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This is a very exciting day: it’s the day we finally reveal to you exactly how many postcards the German postcrossers sent last December … and therefore, how much money they raised on the “Postcards for a good cause” campaign!

Are you ready? Think of a number and then scroll down to find out!


Postcrossers in Germany sent 78450 postcards during December, raising a neat total of 7845 euros for Stiftung Lesen! Hurray! :D

Usually December is a slower month in the project, with many people choosing to send their holiday cards instead… but the Germans had none of that and sent a lot of Postcrossing postcards too! And of course, if you’ve registered a card from Germany sent during December, you were also part of this effort! :)

So congratulations to all the postcrossers and a big thank you to Deutsche Post, for making this possible! What an amazing achievement, we couldn’t be more proud of this community!

We’re still sorting out the prizes and will be in touch with the winners via email later this month.

38 comments so far

chiany, Netherlands

Amazing number, great job all!!!

zeptone, France

Great !

SchwarzerNebel, Germany

it was fun and a good feeling to be part of this great project - it's fantastic to see such a result :)

crazyaboutpostcard, Canada

Wish Canada Post will have a similar program!

recrossing, United Kingdom

Sehr gut, Deutschland! I think that most of the cards I have received since I began Postcrossing have come from Germany. They never disappoint.

Pru, Germany

Great! :)

hoera, Belgium

That's unbelievable, so many card in one country in one month :)

hopeley, United States of America

Will you ease explain in English what the charity is for and as always, Germany comes through, Postcrossers are great!

rosenbusch, Germany

It´s great to be a part of this project....

danielc, United Kingdom

This is wonderful news! I received 5 postcards that were posted in Germany in December.

Geminiscp, Portugal

AMAZING!!! :) I wish for more ideas like this!!! :)

Flight_of_Icarus, France

Congratulations to all German Postcrossers for that awesome score !
I registered 5 cards with German ID officially sent in December :-).

nicoleclementine, Netherlands

Well done, great work.

Sutomi, Germany

;o) I was sad about every postcard which I´ve send in December and which don´t came in time, but I love to see that so many did it...yesssssssssssssssss

ChalkJunkie, Germany

Studying for my final exams has taken up a lot of my time in the past six months, but during December I wrote as many postcards as I could because of this wonderful project. Thank you so much for organising it and offering us the opportunity to be a part of it.

tumbleweed, Germany

It's great to learn that we achieved such an amazing result! I sent as many cards as I could in December and as I love books and reading I am happy to support this cause!

kamikazeherz, Germany

Tehehee my country is awesome :)

Just had a count - I sent 10 cards in December! :o

hedwigregina, Germany

SUPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

zomertje, Netherlands

realy amazing.... Gut gemacht Deutsche freunden!!!!

jjmedusa, United States of America

Congratulations to Germany! I am proud to have been born there!

AB-tje, Netherlands


Nummel, Germany

... and next time we will do even better and raise more money! Promised! ; )

muhmachtdiekuh, Germany

I sent 21 cards in December that were received until Feb, 28.
Made a small number game and calculated a rule of three:
I contributed about 0,03% to that total sum of 78450 :-)
*haha* (maths is not my passion, but I was curious).

.. and Zwergi is right: Next time we´ll try to outgo the benefit *yeesss... motivation!*

guu5555555, Germany

Wow, unbelievable!! Thought by myself that December is a buzy time, but sent some, too.

Gristle_McNerd, Germany

I didn't send any more cards than I would've anyway (I'd just started, so I could afford to stay at the limit all the time), but it's still good to know I've contributed a little to this :D

Robin67, Austria

Super! :-)

Lorelai, Germany

It's great to be a part of it - but unfortunately some of my cards were "expired". Hope we can start again in 2014...

anne50, Germany

super hope we will have it again in the future

Frohnatur_73, Germany

Wow, it´s great!

Bellatrix, Canada

I'm usually very low key with postcards in December too. But this year I sent all I could for this campaign.

Would love to know if it made a big impact on German postcards. 78450 is a great number but it how many cards do German Postcrossers usually send in a month?
It would be great to have diagrams like this for every country! Please please please?

LaSonrisa, Germany

Wow, thats really amazing :) I've just had to read the number twice, because I thought I've read it wrong! ;)
I am happy for having contributed with 10 cards. I hope that another project like that will start soon. Thank you Deutsche Post and Postcrossing and all the German postcrossers (and all the others around the whole world ;)) , you are amazing! :)

chrissybaby, Ireland

I am originally from Germany, but live in Ireland for some years. I have registered a good amount of cards sent in December. So I played a very small part for this good cause. Hope you do this again :)

vonxblood, United States of America

This is awesome. Way to go!!!

YiliLoh, Malaysia

I have only received a card from Germany but I have sent 7 postcards there! :)

Smartis86, Germany

Wow, that's amazing! I sent 14 postcards myself and you are right, actually, I was busy sending holiday greetings to friends but this campaign made me sent some more here, as well. Next time, I'll send even more!
I'd love more campaigns like that!

teamug, Germany

as a family (we are three users) we managed 63 cards - one sadly expired...
I think that was a brilliant idea. (Although postcrossing is one of the best ideas!!!)
I realize that I am so much more aware of people in other countries than before PC. especially when there are news about countries, one can relate so much more, because we actually are in touch with people there.
If we are then also able to help with a little contribution. That is even better.
Keep on going - postcrossers.

PinkBink, Germany

Thanks al lot for the amazing Postcrossing stamps I recieved today! Sooo great! Made my day :)

Nordbaer, Germany

Yeah! I got it - a wonderful sheet of 15 special stamps!
First of them will start travelling this week to Hawaii!


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