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At least once a year, postcrossers from Mumbai in India get together to celebrate their hobby and send some postcards. Last year, the Little Mail Carriers’ cousin was invited by Amit Surana (aka indianfriendszone) to tag along and discover his beautiful country. Here’s his report of the trip:

Hi everyone! It’s been a while… I hope you’re doing well!

Hello from Mumbai!

Man… it sure feels good to get out of that envelope! :) Ooooh… and what do we have here?

Warm welcome!

Well hello ladies! Nice to meet you! Are you all coming to the Postcrossing meetup as well?

The local postcrossers are celebrating a special quirky date: 11/12/13! This sequential date only happens once every 100 years – how cool is that?

We met at Starbucks, and then moved to the General Post Office, who made a room available for us to share and write our postcards in a quiet environment. That was very nice of them!

Postcrossing meetup

A great crowd turned up, and it was really nice to meet everyone in person! And the postcards were really nice too – some where even especially designed for this event:

Postcrossing meetup postcards

By the way, the building of the Mumbai General Post Office is stunning – one of the largest post office buildings in the world with 101 counters and 11,000 square meters of area. As you can imagine, it handles massive quantities of mail everyday! Do pay it a visit if you’re around…

Mumbai GPO

… you might even get to meet a friendly postman, like I did!

Nice postman at Mumbai GPO

After the meeting, I stayed in Mumbai for some time, and got to do some sightseeing with Amit, and learn a bit more about the biggest city in India. Mumbai is amazing: everywhere you look, there’s a piece of history waiting to be discovered.

We stopped at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (also known as Victoria Terminus), built in 1887 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria. It’s made in the Victorian Gothic Revival style blended with traditional Indian architecture – and so remarkable that it earned UNESCO recognition.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Mumbai is also known for the Bollywood industry, which is based here in the city. We went to see one of these movies, and the songs were stuck in my head for hours afterwards… I even learned a dance move or two! I didn’t understand much of the story since everyone spoke Hindi… except now and then, when the characters would speak in English for a sentence or two! Amit explained that this is called Hinglish and it’s a mixture of the two languages.


I also got a chance to see the magnificent Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and the Leopold Café nearby. This was a solemn moment in my trip, as I remembered the many people who died or were wounded here during the November 2008 terrorist attack.


After that I was feeling contemplative… Since Mumbai lays by the sea, this was the perfect occasion to take a stroll on the beach, and dip my feet in the Arabian Sea while watching the sunset. Chowpatty beach is one of the most famous in Mumbai. It’s here that people come to try the local delicacies or just relax at the end of a long day. There were monkeys dancing, snake-charmers and even fortune tellers!

Chowpatty beach

A short walk from the beach was Kamala Nehru Park, which features…

Boot house on Kamala Nehru Park

… a boot house! Isn’t that amazing? Who wouldn’t want to live in a boot? It’s inspired in the nursery rhyme There was an old woman who lived in a shoe – though I didn’t find any old women there, only happy children!

On my last days in town, there was another Postcrossing meeting, where we visited the Elephanta caves, a famous UNESCO heritage site on an island 10km from the coast of Mumbai. The caves have a series of sculptures, from the 5th and 6th centuries, depicting the cult of Shiva. They’re amazing! I felt even smaller than usual next to them…

Elephanta caves

Glad I wasn’t alone! There were a lot of friendly postcrossers there with me :) Postcrossing meetup!

I had an wonderful time in India with Amit and all the postcrossers, but now it’s time to go! Into the mailbox I go… who knows where I’ll pop out! :)

Off we go!

Thank you Amit, that was lovely! Keep an eye on the blog, we have a feeling we’ll be hearing from the Little Mail Carrier’s soon…

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rosenbusch, Germany
Thank you for sharing the story....
danielc, United Kingdom
That Post Office is amazing and I love the postbox at the end! Thanks for sharing.
jjmedusa, United States of America
Wonderful to read! I have been lucky to have swapped with Amit in the past!
yuhi0622, Japan
Thank you for sharing!
I hope the Little Mail Carrirs will visit Japan again someday...
They visited Okinawa in the past, but there are many other places to visit in Japan :-)
edo, Spain
Love the postbox,and love to receive a card from this meetup!!
manojkamat1857, India
I'm very pleased to attend this meetup .. each year . Each time ..
manojkamat1857, India
Dear @ana actually u shall mention members in this feature . As they are in pic
ned44440, Ireland
Looks like a great meet-up. Lots of interesting places to see and things to do. Well done to the Post Office to make space available for the meeing.
Elisabeth_, Austria
A very interesting report with great photos - thank you! Wow, what a HUGE post-office! When I look at the photos with the postcrossers who attended the meetup I get the impression that postcrossing is a rather male hobby in India...
florencen, Australia
wonderful story and phoros
willyly, Hong Kong
Amazing story! Love the mailboxes!
Where will the little guy go next?
Wanna visit us in Toronto? We are having a meet-up in July!
Shaneez, South Africa
wow Amit you were the perfect host Buddy :-)
zomertje, Netherlands
Very nice story, beautiful pics of India, learned a lot. The mailboxes are amazing!!!! Thank you for the story.
sjayana20, India
Soo happy to see my city on official postcrossing blog
emoffdayz, United States of America
thats really neat and awesome and thanks for sharing this keep going the advetures of postcrosing!! :)
seascape327, United States of America
A very interesting story. Thank you for sharing. Good Luck in your future travels.
mananbansal, India
Wow, i missed being part of this. Next time hopefully i will keep a super close eye to become part of this :)
indianfriendszone, India
Thanks Ana and Little Mail Carrier Cousin for making it Possible...

And Thanks to all the members who attended the meet and made it wonderful memory...

@ medusa242 : Hello J.J , it was my luck too since i got the chance to swap with you.

@ Shaneez : Thanks a lot :)

@ mananbansal : It would be great to meet you someday..
sophie54, Netherlands
Great story, would love to see that postoffice;-)
HM, Netherlands
Eseninka, Russia
What a wonderful trip! Thank you Amit!
moonlessnite, Canada
Well, that was one of the best adventures I have had the pleasure to read about. Good humour, and upbeat descriptions...makes me want to pack and go there!
geopostal, United States of America
That is a wonderful idea. Hopefully someone here in the US will do that and we can get together.
Sprinkledonut, Canada
Great photos! Thanks for showing us around Mumbai, Amit and Little Mail Carrier.
indianfriendszone, India
@ Sophie54 & moonlessnite : Most Welcome to Mumbai... Last year Mumbai GPO completed 100 years :)

@ LadyOla & Sprinkledonut : My pleasure :)
Sukey111, United Kingdom
That's wonderful! I love the picture of the postman's office!
Luziaceleste, Brazil
wow, what a place! and so interesting through these eyes! thanks for sharing...
nugget, United States of America
Fun story! Thanks for sharing.
RoopaFamily, South Africa
Wow! The city of my heart. Hope to get back there one day soon. Thanks for sharing and for the pics.
rishabhshah, India
I hope we have many more meetups in future.
Great way to learn a lot abt things from others.
ipuenktchen, Iran
shame on me - such a long time I hadn't any look at the blog of LMC!!!!!??!?! and they have been at so many interesting places in the meantime!!!! lucky them!!!!!!! I promise to follow them again!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!
naobie, South Africa
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog... Keep up the good work!
pucky, Netherlands
Wonderful story and great photo's!I did send a postcard to a postcrosser in Mumbai last week, when it is registered I will ask if he attended the meeting and is on the photo as well!
GabiGirl, United States of America
Fantastic! Have they traveled to NYC yet? Philadelphia or Princeton, New Jersey USA? If they need a 'host' I am more than happy to receive them show them a great time and send them to their next destination... how does one get involved with such a fun project?
Geminiscp, Portugal
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!! :D Lucky little guy!!! :D

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