stewartooi), Yee Hong (aka yeehongsia), Sandrene (aka sandrene), Meng An (aka mengan0716), Catherine (aka catgoh92) and Ming Zhe (aka ming_zhe0423).

What about YOU? Got any plans to spread the word about the project in your local school or university? :) Let us know how it goes!

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Posted by on 25 Jul, 2014
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40 comments so far

iphoto, Australia
Looks like heaps of FUN! All done with a SM :)E! Keep up the good work guys :D LoVe your style :D
Posted by iphoto on 25 Jul, 2014

rosenbusch, Germany
A nice story...
Posted by rosenbusch on 25 Jul, 2014

Flight_of_Icarus, France
Well done :-) !
I can read under a picture "(...) attracting a potential member" : Postcrossing is not a trap. Oh, maybe it is :D...
Posted by Flight_of_Icarus on 25 Jul, 2014

volvomom, United States of America
Posted by volvomom on 25 Jul, 2014

nylusmilk, Malaysia
kudos! i'm from kuala lumpur and would love to be involved in any future postcrossing events. pm me!
Posted by nylusmilk on 25 Jul, 2014

yaplingj66, Malaysia
Well done Students, to spread the info about Postcrossing :-)
To all Postcrosser, did you receive the cards from your own Country? I have yet to send or receive one from Malaysia! Have fun!
Posted by yaplingj66 on 25 Jul, 2014

catgoh92, Malaysia
Thank you posting this article for us. It meant so much to us and I feel accomplished being a postcrosser. Thank you
Posted by catgoh92 on 25 Jul, 2014

lovpinka, Malaysia
Cool... I am Makaysian too.
I also introduce postcrossing to ppl surround me.
I am staying in Selangor.
Posted by lovpinka on 25 Jul, 2014

geminiscp, Portugal
Looks so nice!!!! :) Congratulations for a job well done! :)
Posted by geminiscp on 25 Jul, 2014

emotis, United States of America
Love the displays--- the Postcrossing mailbox is particularly awesome! :) Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!
Posted by emotis on 25 Jul, 2014

sabescan, Malaysia
Tahniah! Looked like you guys has been organising such successful event and nice effort indeed! I would also hope I will do the same.
Posted by sabescan on 25 Jul, 2014

ming_zhe0423, Malaysia
@emotis our team member created the postcrossing mailbox her own =D
Posted by ming_zhe0423 on 25 Jul, 2014

fisherman, Ireland
All so young and enthusiastic - great to see such lovely displays
Posted by fisherman on 25 Jul, 2014

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Congrats guys! A big hug from Brazil to each one of you!!!
Posted by Luziaceleste on 25 Jul, 2014

Rimini, Netherlands
Posted by Rimini on 25 Jul, 2014

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
Great job well done! :D
I like the booth with the large Postcrossing sign especially the red mailbox with flags from all over the world! :D
Thank you, guys for setting up this event! :D :D
Posted by nisnoopy3 on 25 Jul, 2014

apisthetic, Malaysia
Awesome :)
I'm from Malaysia too! Terengganu to be exact. Have fun guys!
Posted by apisthetic on 25 Jul, 2014

zomertje, Netherlands
Inspiring Story, Keep up the good work!!!!
Posted by zomertje on 25 Jul, 2014

Sprinkledonut, Canada
Awesome! I love the mailbox. Too cute! ^_^
Nice job of promoting Postcrossing, you guys! Looks like you had a fun time doing it.
Posted by Sprinkledonut on 25 Jul, 2014

lysiris, Taiwan
Posted by lysiris on 26 Jul, 2014

louisamarie, Malaysia
I'm from Malaysia too! If there are any more events please include me too! Thanks...oh and is there a postcrossing group for Malaysians on Facebook? Please let me know...
Posted by louisamarie on 26 Jul, 2014

maccharedbean, Malaysia
Wow~~~ Great job ^_^
Posted by maccharedbean on 26 Jul, 2014

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Proud of you guys! I am from Malaysia too! Hopefuly I could help out in the future event if there is any activities re the Postcrossing in Malaysia. you may pm me. Malaysia Boleh!!! :D
Posted by YiliLoh on 26 Jul, 2014

SLLiew, Malaysia
Great job. Enjoy this great hobby.
I am from Penang island, Malaysia and I joined postcrossing back in 2007.
Here is my "massive" postcard collection
Posted by SLLiew on 26 Jul, 2014

Topas, Germany
very nice event. Decoration looks like made with love. And all the members have got a happy smile in their face. Thank you to all of them.
Posted by Topas on 26 Jul, 2014

knally13, United States of America
So did you guys have a stash of postcards and stamps you allowed them to use to send their first cards? I'm interested in doing something similar for postcrossing at my university, but the stamps alone are $1.15 each and that could add up very quickly. Can you tell more about how exactly this event was set up?
Posted by knally13 on 26 Jul, 2014

PostcardPerfect, United States of America
Awesome job,guys!!!!
Posted by PostcardPerfect on 27 Jul, 2014

agent112778, Philippines
awesome!!!! i'll try to do the same here in our place.
Posted by agent112778 on 27 Jul, 2014

BOOGIE_PIPPIN, United Kingdom
Makes you proud to be a Postcrosser when a group sets up something like this. WELL DONE!
Posted by BOOGIE_PIPPIN on 27 Jul, 2014

ming_zhe0423, Malaysia
@knally13 hi, yes we prepared a lot of postcards and stamps in order to help our new postcrossers to send out their first postcard.
Posted by ming_zhe0423 on 27 Jul, 2014

Sandrene, Malaysia
@knally13 I've sent you an email on more details. ;)
Posted by Sandrene on 27 Jul, 2014

idus, Germany
Great! Well done!
Posted by idus on 27 Jul, 2014

DorotheeB, Germany
Wonderful story, thank you so much for sharing it! Great job you all did there!
Posted by DorotheeB on 28 Jul, 2014

Rafal, Germany
Posted by Rafal on 28 Jul, 2014

nugget, United States of America
Great idea to promote Postcrossing!
Posted by nugget on 29 Jul, 2014

ned44440, Ireland
Clever idea and it looks like wonderful fun for all concerned. Well done to the organisers and welcome to all the new members.
Posted by ned44440 on 29 Jul, 2014

shazza1532, United States of America
Love the red post box with the cards ! Great fun and very creative1
Posted by shazza1532 on 29 Jul, 2014

Miselka81, Canada
Looks awesome! Hoping for a postcard from Malaysia doon!!!
Posted by Miselka81 on 1 Aug, 2014

geese, United States of America
this is great. I tell people at work, at the post offices (I have went to several around Michigan, usa), at the libraries, and to all of my family. thank you for encouraging more people to join. it is really fun and my kids (ages 11 and 12) and I are learning so much about the world. have a great day from the gutowski family from Michigan ,usa
Posted by geese on 10 Aug, 2014

Vidas67, Lithuania
Greetings from Lithuania !
A huge success and a lot of beautiful cards for your wonderfully Society!!!
Posted by Vidas67 on 30 Sep, 2014

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