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is a country in the continent of Europe with a population of 3,552,000 habitants. The capital of Moldova is Chişinău.
Members: 634 (Browse all)
Sent: 48,269 postcards
Received: 49,012 postcards
Ranking: 50th (by sent postcards)

Postcards from Moldova

Most active members

1. bobby16, Moldova bobby16
1,278 postcards sent
2. noky, Moldova noky
1,071 postcards sent
3. A02047125, Moldova A02047125
1,060 postcards sent
4. grishka, Moldova grishka
987 postcards sent
5. tata6ka, Moldova tata6ka
910 postcards sent
6. radiomonstr, Moldova radiomonstr
878 postcards sent
7. Airyl, Moldova Airyl
770 postcards sent
8. elise, Moldova elise
726 postcards sent
9. Cristina80, Moldova Cristina80
723 postcards sent
10. oloroso, Moldova oloroso
706 postcards sent

Random members

Alex_Boyko, Moldova ELENDING, Moldova Elyna333, Moldova proart, Moldova bobby16, Moldova tata6ka, Moldova _Nadiusha_, Moldova NatasiK, Moldova adanio, Moldova Marinica, Moldova Witja, Moldova elle_smith, Moldova radiomonstr, Moldova oloroso, Moldova oxygen1, Moldova Verbitcaia, Moldova Kalashnikov, Moldova Katrin_Niki, Moldova BarVladimir, Moldova Adry21, Moldova Shmotochnitsa, Moldova Uhu-hu, Moldova Diunik, Moldova Marisha89, Moldova kat99959, Moldova Airyl, Moldova blacktendorf, Moldova Sergiu_and_Valentina, Moldova alizium, Moldova mrknow, Moldova A02047125, Moldova Oladushka-V, Moldova grishka, Moldova Coffee-owl, Moldova Morpho, Moldova Valentina_and_Sergiu, Moldova
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