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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

This month, we suggest looking at an interesting part of our cultural inheritance: crafts!

In September, write about regional or national crafts of your country.
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We all know that each country or perhaps even a particular region or town has its own special form of handmade crafts that they’re famous for. Some are even classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, such as the hand-making of washi paper in Japan or the bobbin lace-making in Slovenia. So what about your own region or country? What crafts do people do there?

If I had to pick something to represent the southernmost region of Portugal, I’d probably choose palm weaving. We have lots of palm trees around here, and for centuries their leaves have been dried and weaved intricately to create a variety of products — like baskets, bags, chairs or brushes. They’re well-made, last a very long time, and look beautiful too!

So what are the handicrafts that your region is known for? Share them with others on the postcards you write this month!



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nicetry, Germany
Please, if some German reads this, what are our typical handicrafts?! I have no idea. ;)

Inspired_rus, Russia
Directly in my town there is a unique factory of Christmas toys. They are painted by hand! Welcome to Klin, Moscow region, Russia! This factory has a beautiful museum with interactive tours where guests can make a Christmas ball.

msquared47, United States of America
I don't know what the US is famous for and I am not much of a creative person, but my friends and I spend time scrapbooking and making cards for birthdays and other occasions.

panpantastic, Malaysia
In Malaysia, there are the textiles of kain batik & kain songket, the traditional kite called wau, the clay pottery of labu sayong, the colourful beads made by the Rungus tribe

hobbymail, United States of America
Native Americans make hand-loomed woollen rugs/blankets; coiled clay pottery; deer hide leather; ceremonial costumes that include masks and feather accents;drums; other ceremonial instruments; fine jewelry and metalware; spiritual Kachina dolls and the unique list goes on.
My first postcard 'received' was from a Choctaw Indian in Oklahoma something that could only happen in this global hobby!

saikat_das, India
In India, every region has its speciality in terms of handicrafts. A state like west Bengal has so many in terms of dokra, batik, bamboo, wood engravings, baluchari.. the list is endless.

Roxanne, Germany
@nicetry I would probably choose the woodcarving of the "Erzgebirge"

Liesbeth143, Germany
in Germany they do a lot of handcrafts: sewing , crochet, knitting, felting, working with tone and a lot more

Heepy, United States of America
So, in the USA, when I read traditional, I think of Native American things. In that regard, you have beaded jewelry. I used to have a Native American friend who used to make me really funky earrings. This all went away a long time ago and I lost my stuff a few years ago, but that is what I would go with. We also have dream catchers and mandalas, courtesy of Native Americans.

Craftylady, United States of America
Here where I live I make lots of fall and Halloween items. Dia de Los Muertos is a big part of my culture.

SunWenjun, China
Chinese knot, kite, paper-cut, shadow play...

DudeTheObscure, United States of America
@Nicetry: Typical crafts of Germany? Automobiles! And pretzels. :)

Luhaiman, China
Tie-Dye, another typical handcraft in China

Flippie, Canada
Hi, most Canadian know how to build an Iglo! ...haha...
The Indigenous people make he most beautiful hand crafts, like baskets, hats, scarfs, jewellery and so on.
Maple Syrup is the bought souvenir.

mcbuchanan, Canada
Local Indigenous crafts around here include birchbark biting, beading, making moccasins, mukluks, etc. Not to mention amazing powwow regalia!

elanj123, United States of America
Americans have so many varied hobbies ! I paint pottery, make jewellery, paint rocks and hide them, do mail art, make homemade notebooks, color coloring books, etc.

Talal90Ahmed, Iraq

tinimini66, Germany
Porcelaine in Thuringia, Germany - but this is made by manufactures, not handcrafts. I don't know... 😱 I think, I don't like this months writing prompt...

sharifah, Brunei
There are some handicrafts here but only one can be found on postcard 🤭🤭. As we dont have much postcards here. But we are among the 10 ASEAN countries producing FDC and stamp with National Costume as our theme. 👍🏻👍🏻😸😸

sharifah, Brunei
The best i can do is use the stamps of our national costume 😸😸🥰🥰

gagema, Germany
Blue-printing is an old handicraft (not only) in Germany which is, I think, an Intangible Cultural Heritage as well.

Gen24, United States of America
Americans(sadly) don't have as many signature crafts or art they like to do, but I feel like one really cool art form that's exclusive to Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs.

These circular or oblong pieces of wood are covered in canvas and painted in a particular way, always containing 6 or 8 points or any fashion.

Out west in PA, they sell them at festivals and other such events and are usually hung on the front side of a barn, over the door.

hwanene, Finland
But which is the color of September?

Geziena, Netherlands
Klompen uit Holland, maar ook kaas wordt handmatig gemaakt.
Wooden shoes from Holland, and cheese of course

melilot, France
In Paris, we have honey, more and more honey. This is craft made by the bees! They are in a better condition now in cities than in the countryside, no bad products (it's not used anymore in public gardens of the city), lots of flowers. So we have more and more hives, on the roofs of a lot of monuments: Opera, churches, but also private owners, forms, etc. and public gardens: Luxemboug and some others, very near the people without any damage to my knowledge.
And of course, from the hives, many products are done, candles of course and much more.
Right at the moment, I can't think about human craft that is specifically done nowadays in the city, but I'm probably short of ideas and it still exists, not even counting young people reviving old traditions.
Just saying: There is a strong tradition of furniture and all that turns around this activity in some areas of the city (east, faubourg Saint Antoine) also all that's linked to fashion (and the big ones work a lot with little enterprises specialized in such or such aspect of clothes, sometimes of a very old tradition).

In Toulouse, my birth city, there was the tradition of pastel: a blue ink done from flowers that made the city becoming affluent in ancient times. Then it was over after denim ("de Nîmes") was found in another area and had a huge success with blue-jeans. But some little enterprises still use pastel in Toulouse, Albi and all this area.

melilot, France
pastel is woad in english, Isatis tinctoria

marina_sons, Russia
My hometown, Orenburg is famous for its beautiful unique warm Orenburg Shawls. I have got 3 of different colours and size

bandcrab, United States of America
Making artful terrariums with succulents and geodesic pots is HUGE in Los Angeles right now. Also, calaveras (skulls) are common decorations, make from glass, sugar, plastic, papier-mache...

chasingkites, Russia
What an interesting topic to write about! I really enjoyed reading the answers and I'm looking forward to receiving a postcard with a picture and a story about a national craft! There are sooo many crafts here in Russia btw...

Monika2019, Germany
In Germany there is very beautiful and well-known craftsmanship.
These occur to me spontaneously.
***Wood art from the Erzgebirge: the Schwibbögen, Christmas pyramids, nutcrackers, smoking men, wooden toys, etc. - carving, fretwork, woodturning
***lauscha Christmas tree decorations: Christmas baubles and tree tops - glassblowing and painting
***bobbin lace-lace from Plauen
***Römhild ceramics and pottery

vlada_123, Russia
We have many crafts. But many in my area like to embroider bobbins. They are amazing at owning them! Also, many knit. Fine yarn, products, their color! I love fresh knitwear, mostly clothes. My mom knits so well! She knows how to knit sweaters, hats, scarves ... a lot of everything! She knits for us. Her hats are better than in the store, because they are not only very beautiful, but also they are made with love.

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