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Awhile back, Carol (aka malozing) sent us some pictures of her dog Smokey in his new costume, and we couldn’t help but want to share them with all of you. Have a look!

Dog Smokey is dressed up as a mail carrier, with a tiny package in his fake hands

How cute is he, dressed up as a mail carrier and holding a tiny parcel?! 😍 Awwww…

Obviously, he’s a fan of mail and keeps a close guard on Carol’s, to make sure no postcards are lost:

A dog lies in a bed, guarding some postcards

Have you or your pets ever dressed up as something postal-themed for Halloween (or Carnival)? If so, please do share!


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NIDUSKA, Finland
Really nice ❤️❤️🎽👕👖👗💌🙏

malozing, United States of America
I should have mentioned that he gets excited when there is a parcel delivery. He is always hoping it’s his subscription box. 😂

shelivesintrees, United States of America
Omg, this is so PRECIOUS !!!

Nana805, France
I have 2 Portuguese Podengo dogs. They are very little (4kg) and one day I bought 2 coats (like bombers) for the winter. I dressed them and we went out but they were so unhappy that I have never dressed them again. 😝🐕🐕

omurk, Turkey
He ist pretty cute. As cute as my cat in his Christmas hat! 🎅

msquared47, United States of America
Very cute! My dog was dressed up in a bat costume one year. He didn't love it. 😊

kareny, Hong Kong
He is so cute😍

Cacen, China
How cute is he(//∇//)

youwell, China

pai_crossing, India
Cuteness overload 😍😘

Dustybee, United Kingdom
We love our pets dearly and are part of the family. However, what in our mind is ridiculous and demeaning is this predeliction some owners have to dressing their animals up in costumes. I bet the pet shops just love you when you come in the door!

tazzini, United States of America
My kid and our dog had matching 'hot dog' costumes. it was very sweet.

teamug, Germany
I am not such a fan of dressed up animals. I also don't like that as a card theme as I feel the animal is ridiculed in some way.
The most I agree to is a little scarf around the neck, but only because they are used to their dog leash or cat collar.
Some costumes can even be dangerous if the animal is on it's own and gets caught with something and cannot free itself.

lohungyilo, Taiwan
So so so cute!

marianneouioui, France
Cute overload

Flippie, Canada
Lovely dressed up!

princeofasturias, United States of America
That costume used to be avaliable on the USPS site. If you search USPS dog costume you get another version.

HM, Netherlands
Incorrect blog.

To dress up animals is not fun.

MaMiFeNi, Germany
This is not a contribution to the actual topic of this blog.
I am disappointed...

Poor dog.

eeyoreinoz, Australia
Too cute

GoCindy, United States of America
Please keep this blog about postcards and not pictures of people’s dogs.

Knerq, United States of America
I love seeing pets in clothes :D

AKFSPNFam1990, United Kingdom
Smokey looks happy enough and soo cute. We have little jumpers for our Jack Russell and he loves it as it keeps him warm and he hates being cold. He gets excited when he knows your getting him his jumper!

rosenbusch, Germany
Evil spirits are supposed to be driven away on Halloween. How long have postal workers been part of it? We’re happy when they bring us postcards? Or is it not?
Am I a spoilsport now?

sarahpdx, United States of America

BenjaminT, United States of America
So cute!

AllieCat, Australia
so cute!

detiyati, Japan
I wish I had such a cute delivery dog.

Hechizera, United States of America

Nique, Canada
Too funny🤣

Russian_Romeo, Russia
Very cute!

lolaCobain, France
I like it !

triplightly, United States of America
Darling costume. Dogs are wonderful!

IHermann, Belgium
I wanted to know if my bearded collie puppy was bigger than me. So I put him in one of my sweaters. It was a lot of work, but in the end I succeeded: he was wearing my sweater. But it was way too small. I had to cut my sweater to free him. But if he ever has surgery, and I have to cover his stomach or so, I'll buy a very, very extra large t-shirt. If I dress him, it will be a necessity and not out of curiosity or fun.

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