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I'm Amie, I'm 28 and have lived in the same town all my life. I love to read and I'm a massive crafter. I enjoy sewing, crochet, knitting, card making, silk painting and so on, to name a few. I like getting to know people, and collecting stuff, so these postcards can become a great new hobby for me! I mostly collect Monopoly Boards,and love the London Underground, so any postcards relating to these would be perfect. I also collect notes and coins from around the world, and postcards depicting these would also be favoured.

I really really love rainbows, they make me so happy and are one of the biggest things in my life. I love rainbow friendship bracelets, rainbows pens, anything. I would be so happy if I received something with a rainbow on it!

With this in mind feel free to decorate the postcard with any stickers you like!

I love Diddl Mouse, and would love some postcards with him and Diddlina on if you have any.

My postcards do not need to have an envelope, but if you have a particularly nice envelope, or you want to tell me lots then please use one. Also if you would like to direct swap with me about the place you live I would love to do this.

I also would like to collect the "Airmail/Par Avion/priority" stickers. If you have access to these from your country and could send me some, still on their backing in an envelope that would be great!

I would like to add that even though I have included a lot of information about the cards I like I will appreciate any card that you decide to send me, no matter what is on it.

Thank you for reading about me, and have a nice day!


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