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And so, the 10th edition of our Cards for Literacy campaign with Deutsche Post comes to an end, and here we are to let you know how many postcards were sent for this good cause in 2022. Without further ado…

Postcrossers in Germany sent a total of 123,596 postcards during December, raising €12,359.60 for Stiftung Lesen!
A battered German postbox is shown against a wall, with graffiti behind it.

Hurray! A brilliant result, which will help many people improve their reading skills in Germany, and thus improve their outcomes in areas like education, professional success, and integration. Well done to all our enthusiastic German members, and also to all the recipients of these postcards, who welcome them with open arms mailboxes!

Our heartfelt thank you to Deutsche Post, for partnering with the Postcrossing community and making this possible. Being a non-profit organization, funding is super important for Stiftung Lesen to run their various programs, but also to do research into different aspects of literacy! For instance, they’re trying to answer big questions like, how are reading behaviors affected by different media, and whether teenagers read differently than adults. It’s by studying these issues that they’re able to make policy recommendations, that in turn contribute to sustainable social development.

And as always at the end of the campaign, Paulo runs his magical script to randomly choose the recipients of vouchers for the Deutsche Post shop. If you’re in Germany and sent at least one postcard last December, keep an eye on your inbox for a message from Postcrossing soon. You might be one of our winners!

42 comments so far

Toome2, Netherlands
great good job!
Angelthecat, Germany
Really a great result - fantastic !! 😍
Geminiscp, Portugal
Great number!! Thank you to all German Postcrossers and to Deutsche Post ! :)
Doreen74, Germany
Very good result, but It´s a pity that more than 9000 cards did not arrived within the period of the campaign. Means all these cards are expired ☹
ogait, Portugal
Great job.... Thank you to all German Postcrossers :)
Gaiasduhter, Germany
17 of my December postcards didn't arrive and are expired now. What a pity :-(
Sandy220, Taiwan
Sidolix, Germany
Great but less than last year...
7 of my cards aren´t arrived in the regular time...
That´s everytime so, 5-6 % get lost... :-(
Anyway, thanks for registration !
RowanP, Netherlands
Well done
They should do something like that in the Netherlands, it already costs so much here...
Poste, United States of America
This is an Outstanding Project and Congratulations to everyone involved.
Special Thanks to German Postcrossers!
Angelthecat, Germany
@gaiasduhter Oh my god that's really a pity :(
ned44440, Ireland
A great achievement.
AntjeB, Germany
Very good result :-) Unfortunatelly 10% of my cards didn´t arrive this year :-(
Ich_bin_Berliner, Germany
Good thing - 6% didn't arrive on time for me. A pity!
Sad that ONLY Deutsche Post supports the social project...
aspenone, United States of America
Thanks for the great work!
Mearl, Germany
A great opportunity! We earn so much for this good cause that makes me happy like all my 25 cards arrived safely. 😊
pemasagirls, France
Great job : Congratulation to all the Germans ! YOu can be proud !
To Postcrossing : I wish you could develop this in other countries, France for example, but also others willing too ! It's a fantastic idea !
reiselustig, Germany
I am always proud to be part of this great project - even if we did not reach the record of last year, it is nothing to be sad about, because life became more expensive during the last months... so of course some people wrote less... What counts is : Together we made another good amount possible! :-)
Luziaceleste, Brazil
Congrats to everyone in this action
MerlinM, Germany
8 of mine did not made it in time. But I am glad this great project continued. And I am glad you made it possible. Thank you to Deutsche Post, to all Postcrossing organizers and of course to all Postcrosser who participate by sending or registering cards.
Flippie, Canada
Hoe-ray! For the German Postcrossers. I hope that you win.....
Cawe, Germany
wow - a great result!
at61, Italy
Congratulations to all German postcrosser participants also from Rome, Italy, for the excellent and successful initiative!
Telopea, Australia
Impressive! Well done!
HookedonPostcards, Canada
Kudos to all at Postcrossing and in Germany for such a strong commitment to literacy! Literacy opens the path to critical thinking.
June060310, China
Such a rewarding project. ❤️
Thanks to Postcrossing who was always working on it, Deutsche Post who was supportive, and every German Postcrossers who made this come true.
beizou, China
Shin, Taiwan
Great result!☺️
Jiang-Yining, China
well done!
werewegian, United Kingdom
Pleased to receive 35 German postcards from December in time. Well done, everyone!
Jacoba1979, Netherlands
Super do all the postcrossers and the Deutsche post.
Jenzeestyle, United States of America
congrats all. I received 7 Germany cards in Dec.
jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Very, very nice. Well done. 😀
Willi, Germany
I was able to help with 160 postcards. Unfortunately, 12 cards were not registered.
HM, Netherlands
Not proud about Deutsche Post mail delivery at the moment (16XP to DE in the last 3 month of 2022).

But for this action Deutsche Post get my douze points / 12 points.
Selena, United States of America
Thank you! I wish we could do this in the US with our postal service.
Silvia_L, Germany
Several of mine expired but at least only 2 (of 99) were not registered before 28th February.
But when I last checked at the end of February all in all there were several thousands of German postcards that had not been registered and that is really a pity.
Cassisia, Germany
This is a neat result! 😃 It's hard to tie a new record every year, I think we did great. 😊 (Out of my 142 cards, 131 were registered in time, that's a "loss" of 8%.)
daiichi888, China
Good job!
isabetta, Italy
Congratulations to all German postcrossers, you are amazing! 🤩
Sandra1985, Germany
Wow! That's amazing! So many postcards sent! I'm a little bit proud to be a little part of it. 🤩🤩🤩
yBenP, Hong Kong
Well done!
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