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Back in May, we introduced you to “We Are One”, a project which brought Postcrossing closer to the children of Tuvalu. The project is now close to its end, and Emily sent us an update filled with really nice photos… we just had to share them with you!

She sums it up:

This project has been an amazing journey for me and the students. Not only were they excited to write on nicely printed postcards of Tuvalu (which is rare or never seen) and introduce it to the world, they were also thrilled to receive postcards, read the kind words from postcrossers and be amazed at the beautiful scenery pictures on a card. It is their fist time ever to learn how to read a map and name the seven continents!

My greatest satisfaction, as a teacher, is to see their thirst for knowledge, wanting to learn more about this world where most countries are too far away to them.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But a picture is worth a thousand words, so here they are:

postcard received 3 end of project posters 1 postcard received 1 end of project posters 2

Happy children and postcards… guaranteed to make my heart melt!

Emily collected some feedback about the project from the children, and one of them wrote “It’s amazing and I hope that other schools around the world do a similar project”. We hope so too! :)

A huge thank you to Emily for setting up this year’s activity in Tuvalu – and to Taiwan ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund) as well, for sending her there and helping fund her postcard project!


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28 comments so far

NerdBird, United Kingdom
Whee! I can see my card there!

danielc, United Kingdom
Great pictures! It must be so exciting for these kids, I would have loved this when I was at school. A bit sad that the project is coming to an end though, we all wanted to receive a postcard from Tuvalu!

MirjamW, Netherlands
It's a great project for the children, I think. I can imagine that they are enhousiastic about it. I felt honored to send a postcard to Tuvalu and very happy when it arrived!

omnduut, Indonesia
Awesome! very happy because I can join with this project. Unfortunately, I can't see my card there hahaha :) *thanks Emily* :)

Sukey111, United Kingdom

ovidius, Romania
I would like to participate in this project and then to write an article on my blog

What are the steps ???

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Great to read these feedbacks. I was really glad to send postcards to Tuvalu's kids!Such kind of project makes Postcrossing even meaningful!
Count on our support!

YiliLoh, Malaysia
A wonderful story sharing, thanx! :)

mypinkmonkey, Canada
That's wonderful! Too bad it seems that my card has not arrived there yet :(

dxgabriel, Czech Republic
Great. I can see my sisters card there :-)))))

Misak, Czech Republic
Great story. It is nice to see own card again on the picture with kids! Michaela, Czech Rep.

Majamail, Germany
What an amazing project ;o))

rosenbusch, Germany
I sent a postcard to the project. It is traveling more than 30 days.... I hope, the postcrossers can receive it!

Fladder82, Netherlands
hihi, can't find my card in the picture, but great to read this story and see the faces of the children who received my card :-)

zomertje, Netherlands
Beautiful project didn't know about it...pitty liked to have send them a card too!!!.

Sunneva12, Norway
what a wonderful project, thanks for sharing! :-)

ned44440, Ireland
I was lucky enough to send a postcard to this lovely group. I don't see it here but I am hopeful it was enjoyed by everybody.

vnn, United Kingdom
Yey! Absolutely fantastic! I don't see my cards here on these photos but I'm pretty sure kids have them and like them. Wonderful Project! It was my pleasure to be part of it. Good luck, Tuvalu! :-)

nugget, United States of America
Sweet story. Thanks for sharing.

Topas, Germany
great project, touching story

seascape327, United States of America
That was a great project. Glad I could be a part of it. Thank you for sharing!

saulopro, Brazil
Got a card form them! So glad a did! :)

mingshu, Finland
what a wonderful project :) very educative as well as a lot of fun !

lordemsworth, Italy
In the last photo you can see the cards sent from Italy and the one with Pope Francesco is the card I've sent!

Wesens-Art, Germany
A great project! I don't see my postcard in the pictures, but it has arrived and I got a postcard back from Tuvalu. I'm so happy about it!

Tranchile, Guernsey
Hello from Guernsey. I am sorry not to have been Postcrossing when this project was running but I wish the children well. I would still be happy to send Postcards from my Island there if possible.

YOIYUMTEWA, United States of America
Great pictures, great project. Looks like a fun bunch of students, too. Makes me wish I was back teaching in the classroom, so that I could do a project like this with my students.

Cheryll, Suriname
i posted mine may 6th , so i hope it arrived :) Have fun and greetings to the kids !!

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