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MOO giveaway winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the latest giveaway, we seem to have some serious photographers in Postcrossing!

Without further ado, the winning images picked by Dan at MOO are...

Congratulations to the winners! The coupon for your pack of 20 postcards will be sent shortly! :)

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Posted by on 26 Sep, 2011
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25 comments so far

phuleshouse, Canada
beautiful photos!
Posted by phuleshouse on 26 Sep, 2011

ecprmb, Portugal
Amazing photos! :) Congrats to the winners!
Posted by ecprmb on 26 Sep, 2011

Kimki1987, Netherlands
Congrats to the winners! :)
Posted by Kimki1987 on 26 Sep, 2011

RJSmith, United States of America
Thank you for choosing my jellyfish photo! I'm so excited as I rarely win anything!
Posted by RJSmith on 26 Sep, 2011

ned44440, Ireland
What a lot of talent there is out there.
Posted by ned44440 on 26 Sep, 2011

Annierose, Australia
well done, great photos
Posted by Annierose on 27 Sep, 2011

EkaSyr, Belarus
Congrats! Photos are really great!
Posted by EkaSyr on 27 Sep, 2011

Jodie05, Australia
Wow!! Gorgeous photos! All three would make fantastic postcards!
Posted by Jodie05 on 27 Sep, 2011

dst121gr, Greece
Beautiful photos! Congrats to the winners.
Posted by dst121gr on 27 Sep, 2011

BOOGIE_PIPPIN, United Kingdom
Fantastic photos, the jellyfish is my favourite. Well done all of you.
Posted by BOOGIE_PIPPIN on 27 Sep, 2011

akalle, Sweden
Congrat to the winners, I love the pic Northeast Pacific Sea Nettles
Posted by akalle on 27 Sep, 2011

shui, Taiwan
Those photos are gorgeous!! Congratulations!! :D
Posted by shui on 27 Sep, 2011

lucymonty, United Kingdom
Wow! Wonderful photos! I'd love to receive those as postcards :-D
Posted by lucymonty on 27 Sep, 2011

Hanakang, Korea (South)
wow what a beautiful pictures !! Congrats! :)
Posted by Hanakang on 27 Sep, 2011

9teen87, United States of America
beautiful pictures!! Congratulations to the winners :D
Posted by 9teen87 on 27 Sep, 2011

Yobero, Netherlands
Love the jelly fish pic. Congratulations to all winners. Well deserved. Would like a goo for a package of Moo cards too (rhymes!)
Posted by Yobero on 28 Sep, 2011

kluifje, Netherlands
WOW that jellyfish! Gorgeous!
Posted by kluifje on 28 Sep, 2011

isagv, Germany
Congratulations! My fav is the jellyfish too! WOW!
Posted by isagv on 28 Sep, 2011

myshadow, Canada
Good choice!!! Great shots all three of them! Congrats!
Posted by myshadow on 29 Sep, 2011

CreativePen, United States of America
All three photos are amazing, but my fave is definitely The Cloak of Night - so dramatic. Wow.
Posted by CreativePen on 29 Sep, 2011

lazycat66, Portugal
OMG! I won! Thank you so much! =D

And that jellyfish looks like he's having fun!
Posted by lazycat66 on 29 Sep, 2011

pipps, Canada
Thank you so much as well! I really liked all the photos submitted, I am so surprised mine was chosen, I never win anything!

Thank-you everyone for all the compliments and congrats in my inbox too. I will be happy to send you the postcard, if you send me your address.
Posted by pipps on 29 Sep, 2011

Spright, Netherlands
Congratulations on winning and WOW what a lovely photographs. Can't we order these pictures as a postcard set? They are amazing. :)
Posted by Spright on 30 Sep, 2011

kannonne, Netherlands
Very nice pics!
Posted by kannonne on 30 Sep, 2011

theguitarist, Malaysia
Wow great photography! Congratulations to all the winners!
Posted by theguitarist on 2 Oct, 2011

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