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Over these 2 years, the most requested feature we received here at Postcrossing headquarters was from users that wanted to send more than 5 postcards at a time. We hesitated and thought about the issue for a long time… until we decided on a fair way to implement this change.

So, from now on, the number of postcards you can send will depend on the number of postcards you have already sent. This should encourage new users to (slowly) test the system, while allowing more experienced users to send more postcards.

The new limits for the postcards you can send (ie, have simultaneously traveling) are now:
  • If you have sent between 0 and 19 postcards, you can send 5 postcards.
  • If you have sent between 20 and 39 postcards, you can send 6 postcards.
  • If you have sent between 40 and 59 postcards, you can send 7 postcards.
  • If you have sent between 60 and 79 postcards, you can send 8 postcards.
  • If you have sent between 80 and 99 postcards, you can send 9 postcards.
  • If you have sent between 100 and 149 postcards, you can send 10 postcards.
  • If you have sent between 150 and 199 postcards, you can send 11 postcards.
  • If you have sent between 200 and 249 postcards, you can send 12 postcards.
  • … and so on, in increments of 1 postcard for each 50 you send.

For instance, if you have sent 21 postcards, you can have at most 6 postcards traveling simultaneously to other users.
Please note that since this feature is currently being tested, adjustments to these limits may occur in the future.

Also, did anyone notice there is now a column of random little avatar pictures in each country page? Check it out on the country pages of Turkey, Spain, Brazil or China or look up a specific country on the countries’ list.

29 comments so far

purehoneygoodness, Canada
I think this is a great idea! Thank you people at Postcrossing headquarters!!
sumares, Puerto Rico
Hurray! I love this idea - I think it is well thought out ... and, yes, I did notice the random avatars displayed on the country pages :)
Bap76, France
That scale of number of postcard allowed is great ! More postcards sent, more postcards received ^^ !
I just wonder if it won't decrease the probabiliy of receiving a postcard from a country which has not many users or casual users.

I think that's a good idea too to present randon users, and not only those who have sent the most. But is it really useful as you can't click to go to their profile ? ^^ (or maybe was it just to show avatars...)
MishuMathu, Jordan
Thank you so very much!
I love this adjustment - please keep that up!
Shaneez, South Africa
The new changes are great:-) More than 5 at a time is wonderful because sometimes the journey of cards to faraway places take much longer. Keep it up.
Btw, "Sawubona" is ahe Zulu greeting
mamarine, Thailand
It is very great idea for the new limit :-)
I love it. Thank you.
Zmrzlina, United States of America
Fabulous idea! Thank you very, very much!
Geminiscp, Portugal
I had to read twice to believe it!!! OBRIGADA : )
knuffi, Germany
great idea. anyway, could it be possible to make the 'thank you' messages public? so that they are available to be read in one's profile, as a reference from other users...that would maybe increase the quality of the travellling cards. sometimes I receive such awful cards..:(
karumy, Japan
Uauuuuuuuuuuuu!! It is a great idea!!Thank you so much!
nessita77, Australia
Woooooooow!!! I love this new idea!!! It's great! Thanks so much to all of you!!!
OnTheMoon, Italy
Great idea, I love it! :)
This means I'll become more and more addicted! :D
Thank you!!!
Jon, United States of America
This is an excellent idea. The more postcards one can send, the more one can receive. Thanks so much!
orphan1965, United States of America
I think this is great! I thank all of you !
Blogger, United States of America

whoever came up with this idea is brilliant
mangojunkie, Germany
Absolutely awesome. I love the changes.
llamoore, United States of America
Thanks! This is great! I requested the max cards sent today and not one duplicate country in the lot. Wonderful!
Logicon, United States of America
Awesome idea! This is a great incentive for those competitive users, and a way to get even more postcards from other people!
Giulia_cardieri, Canada
I love the changes :)
zeituni, United States of America
This is wonderful! Thank you so much for all the ongoing hard work for our enjoyment! :D :D
DandelionV, Canada
Great ideas, and nice implementation. Thanks!
leni_84, Russia
I think it's a good idea!
Let's make our community more comfortable together!!!!
thereshegoes, Sweden
This is a fantastic idea! You guys came up with a very creative way on how to solve this :)
dieaana, Netherlands
Great idea! Thanks, but my wallet isn't so happy about this chan-chan-chan-changes!
isagv, Germany
Great new changes.:-)
Now I only miss the old feature where we could see in wich area the user lives.I miss that you cannot see anymore the whole list of users from a country and in special the region where they come from.
States and regions where so helpful for my statistics and also for playing the Bingo's at the forum. ;)
judamore, Brazil
I loved!!!! And I ask for all my 10 postcards to sent!!!! I will send all until freeday :D
Congratulations big team!!!!
DanielleVi, Netherlands
janbonivic, Philippines
great! can now send 6 cards. yehey!!! thanks POSTCROSSING team!
Chamsie, Belgium
I love the idea! Some cards travel fast, other slow and now I have so many on the move that I'll probably will receive/sent every day!

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