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Blog > Cats checking the mail!

We saw this delightful video on Ilona’s (aka MissiveMaven)'s blog and just had to share it. Hurray for cats and mail!

Now wasn’t that a 13-minute break well spent? 🐈 📮!


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23 comments so far

myshadow, Canada
Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Great to see so many animal loving mailmen and women. And some of the cats are hilarious. ;)

Ekaterina_zp, Ukraine
Некоторые коты ведут себя как собаки. ))) Очень милая подборка видео. Спасибо

ned44440, Ireland
Wonderful video. It is amazing what cats 🐱 and dogs 🐶 (and other animals) can get up to. 😀

Jacque53, United States of America
Very cute!! ❤️🐈

JasonZhou, China
What a lovely cat!Thanks for sharing!☺️

Amanda5417, Australia
I bet some of those posties wouldn't find those cats quite so funny if they weren't behind glass! I know ours would jump out of the bushes and latch onto a postie's leg if we got out post delivered!

Sfander, Canada
That was positively cat-larious!! Loved it...thank you very much for the laugh.

beesknees, United States of America
Love cat videos!

lilykaAbe, Japan
I love cats!

shafathahmed, India
Animals checking mail! It's just amazing:):):):)

SilviaRegina, Brazil
It woudn't be good for postcards!!!!
My cats would hide from the postmen!!! These ones are very "friendly"!

EmineAleyna, Turkey
Smart and cute cats! Love them :)

anna_darts, Russia
Thank you! Interesting to see so different reactions :) I want to test my cat now :)

MissiveMaven, United States of America
Thanks for the shout-out! I ♥ this video so much...

geminiscp, Portugal
LOL!!!!!!!! :)

eddie11, Taiwan
very cute!!

VivalaInga, Netherlands
I wish I was greeted like that by a cat when I'm bringing the mail haha. So far only barking dogs and kitty claws snatching the mail through the door. Occasionally a cat that walks a few blocks with me.

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Postmen/women seem to have even more than animals fun teasing cats! Not a bad job.

EHW, Germany
cute, funny (mail)cats. Thank you for sharing.

Elfmaiden687, United States of America
At my house, everyone has a cardboard mailbox with their name on it by the front door, to prevent mail from just piling up on the kitchen table. The only interest our cats have shown in the mail is to shove these mailboxes out of their way when they want to look out the window… I'm glad to see other cats enjoy mail much more than they do!

Copperplate, United Kingdom
My cat tends to wake up when she hears the postman, but only to give him a dirty look before she turns over and goes back to sleep. :)

StampedwithaK, United States of America
I watched this video with my dog - she loves kitties and didn't turn away for a second! :-D

BridgetDG, Canada
What a great video! You are right the best part of my day so far! Thanks so much!

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