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We’ve mentioned the EUROPA stamps a couple of times on the blog before, but never properly introduced them… so if you’re interested in the history of this postal collectible, this post is for you!

The idea of making a “join stamp emission” came up in 1952, as a way to symbolise the joint community of interest and objectives that was starting to take shape in Europe. When the Treaty of Rome was signed some years later, the six countries that joined the new European Coal and Steel Community (Belgium, France, West-Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands), issued a commemorative stamp: the first EUROPA stamps.

first europa stamps

The stamp design was made by the French artist, Daniel Gonzague, it was a tower formed by the 6 letters of the latin word for Europe: EUROPA.

The newly created European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) took over the administration of the EUROPA stamps in 1960. In 1973 they decided that, in order for stamps to remain interesting for collectors, the common design should be replaced by a common theme, that each country was free to interpret in their unique designs. The themes would be chosen as a way to bring the different countries together to represent Europe.

In 1993, the management of the EUROPA stamps was taken over by PostEurop and the CEPT logo was then replaced by the new EUROPA logo. Today, all of these stamps that are released are done so by PostEurop, the association which represents the interest of European public postal operators.

In addition to deciding the themes of the future EUROPA stamps, PostEurop members have also created an annual competition, where everyone can vote for the “Best Europa stamp” of the year.

The popularity of the EUROPA stamps prompted many smaller administrative regions or special territories to express their interest in joining the group of issuing countries, and thus the circle grew larger. Currently, over 60 European countries issue EUROPA stamps annually.

To learn more about these special stamps, check out Jürgen’s fantastic blog on EUROPA stamps (which he has been collecting since 1987). He also wrote a comprehensive 5-part series on the history of the stamps, which he kindly allowed us to condense for this blog post.


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kisscut, Germany
Has someone the EUROPA 2000 stamp? :)

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Thanks for the information :-) the theme idea is much better than every card being identical, in my opinion!

Priteshdand, India

Blogger, United States of America
I started a blog with all the stamps from my postcards ... (I still have many more to post)

Zvezda_Peso4nitsy, Moldova
There isn't stamps from Moldova! I sent postcards with Europa stamps some time ago...I like this collection...

zasa, Switzerland
great article! i should update my collection as well as my blog!

have a few more :)

and a lot of mint swiss issues - if anyone is interested to swap with me - drop me a line!

Tetsuko, Germany
Great article I love it!

I also collect the EUROPA-stamp issues. But I have only 2011 and 2012 from Germany I could trade. If anyone is interessed, please drop me a line!

Bye Corinna

bodrumlu, Turkey

Aliverani, Italy

geminiscp, Portugal
these are my favorite stamps! :)

Blauwvinger, Netherlands
I've created some cards with used dutch stamps. And in my opinion they are beautiful.

HM, Netherlands
Our postcards deserves beautiful stamps!

Nice blog, thank you.

dst121gr, Greece
Great! Sara (zasa) made me start to collect them too :)

Antoanetta, Romania
I love the blog :D
I love EUROPA Stamps and that is why I have created one for Romania :D (it is in the picture, Visit Romania 2012)

KLMircea, Romania
UPS: I have sent a message from my mother account Antoanetta... sorrrrrrrrrrrrry

ManuelaSt, Denmark
If someone collect Danish stamps I have one. I collect stamps from all over the world but my favourite are India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and all Scandinavia countries. Manuela

Ireneind, Indonesia
Oh Good and so Nice.
I love this stamps.

ned44440, Ireland
Europa stamps are always wonderful, I think, and I am so looking forward to next years issue. Next years theme is "The Postman's Van" so there should be some excellent stamps issued. Wouldn't it be great to get a sample of everyone on our Postcrossing postcards?

Eltanin, Italy
I've discovered that I have the first emission... including the stamps of luxembourg... thank you for the article!

pris-moreno, Mexico
i loves stamps, great article!!
greatings from mexico

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