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Here it is, the day we’ve all been waiting for — it’s time to wrap up the 8th edition of our Cards for Literacy campaign with Deutsche Post, and finally reveal the results from 2020! Sooooo many postcrossers have once more enthusiastically embraced the challenge, and dutifully written as many postcards as they could. Those postcards were really flying out in all directions!

I know you’re all curious to know the final results, so here goes:

Postcrossers in Germany sent a total of 117,294 postcards during December, raising €11,729.40 for Stiftung Lesen!
post yellow

Hurraaaaaaaay! 🎉🎉🎉 This is the best result we’ve ever had in the Postcards for Literacy campaign, breaking the previous record by over €1500 — brilliant! We’re so, so proud of all the German members, for joining this good cause and rallying together to make their postcards extra meaningful last December. It’s been really heartwarming to see.

Even if you’re not in Germany, if you’ve received some postcards from there in the past few months, then it’s likely that you too have taken part in this campaign and contributed to this achievement — well done!

We’d like to take a momento to express our gratitude to Deutsche Post as well, for continuing this long-standing collaboration with Postcrossing and renewing their commitment to improve literacy in Germany, year after year. I think we all appreciate the opportunity of being able to do something good with our postcards, especially in such a difficult year as 2020. 😊

So, all that is left to do now is for Paulo to run his script to choose the winners of this year’s prizes. If you’re in Germany and participated in this campaign, keep an eye on your email — you might be the lucky winner of some shiny custom stamps or a new messenger bag.

39 comments so far

Willi, Germany
I can help with 181 cards
hesssteff, Germany
I've sent 145 and only 4 get lost.
sonataca, United States of America
Congratulations! Our German members are magnificent!
reiselustig, Germany
Wow, I would never have thought, that we would reach such a high amount! Crazy! I contributed only with 76 postcards (and 3 got lost, that is okay). Since I work in a kindergarten which got some benefit from the work of Stiftung Lesen already I am very happy, that they will be sponsored again!
syttifemte, Russia
Congrats to dear German members, that's such a great achievement! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💖
Inselfreundin, Germany
Just yesterday one of my December-cards got registered, so I could contribute 110 cards. I'm so happy about the result, because I am working in a library and I know the good work of the "Stiftung Lesen" very well. Also thanks to the "Deutsche Post" and of course to all the ones, that send and registered the cards.
MerlinM, Germany
I helped with 166 cards. 5 of mine did not made it - well one of those was registered today unfortunately to late. That happens. But the outcome is so great. I never thought we would make it this time even to the 10K due to Covid. But all you people who helped us with registering fast you made it possible. To thank you all for participating directly and indirectly. :-)
Axolotl_, Germany
Yaaaay. 🥳 I'm so proud of us! I helped with 156 cards. :)
Nique, Canada
That's a real nice mail bag someone is going to get. Lucky them!!
simi12, Germany
I contributed 80 postcards, that are 28 more than 2019 and 4 postcards got lost. :-)
CharlottePia, Germany
Remember: over 8000 cards are lost and I think it is very sad. Many people registered during Covid-19 on the Postcrossing side and lost the interest. Sadly they did not sign out, so many, many beautiful cards are only written for the heart of the sender. I lost 14 in December but am happy to have 167 wonderful registrations. Thank you all.
lilsis, Germany
Sent one or two as well. Danke an die Deutsche Post!!
mysweetlife63, United States of America
Congratulations! What a victory!!
ned44440, Ireland
Wonderful 👍👍👍
I didn't think this years target would be met due to Covid so it is absolutely fantastic that it has been. Well done all.
maggiebee, United Kingdom
Postcrossing has been a lifeline during COVID-19 lockdown. I've recommended several friends to look you up on their computers but then leave their screens, shake the dust off their writing pens and stick a stamp on a postcard.
Thank you, dear Paulo and Postcrossing team!
Nadjafee, Germany
Thanks to Deutsche Post and Postcrossing for making this happen! I could contribute 128 cards this year (and 6 didn't make it in time), which was also my personal record! A big thanks also goes to all the participants who registered the flood of German cards so diligently. We couldn't have done it without you!
pefawm, Norway
Amazing 👍👍
LarraChersan, Germany
A wonderful result! ❤️
sacdalton, United States of America
I appreciate all the wonderful cards I received from Germany the past couple months.
NIDUSKA, Finland
tumbleweed, Germany
My contribution is 50 cards. They all arrived and the last one was registered on 28 February. I think that's amazing!
MagicLantern, Germany
I have only sent 10 postcards but still I'm proud of us :)
dackelerna, Germany
Thanks to everyone who registered our flood of cards so reliably and quickly - without all of you we would not have achieved this amount :)

Thanks to the members of the German forum, where we cheered each other on and sometimes walked to the mailbox three times a day to send cards again on the same day after registering.

My contribution is 109 cards (only one got lost on its way) - more than twice as much as in 2019 and it was an honor for me to take part in this campaign.
Kasimir2007, Germany
71 Cards of mine were registered. 5 are still on their way. It was an honor for me as well to be a part of this campaign. Let us try to top the great result in December 2021 if the Deutsche Post will do it again.
carruzzo, Russia
Great result! My congratulations! )))
CorgiGirl, United States of America
A wonderful cause. So happy Postcrossing could be part of an important campaign.
Luziaceleste, Brazil
Congratulations, Germans. You did a great job.
Bille, Germany
Many thanks to all Postcrossers who registered so many cards from Germany and thus became part of the campaign. 🤗
And of course thanks to all who reported about their cards in the German forum, created tables of the sent and registered cards and cheered each other on. 👏
It was really stressful at times, but positive stress is supposed to bring out the best in people. And the result proves us right, doesn't it? ✨
190 of my cards were registered for Stiftung Lesen - unfortunately 12 didn't make it so far.
Now I'm really looking forward to next December. 💙
shugal, Germany
With 13 => 14 slots I was able to send 39 cards. 38 arrived in time, one is still on its way, but I hope it will arrive eventually.

Thanks a lot to all who sent postcards, discussed on the German forum and especially to those who registered them, often with very nice hurray messages! :heart:
leaflets, China
I know a German postwoman.
In summer time, she will take a big bottle of water during her work.
And take a break to cool down in case of heatstroke.
The summer is hotter and hotter these years but all postmen/ women still stay in their routine.

Let us SALUTE to them !!
orange_memo, United States of America
Congratulations to Postcrossing & The German members, a wonderful achievement indeed. Also, I appreciate all the wonderful cards I received from Germany since 2018 till the date.
Sidolix, Germany
I´ve sent 165 and 8 get lost.
Pity, every month 9-10 % get lost... :-((
But I´m happy, the most of them arrive the destination !
RalfH, Germany
Thanks to all postcrossers, who registered the cards in time and contributed in this way!
Sleep, United States of America
This is so cool! What a great job by postcrossers from Germany!
muhmachtdiekuh, Germany
Always happy to participate 🌈💗💌
Flippie, Canada
Hiep Hiep Hoera!
What a Milestone for you, German Postcrossers.
HM, Netherlands
I sent 55 in Travel Mode. 50 arrived on time.
Thorngarn, United Kingdom
That explains a great deal. I had so many cards from Germany I thought the system had locked out all other countries. But of course I really liked every card I got from Germany.
vara81, Germany
That was a huge community effort and it turned out great. It means even more in a crazy year like 2020 =) Big thanks to Deutsche Post for supporting our great hobby! But guys and girls please stop telling everybody how great you are by throwing around numbers of your sent cards... That makes you look like douchebags fishing for compliments.

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