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We’re always in awe of teachers and their innovative ideas for class projects involving Postcrossing. Sometime ago, we told you about this game of bingo from a Taiwanese school, and now Charlene (aka clbrown) from the USA wrote in to let us know of a project she’s been doing with her class, connecting their lives to Mozart… via postcards!

I know it sounds a bit strange, but it works! Charlene is an elementary school teacher in Omaha Public Schools in Nebraska. This summer, their camp theme was “Making Connections” — and what better way to connect Mozart to students than through postcards? The assignment was to select postcards that represent the student, represent Mozart, and cards that have something in common for both the student and Mozart. Charlene gave them all an example, plenty of her own postcards, and let them do their research. Here are some photos of the result:

Connecting to Mozart with postcards Connecting to Mozart with postcards Connecting to Mozart with postcards Connecting to Mozart with postcards Connecting to Mozart with postcards

Did you know, for instance, that Mozart called his wife "little mouse’, or that he loved the colour red and had a few red suits? What about the fact that he was an animal lover and kept several pets?

The results are great and they show a lot of meticulous researching, as connecting an Austrian composer to a random postcard takes some creative thinking! Turns out, we’re all humans in the end, so connections are inevitable, once you go looking for them.

Well done children, and well done Charlene, for coming up with this imaginative activity!

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Geminiscp, Portugal
All projects involving cards are welcome and this has wonderful cards and cute ideas from kids! Congratulations Charlene! :)
josephvm, India
Happy to see kids getting involved with postcards! I Best wishes to the teacher and those kids!
lilacs, Germany
A fantastic project!
triplightly, United States of America
Charlene is so dedicated to her students and her work. We have exchanged several letters and I have been impressed with her love for the children, her home, and her family. Well done Charlene!
Mosshumla, Sweden
Great work of both the students and Charlene!
I wish, I had had teachers at school, who had given us such interesting assignments.
JamieLynn, United States of America
Thanks for sharing this cool story. It really makes my heart smile! 💖
mounten, Italy
Congratulations great project,well done Charlene and her students.
Luziaceleste, Brazil
Sure all had fun. As we enjoy just to learn about it!
Congrats Charlene.
emmahyuk, China
There will be a new set of stamps issued on 9 September in China, the theme is musicians. I am so excited looking forward to them. :) Music theme is always a pleasure to learn more. Thanks to the students and Charlene.
cspt, United States of America
Fantastic project, thanks for sharing. For all fans of Mozart, or birds, or natural history: I highly recommend the book, _Mozart's Starling_
pucky, Netherlands
Such a great project! What a marvellous way to make the students work out all kind of aspects of Mozart! Love it!
clbrown, United States of America
Thank you everyone for your kind comments:) I can't wait to see the students' big eyes when they log on when Travel Club starts up again and they see a story about themselves!! Also - - what other things are people doing to "recycle" their cards??
Flippie, Canada
Thank You Charlene for sharing this story with us. I love Mozart and postcards too... Anneke
Sineope, Germany
This is amazing. Thanks for sharing
serebrianka, Belarus
Great idia!
CatharinaG3, Netherlands
Clever kids, to make all those connections! And a wonderful idea, to connect two such lovely things, good music and postcards. :)
stebbeds, United States of America
What a creative idea. More teacher need to fun things like this. Letting kids portray how they interrupted something, or someone in this case. Great job.
Geoian, Taiwan
This is really amazing!
I like all the teaching activities about postcards.
In addition, I am surprised to see the article about bingo again.
Marfa_K, Russia
Inspiring project of inspiring teacher. Great!
MKristinaS, Russia
Great project! Can I ask a question: were postcrossing cards teacher's ones or were they students'?
Fufachev, Russia
mycket bra
JoeyCai811, China
It's really amazing! Happy Chinese Teachers' Day to Charlene in advance:)
Supersculder, United States of America
This is delightful!
mycatisaorange, United States of America
Delighted to see a fellow Nebraskan on postcrossing
jelikweyh, Malaysia
this is amazing ! great job charlene !
sacdalton, United States of America
Super project! How clever.
Shreysharma, India

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