World Post Day 2013

October 9th is World Post Day!

This event is celebrated every year since 1969, on the anniversary of the founding of the UPU (Universal Postal Union), and commemorates all the hard work and social contributions of the postal services worldwide.

So across the world, post offices celebrate this special day in many different ways. This includes special philatelic exhibitions, free entrance in postal and communications museums, introducing new products and services, special cancellation marks, seminars, workshops and more!

These are the events we could find for 2013:


Åland Post has a special cancellation for 9 October, which is available at Mariehamn Post Office or by sending an addressed and franked card to Åland Post Stamps.


A new stamp, dedicated to the History of national communications will be issued by the Belarus Post.


In Suzhou, 10,000 free postcards will be distributed by a post office.

El Salvador

A documentary will be aired on October 8th on Channel 10, about the evolution of the Correos de El Salvador.


Posti is celebrating its national Stamp Day, by offering unique postage stamps with local attractions in 97 of their Post offices, which can also be ordered online. On the post offices, they will also have a special postmark on the day with the local theme.


Deutsche Post will have a special commemorative cancellation mark, available in Bonn, on the Post Tower branch and the philately shop in the post office on Münsterplatz.

Additionally, the Museum of Communications in Berlin will host a talk about post and guided tour by Dr. Wolfgang Decker (in German).

Hong Kong

HongKong Post lets you send a letter locally for free, if you mail it from their special Love Post day collection boxes, which are on all their post offices! More information here.


The An Post Museum in Dublin promised to give a free Fashion and Philately exhibition postcard to anyone who says that they come from Postcrossing!


A special themed cancellation mark is available in the Philatelic areas of selected post offices. The Museo Storico della Comunicazione di Roma will also be open to the public will be open to the public by appointment in the morning from 11AM to 1PM and from 4PM until 7PM. More information here.


The Latvijas Post is organizing a Postcrossing meetup in Riga to celebrate the World Post Day together with the Postcrossing community!


Free entrance on the Communications Museum, where there are special activities for children under the theme "Stamp Festival 2013 - Kid's Dreams on Stamps". There will also be temporary Post Offices in the Shop of the Philately Headquarters and the Communications Museum, with a special cancellation mark.


The Malaysian Post is issuing a collection of postcards, featuring post offices from the different regions. They will be available in 95 post offices, and on their website.


PHLPost is holding its 1st National Letter Writing Day.


The Museum of Communications has free admission and special programs for children.


Some post offices are making available special cancellation stamps on this day and they will also be celebrating the Letter Writing Week. Details can be found at in this page.


The Singaporean Philatelic museum is hosting an exhibition titled "Yesterday once more", which displays Singapore picture postcards ranging from as early as 1893. Entry in the museum is free for residents, and they also have a special Museum cancellation stamp at the postal counter.


There will be guided tours to mail distribution centers in Maribor and Ljubljana, as well as commemorative stamps at the main post offices in both cities. There will also be a show for children at 10AM, in Maribor's Trgu svobode. More information here.

South Africa

The South African Postal Service is launching a new set of stamps on the theme "Achievements of the South African Post Office".


Turkey Post (PTT) will hold a stamps exhibition at the Antares Shopping Center. Special cancellations stamps will also be available in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. More information here.