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ovidius, Romania


(or Ovidiu) is a member in Romania . He has been a member for over 2 years (1,024 days).
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Lat: 47.20, Lon: 23.05 | Google Maps

About Ovidiu...

Hello, I'm Ovidiu.
I love to travel & drive. Mountain-biking, ski, photography and wine are my favs.
Also, writing & receiving postcards. What I enjoy most about postcrossing? Choosing the RIGHT postcard for the RIGHT person (when possible, of course).

Yes, I'm a card collector & you can see ALL my cards here:
Before sending me something, would you please CHECK my galleries to avoid duplicates? (they really make me sad).

I SEND according to preferences, therefore would LOVE to receive:

♥ Postcrossing meet-up cards with special design
♥ Keep Calm...
♥ Nouvelles Images Multiple
♥ airplanes & hot air balloons
♥ trains (old steamers & high-speed) & trams
♥ mushrooms, mix spices, Easter painted eggs & tasty food
♥ drinks: wine, whiskey, beer & related
♥ UNESCO & UNESCO Tentative (please mention it on postcard)
♥ medieval castles & fortress
♥ colorful Middle Age manuscripts & ornaments
♥ maps (all kind)
♥ old books (no Penguin covers !!!)
♥ vintage advertising posters (1850-1940)
♥ bird-eye of cities (photos from above)
♥ national costumes & local traditions
♥ pottery & ceramic
♥ clocks & watches
♥ money
♥ winter scenes (photos, NOT paintings)
♥ snow sports (ski) & mountain-bicycle related
♥ historische schiffsplakate
♥ Schoner Wohnen Farbe
♥ Chronikkarten

You can get inspired from my wishlist (grouped around the themes I love). You can narrow the search according to your country.
Please mention it on the postcard so I can remove item from wishlist after receiving it. Thanks.

Now the text part.
Lack of writing inspiration? Some ideas for you at And don't forget the date.
Don't put stickers! I will appreciate if you let visible the information printed by the Card Publisher (otherwise I can't identify it).

If you send your card in an envelope (which I don't mind), please send it unwritten.

I register EVERY card. Not registered = not received.


IF possible, PLEASE regular 10x15 cm postcards because of mailbox size (bigger cards will be DAMAGED).
I'm NOT attracted to:
!hand-made, self-printed photos, low quality or thin cards
!irregular shape, 3D, greeting (folded)
!advertising (unless matching my themes)
!multi-view small pictures in one card (especially cities)
!undefined nature landscapes (except winter which I love)
!flowers, plants, animals
!cute, romantic or girl-ish stuff
!any kawaii, jetoy, cartoon & Disney
!famous people
★ I'm shure SOMEONE ELSE will be more happy to receive these kind of cards :) So, DO NOT waste them on me.

Thank you for taking time to read my profile & choosing a nice card for me.