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We’ve just received another photo-filled report from the Little Mail Carriers, all the way from Galway! Read on their adventures in Ireland from their most recent host, ned44440, who did a wonderful job showing them around! :)

Mail Carriers in Ireland

We arrived in Galway, Ireland on 20th May 2013 and settled in quite quickly. We enjoyed a few days rest and then got busy with our exploring. As our host works for the Post Office we got to meet some staff who were too shy to appear on camera. We saw how to prepare the payroll for such a large organisation but we can’t pass on any details as it is all confidential… It was exciting to see how it is done, though! During this first week we also saw some lovely green postboxes and some postal vehicles.

Mail Carriers in Galway at Courthouse letterbox + postal vehicles

We were excited to learn that our host had planned a few trips for us! She first took us to County Roscommon with a lovely group known as TARA (or the Tirellan Active Retired Association). We travelled on a bus and visited the Strokestown House & Famine Museum, and then travelled on to the Dr. Douglas Hyde Interpretative Centre.

Strokestown House was both lovely and sad. It told the story of The Great Irish famine of the 1840′s which is now regarded as the single greatest social disaster of 19th century Europe. Between 1845 and 1850, when blight devastated the potato crop, in excess of two million people – almost one-quarter of the entire population – either died or emigrated.

Mail Carriers in County Roscommon

Dr Douglas Hyde was the very first President of the Irish Republic!

Mail Carriers in Belfast   An Post Museum flyer

Our next adventure was to visit Dublin to attend a Postcrossing Meet-Up and what a wonderful time we had. There were many postcards to be signed (and bought!!). One of the first things we did was visit the Postal History Museum in the General Post Office (GPO). Did you know that the GPO in Dublin played a significent role during the 1916 Rising which led to Irish independence? You can learn more at

Our host said that while she always enjoys visiting the museum she is a little upset that a lot of the items in the museum are things she actually used during her earlier working life – makes her feel old. We saw a lot of the stamps issued by the Post Office down through the years, mail bags, sorting frames, telephone exchanges and many other interesting items.

Mail Carriers in the Postal History Museum, GPO, Dublin

At the meeting we met chrissybaby, fisherman, icspi and jr11577. We had a great day out in Dublin but were exhausted after it.

Mail Carriers in Galway at Meet Up Mail Carriers in Galway at Meet Up

“Could this trip get any better?” we thought… and it did! Even though we were preparing for our onward trip we found two things we just had to stay put for. The first was a Post Office function… now, how could we resist that?

We discovered that one of our hosts colleagues, Marie, intends to drive a Post Office articulated truck in convoy with other Irish and British CWU members as part of the CWU (Communication Worker’s Union) Humanitarian Aid. Each year, members of the CWU both in Ireland and the UK fill trucks full of necessary items and drive the aid to exactly where it needs to go – a personal delivery with a difference. The trucks are filled with donations from many local businesses together with goods purchased with money gathered at fund-raising events. This year the trucks will head to Moldova. Marie is the first Irish female to drive one of the trucks. She held a table-quiz and raised a substantial amount of money. We had such fun but we didn’t win (truth be told, our quiz team-mates weren’t great but don’t say we said that!).

Mail Carriers with Galway Postal Staff at Table Quiz

Here we are with Marie. Also in the pic are Jarlath, Geraldine, Brian and Damien.

Last (but definitely not) least, we found our way to the Titanic Centre in Belfast. What a truly awesome experience!! One definitely not to be missed if you ever get the chance. We first visited the Nomadic, which was the tender ship to the Titanic in Cherbourg. The harbour in Cherbourg was too shallow for the Titanic to berth at the docks so passengers were ferried out to her via the Nomadic. First and Second Class was opulent but Third Class (steerage)… not so opulent.

09   Mail Carriers in Belfast   on helm of Nomadic

Here we are standing on the helm of the Nomadic with the Titanic Centre in the background.

10   Mail Carriers in Belfast   picture of Nomadic

And this is how the Nomadic looked like!

We then visited the magificent Titanic Centre. Here we learned the full story of the RMS Titanic from the day she was first thought of up to and including her discovery at the bottom of the sea, and also about the personal stories behind it.

Did you know that the Titanic was a Royal Mail Ship (hence the abbreviation RMS)? Her mail room had the capacity to carry 3,423 sacks of mail each containing up to 2,000 items of mail. Queenstown in County Cork in Ireland was Titanic’s last port of call before she set sail for America. It was called the saddest place as it was the main port of emigration from Ireland in south of the country. Most people who left Ireland in those days were never expected to return home again. It was never more true than on this occasion!

12   Mail Carriers in Belfast   Titanic Mail

But it wasn’t until we visited Titanic’s Dock & Pump-House that we got a true measure of the size of the Titanic. We were able to descend right down to the bottom of the drydock.

16   Mail Carriers in Belfast   Titanic Dry Dock close ups

We saw the keel blocks on which she sat while in the drydock being fitted out for her maiden voyage. We can but imagine what it was like for the workers who built the Titanic. This is an experience that will never leave us.

We travelled back to Galway on Tuesday and took Wednesday as our day of rest before our onward journey to our next big adventure. What an amazing world we live in!

Thank you ned44440 for taking them with you on these fantastic expeditions! On they go…

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rosenbusch, Germany
an interesting story - I like it....
chrissybaby, Ireland
Really enjoyed reading about the adventures Nora :) You and the Little Mail Carriers had really a wonderful time!
Alison_Machado, Brazil
Nice adventures. It's time to come to Brazil! :)
florencen, Australia
wonderful story and best of luck to marie and the other drivers as well
Valentina_Klymenko, Ukraine
real interesting story)))I very much interested
Beth2673, Netherlands
Always great to hear (and see) about your adventures, little mailcarriers! And nice to see some Irish postcrossers - I just sent a card to Chrissybaby a few weeks ago...
And all those mail-information is very interesting, too (I work in a small post-office since 2000).
Looking forward to your next adventure!
juytters, Belgium
I hope I will onc ehave the opportunity to host them in Belgium!
Kisabel, Australia
Fantastic story, wish I had the opportunity to visit Ireland while living in Britain. It would be great to host the little mailcarriers thought I'd take them to some of the tourist places near where I live. Good Luck to everyone who was a part of this story.
MiniP, Czech Republic
Ooooh, now I feel homesick!! I've sent many a letter from the GPO in Dublin!
HofVliet, Netherlands
I did the 'Titanic Experience' last November and its Great! I bought several postcards and sent them to other postcrossers.
fisherman, Ireland
Great to be part of your story - Thanks Nora for being a great host and bringing them to Dublin
Judith---19, Netherlands
Looove Ireland! And love Belast! Studied there for a few months this year. Feeling homesick seeing these pictures
Blogger, United States of America
I have many 1912 postcards of the Titanic. Also, in Orlando, Fl they have a permanent Titanic Experience where they sell some sets of Titanic cards of Newspaper headlines from around the world from the day it sank and more. They used to sell (not any more though) postcards that had been on a submarine that went down to the bottom of the ocean where Titanic is, and the postcards are stamped with the date they went down and autographed by the captain of the sub. There were 5 or 6 different cards, I bought one of each.
Blogger, United States of America
great article by the way, I truly enjoyed reading it!!
Geminiscp, Portugal
awesome pictures and article and nice to see Brian again! :D
PilotOne, Portugal
Hi Brian, how're you doing? Great Meet-up and photos!
icspi, Netherlands
Love it!
aducky, Australia
please come to Australia to a town on the west coast called Geraldton love your photos I would happpily host you and you could ride on my gopher
islander61, Bahamas
So surprised to see GREEN mailboxes; the ones here are red. Nice reading.
RianasMum, Philippines
drop by Manila soon! :)
ziggyj, United Kingdom
Great story, love the little figures
alkhimovich, Belarus
Thanks for really exciting story! I always liked Ireland - green country with green postboxes:-) I think Marie is extraordinarily brave women.
shelly, Spain
Thanks for the story! but I missed some pictures in the beautiful Galway City.
mwquilt, United Kingdom
what a great visit! All good wishes to Marie and the other drivers when she make their run in the lorries.
rousita, Mexico
Fantastic report, these little guys know how to travel and have excellent guides!! All the Galway postcrossers must have been super happy!!!
alhanaart, Spain
I really enjoyed this trip! Nora did a great job showing the little mail carriers around.
Shazza1532, United States of America
Wow! What a wonderful story - things I did not know - my PostCrossing jr11577 and Chrissybaby - John who makes me laugh all of the time with his funny sense of humour that I totally love and Chrissybaby who I just recently met - WoW you guys - The saddest place made me tear up. Thanks for the tour! Shazza 1532
lupideeloop, Spain
Lovely report! I would like to visit Ireland a day. We the galicians are called the "spanish irish". And in fact we got some common roots and historical coincidences.
Ninocas, Portugal
When are they coming to Portugal? I´d be very happy to host them :)
Olga86, Belarus
just wonderful!!!
AmberChang, Taiwan
Dominique69, Finland
Nice adventure!
Aaf, Netherlands
Lovely to read about the Irish adventures of the little mail carriers!
oerkenbo, United States of America
This is fascinating! Where did the little mail carriers come from originally? Sweden? How long are they in Ireland and where will they go next?
fitziane, United States of America
Great writing and lovely photos. So much fun to follow the little mail carriers - especially when it's writing up so entertainingly.

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