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Hawwa (aka Eva) is from Spain, but currently lives in sunny Morocco. She speaks 5 languages besides her native Catalan – and uses them all to write her postcards in Postcrossing! :) Here is what she had to say:

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

A pen friend from Canada informed me about this project. I look for Postcrossing immediately in Internet, and I thought it was an excellent idea to increase my lighthouses collection and improve my language skills. I tried, I became hooked and I discovered soon that Postcrossing is not only a site to collect postcards but a real community.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

I like writing letters in different languages. Sometimes I even dare to send some mail art! I also run a blog ( about my mail adventures. All of you are very welcome!

Out of the post world, my main hobbies are trekking, writing short stories and travelling (I’ve been to seventeen countries so far).

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

I’ve recently moved, so I will show you my previous post office (in Spain). I’ve sent the majority of my Postcrossing postcards from here:

Hawwa's old post office

And the currently post office (in Morocco):

Hawwa's new post office

Also my current mailbox (a bit boring, as it is a PO Box).

Hawwa's PO box

And the graceful mailbox where I send my postcards from Morocco:

Hawwa's postbox
Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

I have a lot of favourites. They usually remain some weeks on the wall of my study. But I will show you the three kinds of postcards I really love:

JP 208063

JP-208063: I just love amazing pictures and especially when they let you learn about distant cultures.

DE 632790

DE-632790: because the funny story about the picture written by the sender. I was laughing the whole day!

NO 34163

NO-34163: It is a handmade postcard and I find it very original. I think it also shows a lot about the sender and his country.

What is it your favorite part of the Postcrossing process?

It used to be choosing the right postcard for every recipient. But now where I’m currently living I have a really limited choice. So now my favourite part in the process is finding postcards in my mailbox and searching more information about the place where they were sent from.

Have you been surprised by any place that you have received a postcard from or sent a postcard to?

Yes, I was really surprised to get a postcard from Tuvalu. I hadn’t heard about this country before! Indeed, I’ve discovered a lot of places thanks to Postcrossing. Postcards have inspired some of my last trips.

Is there anything that you are passionate about?

Two of my strong passions: languages and lighthouses. My native language is Catalan, but I speak more or less five more languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic). And Postcrossing is a good place to practice!


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29 comments so far

rosenbusch, Germany
Another spotlight - thank you Eva for sharing the interesting informations....

Luziaceleste, Brazil
It is always very broad and generic, when people talk over thier 'faves'. Now, Eva manages to be very clever and give nice examples on what she loves!

Geminiscp, Portugal
Nice photos and cards! Have fun in Morocco! :)

sapic12, Portugal
I loved to read this spotlight!

isagv, Germany
Nice spotlight again. :)

marica_t, United States of America
Love the look of your post office, and I adore that geisha postcard!

Nice to meet you!

Greetings from Ohio USA, Marica

baasbraal, Sweden
Interesting! I also speak five languages, but they are mostly totally different from yours (English, Dutch, French, German and Swedish). I have never counted the countries I have visited, but there are at least 30... But I am probably much older too....

vegabond_trader, United States of America
I think anyone of us postcrossers would be happy with any card sent from Morocco regardless of preferences :) I want to visit Morocco one day.

magiciany, Austria
Somehow I really love these spotlights.
I had to laugh about the Wuppertal-card, because I'm from that city. It's surely been the Tuffi-story? ;)

Best regards from Vienna.
(I also moved a short time ago)

postmuse, United States of America
How wonderful to see Eva here in the spotlight ... the very day I get a postcard from her! And I also love the way Eva answered the question about favorite postcards.

YITICH, Taiwan
Great to see the story on it again!

ericacasals, Spain
Ets la primera que conec que parla català (dins del postcrossing, és clar)! m'ha agradat molt l'entrevista, espero que tot et vagi bé :)

LianneK, Netherlands
Thank you Eva, for sharing this with us. Nice to read about your enthousiasm for Postcrossing. I feel the same way.
Next month I will visit Marrakech and I was hoping to find some nice postcards there, but now I'm not so sure about that any more...

Hawwa, Spain
Thanks for your comments!

The number isn't so important, but sometimes it's funny just to count and say: "Well, it's still a bunch of travels to start!".

Is Tuffi an elephant? ;)

I'm glad that the postcard has arrived safe and sound!

Doncs jo he rebut postals en català de llocs sorprenents...

I'm sure you'll find a lot of postcards in Marrakech. I live in a small non-touristy city, so I have less choice. Good trip!

ericdeng, Taiwan
Wow, Morocco!
I'd love to travel to here in future!
Last time I sent to here cost me 21 days:) Not bad!

magiciany, Austria
Yes, Tuffi is an elephant! ;)

Lata, United Kingdom
It is great to see you in the spotlight, Hawwa! I agree, any postcard from Morocco will be very special to receive, so don't worry about that!
Hawwa introduced me to postcrossing a long time ago and I am very grateful for it as I too love this community!

WhiteKnight, Germany
What about learning a sixth language: Esperanto? It is much easier to learn than any other language, especially if you already know several others. :-)

Hawwa, Spain
Yes, post from here is really slow. But anyway, it seems it's reliable...


Thanks for your suggestion. But I'm not sure if I could learn another language. Maybe I should to perfect the ones I know before starting one new... (my Arabic is still rusty, and it is my Portuguese!).

I_am_from_hanover, Germany
it's interesting to hear from you, just changing to a completely different culture!!! I even did the same 37 years ago!! and I'm always with 5 languages, too, but azeri, my 5th language, I only understand but not speaking, answering in farsi! - bonne chance!! ipue from her holiday-account!

nugget, United States of America
Thanks for sharing your story with us!

scriptor, United Kingdom
A most enjoyable read - thanks Eva.
That third postcard was a great idea. I think I shall be copying that...

marivan, Belgium
I would like to read such "extended" profiles every day! Eva, when few postcards available, let the artist in yourself go and make them. Look how nice your last favourite postcard turned out.

wiewiers, Netherlands
Nice to read.

groman, United States of America
I love the geisha postcard!

lucymonty, United Kingdom
What's the story that goes with the postcard from Germany?! How great to speak so many languages!! Another lovely interview :-)

Hawwa, Spain
I'm learning now dialectal Arabis; it's an oral language, not written.

I copied this sometimes... ;)

The postcrossser magiciany (aka Julia) wrote again the story. Here:

HM, Netherlands
nice to read you here in 'the spotlight'!
all the best for you in Morocco, حامد

bodrumlu, Turkey
nice interview

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