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Some weeks ago, we took the Little Mail Carrier’s cousin along for a trip to the United Kingdom! It was his first time outside of Germany, and he loved going to all the touristic places and discovering the land of Her Majesty! On May 4th, there was a big meetup in Oxford, which we couldn’t miss, of course! Here’s his account of the day :)

Hi everyone!

The day started on the wrong foot… we left home in London with plenty of time to spare, but I got distracted riding this cute red cart…

Could I have one of these in XS?

… and just missed the bus to Oxford! Luckily, there were plenty more, and half an hour later we were zooming past the rolling hills of the English countryside. When we arrived in Oxford, postcrossers from all over Europe were having breakfast at a café near the bus station, already digging into their stashes of postcards – and they had brought sweets!

Yummy! Just the right size for me!

The day started with the obligatory trip to the post office, to stock on stamps. Did you know they have Doctor Who stamps here? They’re brilliant! They also had very neat posting boxes!

This posting box was huge!

The day was beautiful, and we took the opportunity to stroll around the city center, to admire its history and architecture.

Did you know they filmed some scenes from Harry Potter in Oxford? Quick, Ana, it's too windy for me to stay here too long!

Oxford is known for its University, the oldest in the English-speaking world, dating back to the late 11th century! There were a lot of happy students zooming by in their graduation garments, and many proud parents as well – it almost made me want to go back to school, but for now a trip to the university’s shop would have to do. :)

The people in the Oxford University shop were really nice and let us take a photo inside :)

We also visited the Alice in Wonderland shop for postcards…

Oh oh... seems like someone's late... again!

… and many other stationery shops, including the delightful Paperchase!

There should be odes written to this shop - it's magnificent!

During the tour, we had the opportunity to check out some British classics, like shortbread biscuits and all kinds of fun souvenirs!

If we get the mug and the cookies, can we have milk & cookies later? Pretty please?

After all the walking and postcard shopping, we had all worked up quite an appetite, and so it was time to sit down to eat, chat, swap presents…

Sign here... and here... and here... ...and sign here too!

… and write some postcards! There was much laughter and conversations in different languages between friends, old and new. :)

It was a lovely day, the kind that makes your cheeks hurt from so much smiling! A big thank you to Andy (aka Duplevista) for organising such a wonderful meetup! If you’re curious, check out more photos on some of the participant’s galleries: here, here, here or here.

What are you waiting to attend a meetup near you? Check this forum thread for updated dates and locations – and if there’s nothing near you, consider organising your own!

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nisnoopy3, Malaysia

This is a very nice meet-up! I enjoy looking at everyone's photos! You guys really had a wonderful time. Didn't know that they got Alice In Wonderland shop! Thank you for sharing this event with all of us! ;D

And thank you, Gran7 for the fantastic card with all the colorful signatures from this meet-up and the cool Alice In Wonderland card too! :D
I'm so happy! XD XD

Riutsi, Finland

It was so nice to see all the photos from the meet-up! You were so many joining and signing a card for me. I'm happy to be a member in this wonderful group of postcrossers

DorotheeB, Germany

Thanks for the great report and the fantastic photos - I wish I had been there!!!

mportes, Czech Republic

I got a card from this event, too, signed by about 20 postcrossers. (GB-425474)

ned44440, Ireland

Wow. Been to Oxford and did not know about the Alice in Wonderland shop. Must definately remember for the next time. I got three wonderful postcards from this meet-up but the most unusual of all arrived with no postage stamp or no postmark. I hope to attend next years event.

Ssabalongo, Uganda

I dream of attending the Oxford Meetup someday :)

rosenbusch, Germany

Thank you for sharing... A great meet-up!

NerdBird, United Kingdom

mportes, yes that was me getting your address and deciding to take it along to the meeting ;-)

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Looking forward to join a meetup, anywhere, anytime...

sleepyglowstar, United Kingdom

I definitely want to be there for this next year!!

isagv, Germany

I was at the London meetup last year and so sorry that I could not go to Oxford this year but enjoyed watching all the pics and I also got 3 cards from the meetup. :)

Metulskie, Germany

Cool, I received one the three postcards. "Dear Torsten"
Thanks to all.

sophie54, Netherlands

It was fantastic to be there and now to read the adventures of the mailcarrier.

MiniP, Czech Republic

Oh, I miss Paperchase!!!

droopy_kat, Belgium

Thanks for the superbly detailed story of this seems to be wonderfull meeting!!
Wish i was there..

nugget, United States of America

Sounds like it was fun! Thanks for sharing.

Aeth, United Kingdom

I'd love to make it to one of these in the future... fingers crossed!

Geminiscp, Portugal

lucky guys, awesome photos. :D

joys, Korea (South)

I really enjoyed reading this blog post about the Oxford postcrossing meetup because my penfriend, NerdBird warmly sent me a surprise postcard from the meetup earlier this month and I was wondering how the meetup went.

Antosie, United States of America

When I saw Oxford meeting I got excited then found out it was in England. I live in Oxford, Massachusetts. Everyone sounds like it was a fantastic event. Too bad for me!

Alsudav, Russia

Oh, it seems to me to be something amazing and superfantastic to receive the postcard from such meetings!

mskamat1857, India

anyone landing in Bangalore India.. there is meetup coming up in next week

kroete68, Germany

a wonderful report - Did the Little Mail Carrier's cousin manage the left-hand traffic? ;)

manasa, India

Lovely post and happy to read it.

manasa, India

@mskamat1857, I am from Bangalore. Can you send me the details?

avanesdonk, Netherlands

I am so happy I got 2 cards from this meeting - thanks boys & girls! I hope I can be there next year too!

gloriachen, China

Thank you for sharing!Nice meetup!I really like Alice In Wonderland shop~I wish I can visit there someday!


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