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It can be tough to find interesting and unique postcards locally—maybe you’ve sent them all before by now, or maybe you just don’t live in a very photogenic area. Don’t worry! Every so often, we do a little roundup of boxes of postcards that you can get online, which is a very cost-effective way to get your hands on some lovely designs.

Here’s another 20 boxes of 50 or 100 postcards that we haven’t featured recently.

Postcard boxes Postcard boxes Postcard boxes

I had no idea that some of my childhood favourites were out there on postcards, so that’s my next stop… though that Button Box set is pretty tempting too (every card has a little bit of history about the significance of the pin it displays!).

As always, we’d love to hear any suggestions you have to share in the comments!

PS: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you buy these postcards on Amazon, Postcrossing will receive a small commission for each sale (at no extra cost to you). Feel free to look for these postcard sets and boxes on your favourite bookstores though — supporting local businesses is always a good thing. 💪


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Samboda, Portugal
A few month ago I bought a postcard box from Game of Thrones from a publisher that also has several postcard boxes from other TV series.

Albion, Germany
Love the post-punk box!

ned44440, Ireland
Wow, many great boxes there - we are spoilt for choice

CardTrekkie, United States of America
Vintage art of DC comics box set - had some weird comics I had not heard of but also many Batman, Wonder Woman, Arrow, Flash, and other justice league characters.

wildernesscat, Israel
Fantastic! 🙏🏻

Lies76, Belgium
did someone say "cats" 😍👍!!!

doryfera, Canada
I have wondered about postcards that come in books, the type that are often attached with a fine perforation. When you tear out a card, there is usually the rough edge of perforation along one side.
Would Postcrossing recipients mind such postcards? I suppose one can trim a little off the perforated side so that they look more orthodox :)

Flippie, Canada
Hi, I'm so lucky that I can buy boxes in a bookstore in my town, because I never order thing online, I like to see it first or feel before buying.
Thank you for the tittles.

StephenB, United States of America
I hate receiving these. To me a postcard is a tourist card or even cards from art galleries, clubs or nice advertisements ....NOT these . That's how I feel.

jm1122, United States of America
Details From the Street looks like great fun! Thank you for this.

Mosshumla, Sweden
You can use an emery board nail file to smooth the perforation of a postcard book card. It's cheap and works very well.

cozygirl, United States of America
I got the This is My Bookstore one recently and it's pretty cool. With so many postcrossers who love book cards (a challenge to find), it's good to have on hand and shows interesting shops around the world. I also got a lot of fun from a Where's Waldo Postcard book and Ellen Clapsaddle holiday designs book.

D2M2, United States of America
For Doryfera

When I have postcards like these, I use a paper cutter gadget to trim the perforated edge.

nicetry, Germany
I might buy some boxes like that (also did in the past, like a Harry Potter box) to fulfil wishes of other postcrossers, but I don't like to receive cards like this. And I think, buying that boxes is making people only sending those cards until they're all used up, disregarding that not everybody likes them. So I agree with you, StephenB.

Meowsha, United States of America
I enjoy buying boxed sets because it helps me pick out cards for people who collect a certain theme (like cats, flowers, books, etc). If I have too many from one box, there are swaps on where I can trade a few blank cards and get new ones back. More envelope opening joy!

For what it's worth, I love getting the box set cards too, but I was never particular on the definition of a "postcard" - as long as it is written with heart. Some of us are here to collect, some to connect :)

There are also independent artists who sell their own art on postcards - it is difficult to get a deal with a big publisher to make the formal boxed set possible, and from what I hear, when you do, the publisher keeps most of the proceeds. Some of my favorite "indie" postcard artists /designers in my country are LouPaper, TrendyPostcards, The Writerie, and Piles Of Postcards. I am also an artist who does this (MNJohn). A good way to discover new ones who are still very very small is to search on Etsy - you can filter the results locally, and discovering a new postcard artist is such a joy.

rockycip, United States of America
Thank you for posting this great collection of
postcards in boxes!

Susaninutah, United States of America
“Some of us are here to collect, some to connect” sums up Postcrossing perfectly. Thank you, @meowsha for that comment.

Luziaceleste, Brazil
“Some of us are here to collect, some to connect” indeed people are different, and this makes so interesting the whole game!
I also agree that this is a good perspective on postcrossings motivations. <3

AbstraktesHerz, Germany
I bought the Post Punk Box last year and I was so exited, but somehow it didn't live up to my expectations.
It's nice, but the cards are smaller than the average Postcard and it is - big surprise - dominated by all male bands and that made me a little sad. Because there are so many awesome women and genderqueer Artists especially in Punk / Post Punk.

I think boxes like these are a good way to fulfill wishes of the reciepiant and they are also a good way for people who don't have a lot of money to participate in postcrossing. I love the Nasa Box, I've already bought it for the second time because the images are just awesome, many people are interested in space themed postcards and I also love recieving them.
To me every card is welcome (with very few exeptions).

woven, United States of America
The National Park postcards are gorgeous!!

hamarillo, Mexico
These are great too:
Women in Science: 100 postcards

heatheronthehill, United States of America
I've been finding vintage postcards for cheap at antique stores. I haven't bought any yet because I'm not really into them, but it would be a great place to look for people who like them.

teamug, Germany
I love the box sets too - receiving and sending - to cater for those that do not like typical tourist cards. And if sometimes some of these cards seem unsendable in the official postcrossing site - there is always our gorgeous "Fehlkauf" (bad buy) Round Robin in the German forum. There we send anything we think is too strange, bad quality etc. It is lovely as we have no pressure to send anything from anyones wish-list, and the recipient is free to either whole-heartedly agree that the card is junk, or he/she could actually totally disagree and say the card is a wonderful unusual quirky one and was received with joy.
Maybe one of you considers to start such a round robin group too... you could even do so in the forum in your own language (like we to in the German group) or make it international in English.
It's great fun and you can send out these strange cards that otherwise would remain in the bottom of the box... which is a sad destiny for any card.

dictaudrey, Indonesia
oh the night sky one... I love it and already put them on my cart!

hgb, Estonia
None of the links work for me somehow, regardless of browsers and modes.

dotandbenny, United States of America
These are great!

brijoudu93, France
quelle bonne nouvelle ! merci beaucoup pour le partage

NIDUSKA, Finland
Really nice collections

wakakusa1091, Taiwan
I bought a bookstore box! They are so beautiful!
But I'm worry about.... maybe it's little weird that I sent a bookstore ( US) from Taiwan to another country.
Well maybe it's OK just the postcard is good. :)

Gypsypost, New Zealand
Bought Women in Science, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Odd One out box sets the other month, so along with many local NZ tourist cards I'm spoiled for choice to send out now. Some lovely ones on here for the future.

Zfirearm, Australia
They are too expensive for me. I prefer Chinese Taobao. Only $4-$5 and you can get hundreds of postcards.

beesknees, United States of America
Oh no - just went down the amazon rabbit hole!! But cant wait for the cards to arrive😀

saturdaydressmaker, United States of America
Just received the Salt Fat Acid Heat postcards as a gift (Love the series and the book!) and they are beautiful! Also, the have recipe dividers included, so after you use your postcards, you can use the box as a recipe box.🥰❤

RowanP, Netherlands
De meeste zien er cool uit. Geweldig hoor!!!

RowanP, Netherlands
Most look cool. Awesome!!!

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