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About Verena...

My name is Verena, I'm 27 years old and I just finished teacher training (in July 2016). Now I'm going to teach children aged 10-18 biology and English. I just moved to a new city, in with my boyfriend Kevin (adventure!) and I'd love to fill my mailbox with postcards from all over the world.

My preferred postcards show picture(s) of:

* your city or hometown
* space
* something related to LGBTQ
* an interesting close-up photograph of something
* something typical for your country/region
* members of your royal family, if your country has one
* something that means something to you (with an explanation)
* something related to TV (I'd be over the moon if I got anything related to Doctor Who, BBC's Sherlock or Joss Whedon's Buffy or Firefly)
* animals (some of my favourite animals are: dogs, wolves, kingfishers, sea otters, turtles, foxes, bears, bees, meerkats, birds & deer. But of course you can send me any animal) For users from Belarus: the 'Fauna of Belarus' cards are always welcome

I also appreciate a homemade card. If you are a writer and have the opportunity to design you own cards I'd love to read something of yours (maybe a poem or a really short story on the front of the card?).

But please let me assure you that of course I'll love any card you decide to send me. Also: there's no need to put them in an envelope, I like them written and stamped.

If you are unsure what to write, you can tell me:
- about yourself
- what you've done today or what you're planning to do soon
- any advice you have for living together
- your favourite quote if you have one
- in case you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ lifepartner tell me how you've met
- about something good that happened to you recently (maybe just a stranger being nice or a friend helping you through something)

I'm looking forward to receiving your card. Thank you.