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Hi guys! While Paulo and Ana (the big ones) are busy setting up their new home, we’re here to tell you all about the adventures we had in Canada last fall!

Welcome to Canada!

Calgary is a large city of 1.2 million people, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. It is a beautiful city in Southern Alberta and we came at the perfect time — the splashes of color can be spectacular this time of the year!

These Inuksuks are huge!

The first thing we noticed was this big pile or rocks on CDNLib's front yard. She explained to us that they were called Inuksuks, and were possibly used as symbols of direction, navigation or to mark a food cache by the Inuit of Canada’s North. In recent years they have become an international symbol of Canada — and were even featured on the logo of the 2010 Winter Olympics, which took place in Vancouver!

A trip to Canada had to include some French-Canadian poutine—hot french fries topped with fresh cheese curd and hot gravy… so yummy! And we also had some amazingly fresh-made truffles from a local chocolatier… the pumpkin one was especially scrumptious and perfect for autumn.

Poutine, chocolate and Tim Hortons!

And naturally, we had to try a “Double Double” (coffee, or in this case steeped tea, with two cream and two sugar) from world famous Tim Hortons!

We were lucky enough to be in Calgary for the first ever Postcrossing meet-up and we attended with CDNLib. While we were there we chatted with other postcrossers, exchanged some postcards, admired cards that others had received, heard some great Postcrossing stories, signed and wrote out some cards…

Signing cards at the meetup

… and then posed for a group photo with everyone! Here is the whole group: die-dusche, Stormarela, CDNLib, herchelle, Angelamermaid, ButtonsandTins, salamadzer and Fracula. The meeting went so well, there are plans to do again in 6 months! Check out the meetups posts in the forum and join us if you are in the area!

Calgary meetup group photo!

Below is Calgary’s Public Library — with 18 locations across the city, it is a wonderful place to get together with friends, find some books and be entertained and informed. We were lucky enough to be there during a very special event.

Let's visit Calgary's public library!

The event is called “A Taste of Cultures” and participants celebrate the different cultures of the world, dressing up and performing in their traditional costumes and serving ethnic food.

Wow! It's like a trip around the world!

It was great! We met these lovely ladies from Pakistan, Mexico and Cameroon.

Shhhh... it's time for the story!

CDNLib works at a school and one of the best parts of her job is reading stories to the children. The children LOVE to come to their school library and hear the stories and we were invited to listen to a few of them. What a great way to spend the day…visiting with children and hearing stories all day long!

As Halloween was fast approaching pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns were popping up all over the place.

Halloween is here!

CDNLib even made us costumes so that we could participate in the celebrations and have some more fun with the children! :)


But while we were in Canada, the country suffered two tragedies, as two Canadian soldiers were killed on home soil. The first was killed in a hit-and-run incident in Montreal, Quebec and the second was a reservist who was killed while acting as a Ceremonial Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. The entire country mourned these two men and you could see the signs of the emotion and loss everywhere.

Remembering those who fell.

On Remembrance Day, poppies were worn on people’s lapels. Calgary has its own Field of Crosses Memorial Project that serves as a tribute to those who have served and died for our country from Southern Alberta, dating back to WWI. To date there are over 3000 crosses.

Remembrance day

This year they included crosses for the two soldiers killed on Canadian soil in the previous weeks.

Field of crosses

The day before we were going to leave, we were out enjoying the sunshine, with some clouds and a temperature of 17°C (62°F), when, within minutes, a change occurred and we could see the storm coming in from the Rocky Mountains—the wind picked up and the temperature dropped more than ten degrees…

The Canadian landscape is gorgeous! Uh-oh... a storm is coming!

… and the next morning, there was snow! Wow! Temperatures can surely change quickly in Southern Alberta!


Ok — time we get back inside our cozy envelope and fly to our next adventure!

Back into the envelope!

Thanks for the great visit, CDNLib — that was a lot of fun!


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rosenbusch, Germany
The little mail carriers with their costumes are so cute!
Thank you for sharing....

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Love to see them playing with snow and as gosts, terrific idea! Congrats!

D2M2, United States of America
Wonderful, creative, and touching story- thank you!

angelamermaid, Canada
I was the one who put together the meetup, but I had no idea that CDNLib was going to host the mail carriers. I may squealed out loud when she brought them to the meetup. They were wonderful guests.

itsmeraincrystal, Philippines
So cool! I love their adventure stories. I hope to keep reading more! ^_^

aberline, Australia
Ghosts trick or treating?! Classic!

edo, Spain
Awesome experiences!!

zomertje, Netherlands
Again a wonderfull story, love little mail carriers!!!!!

Luciano, Brazil
So creative :) Congratulations

ZenCat, United States of America
A great adventure!

emotis, United States of America
Double Double and poutine... the first things I get when I cross over the border into Canada! :) Loved to see their adventures!

Geminiscp, Portugal
So nice!!! :)

Kool, United States of America
Say hello to the Mail carriers for me!

mundoo, Australia
The library event looked very interesting. Glad they were able to participate.

Robert-in-Australia, Australia
Hey !! the little posties in their white suits look so cute !! with their little pink baskets .


JoyceM, Netherlands
Thanks for sharing your stories

squirrelygirl, United States of America
Lovely story!! Such cute little guys!!!

akviinas, Latvia
I wish they would come to visit Latvia someday - I am sure we have a lot to show and these mail carriers would enjoy this place! :)

Chathalie, Canada
It's a wonderful story. I travel in my own country with you. It's very well done. I'm admirative. Keep going!

dandilion, Netherlands
Wonderful story with a emotional touch!

BxlPoster, United Arab Emirates
Again great story and photos. The little guys have been travelling 5 years this February - amazing! Looking forward to seeing the photos of the next stop overs...

Herchelle, Canada
What a wonderful story, I'm so happy to see the Little
Mail Carriers again! What a wonderful surprise to meet them at our little meetup last fall, and to finally put faces to the names that we see so often!
I am excited to see everyone again in April. Hey little Mail Carriers! You are always welcome at our meetup, ok!

Edmonds, United States of America
Thanks CNDLib for the tour of Calgary. How inspirational!

FelipeDuarte, Brazil
Thanks for the report! Very good adventures! Nice to know a little of Canada...

nugget, United States of America
Love the ghost costumes!! Thanks for the fun story.

amit19, India
Great Story!! I always look forward to reading Little mail carrier articles. Keep doing such great work....

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Thanx for sharing the nice story! :)

kevchan, Malaysia
Lovely Blog! Loving it! Keep posting! :)

bigspends, United States of America
So great -- More (human) people should so lucky as these two in traveling & meeting people all across the land. Thanks for the smiles!!

Gogge1, Denmark
Another great repport. I'd love to host the Little Mail carriers when we are going to have the Next meetup in DK in Copenhagen in June.

pucky, Netherlands
So interesting! Very busy holidays for the mailcarriers! I'm sure they had a wonderful time!

alterego, Canada
Great story! Thanks!

ammachemist, Indonesia
The cute couple...
Maybe U can tell me how to get them for my little daughter?


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