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About Dagmar...

I live in a small village in central Germany with about 600 Inhabitants. So it's really quiet and a lot of nature (especially forest) around me. I work fulltime (that means 39 hours a week) in a town 50 km away from my home. Since 03/2020 I work from home (due to the virus) which saves me a lot of time.
I love spending time outdoors e.g. with gardening, hiking, geocaching or just enjoying nature.
Also I like animals and share my house with 2 fantastic cats named Betty and Carlos.
I love to spend my holidays at the sea and/or with my daughter who lives in southern Germany (blackforest or in german Schwarzwald). My favourite colour is green.

All of your cards are highly appreciated but if you want some hints what I like most here they are:

Every year I collect cards for a special theme. I continue these collections even after the year is over, so here they are:

NEW IN 2024: dragons, because in Chinese Zodiac I'm dragon and 2024 is my year ;) - so everything you find matching this will be great

Nesting birds (started 2023). Wherever they build their nest and raise their offspring: on the rock, in the tree, in the water or even in the house. Artfully woven or just a wild mess.
Photo, illustration, painted - realistic, funny, cute or thoughtful. Feel free to send whatever you want on this topic :)

bathtubs (started 2022). Filled or empty, Old or new, realistic photo or fantasy illustration - I'm waiting for everything you find ;)

animals with books (started 2020): photos, illustrations, paintings, whatever you find with at least one animal and one book ;) So if you have a card matching this collection you'd make me really happy :)

Some other cards I really like are:
- dromedars
- insects and spiders
- all other kinds of animals, but most of all sheep, donkeys, pigs or sea animals like octopus, seahorses or colourful fish.
- FOTW (Please only from country of origin)
- PHQ and MaxiCards (normal size but those with a stamp on the front) matching my interests

Your cards don't need to be only realistic photos - I like paintings or funny ones, too :)
selfmade and ad cards are also welcome when matching the list.

My favourite wall shows a selection of cards I like most (cards I received already). But in fact I like every card I received, chosen with joy and wearing a message more than happy postcrossing :)

Feel also invited to have a look at my collection on my website. It's organized in different albums so you can easily find the postcards I have already received (either here or in RRs).

And: a card always consists of two sides. The back with your message is important for me as well :)
So write everything and as much as you want on the back, decorate, draw, scribble - whatever you like - it will be highly appreciated :)

I like my postcards written and without envelope.

Postcrossing is a really exciting way for me to learn more about all of you - and about our great and beautiful blue planet

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