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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

Here in Britain, it’s still cool and rainy at the time of year we’d normally be expecting to start seeing the sun. That means it’s a great time to start thinking about bringing a little positivity into things! This month, we thought it’d be nice to write to one another about the things that make us smile.

In June, write about the last thing that made you smile.

I’m pretty lucky in that I have three reasons to smile just running around my flat making nuisances of themselves, day in and day out. That’d be my bunnies—Hulk, the eldest, and then the twins, Eclair and Biscuit. They like to be petted and cuddled, they like to doze in a nice cosy spot, they like to check out what exactly it is the humans are doing on the computer… and best of all, they like getting treats.

Hulk the Bunny

Yes, Hulk, I did say the word treat!

The last thing to make me smile was exactly that: I was having my morning banana, and Hulk was begging so intently for it (bunnies often love sugary treats like fruit) that I gave her a tiny little bit. That would make me smile on its own, but even better was the fact that she was so happy, her back-end started kind of twitching… You can find videos of this behaviour on YouTube from other bunny owners, though I’ve never grabbed a camera in time to catch Hulk! It looks weird at first, but it’s something they only do when they’re super happy, and of course that made me happy too.

We’d love to hear about the last thing that made you smile, both via comments on this post and on your postcards this month!



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Moyuxuan, China
I visited a Steinway & Sons piano store of my city at the end of May and had played their pianos for half an hour. I feel that my soul has been sublimated. In fact, the Steinway piano is an unattainable dream for me, and having the opportunity to play it made me happy for a week.
Of course, writing postcards and receiving postcards are things that make me happy EVERY DAY❤️
Thanks to postcrossing for making this world interesting and harmonious❤️

rossgoose, Spain
We have moved from an apartment to a house with a garden, now every morning, my breakfast begins receiving the rays of the sun, looking at the pool (which will be ready to use shortly) and breathing fresh air, feeling the aromas of our fruit trees .
You cannot be happier, in this way, writing postcards on the terrace makes me believe that this aroma reaches the recipients.
I hope so! the smile does not fall from the face and I think, that finally, I begin to have peace and tranquility.

sunshine_jumbo, Canada
Smell of fresh cultivate gardens and fields.dirt on your hands

Jilly_button, United Kingdom
what makes me happy...
I love to send a postcard and to look for the most perfect one for that person.
I like to wake up on a morning and be the first to walk downstairs to the kitchen and open the French doors to feel the morning air on my face.

My family make me happy, I have two adult sons and we always have a good laugh together, and going out to a garden centre of a small market town with my Mother and Aunt, we explore and we point things out and I always look for a postcard. I always take photographs too, stealing that moment in time ❤️

Nique, Canada
Brilliant idea! BTW, I ❤ how Postcrossing encourages us to be thankful (by acknowledging our received postcard with the option of writing a message of thanks). This place just keeps getting better and better:):)

TurtlePoint, United States of America
Shanaqui~ your bunny stories made me smile this morning - thank you for sharing!

Steffi67, Germany
It always makes me smile to see how extremly happy my cat reacts when I come home from work, or when he sees me in the mornings. I smile at postcrossing cards that were really chosen for me with thought. And nice comments of recipients, too. Oftenly, it is small things that make me smile, and I am very thankful for all this. Today I smiled when I bought a whole bunch of special poststamps and imagined how postcrossers will smile when they receive them.

manuchka, Germany
I am very happy because to day (almost by coincidence) I found a nice and affordable apartment in a region I would like to visit, and that means that in summer my family will spend a week of vacation at the sea. I am soooo looking forward to it!

Liudmyla_Kh, Ukraine
Thank you for your story, how sweet it is. I like rabbits, they are funny and cute. I try to enjoy every day and all the pleasant little things in it. Recently my smile was caused by a collectible soft toy at a handmade exhibition. It was such a sweet creature, albeit inanimate. It was a toy French bulldog. And I also bought many different postcards at this exhibition, which also makes me happy. I will send this joy to everyone in Postcrossing, whose address will drop out to me soon.

GayeDoreen, United States of America
I love this because a wild bunny has started to visit my yard and oddly, it was quite tame. It even let me pet it. So now I put out rabbit pellets and water for it every day. I worry about it though because it's not like it's a pet. But I like the idea of putting out fruit for it next time. Thank you! Going to do that right now.

Flippie, Canada
What make me smile everyday is waking up and seeing my husband next to me. I'm still in love with after being married with for 31 years. I so lucky that I found him and he found me. We still laugh a lot about our self and each other....

pommiegal, New Zealand
Loved the bunny stories they made me smile this morning in Sunny New Zealand whilst drinking my morning cuppa.

Demmi, Romania
...nice story :) I love it! Every day we must smile we must find simple joys!
See some simple joys on my insta account :) if you cannot see the post I will describe the walking in the rain with my lovely rubber boots!

Have a nice day, stay safe & healthy & S M I L E
:) :D

Waldo, United Kingdom
To be on here, when I should be getting ready to catch my train, means I am having my current last smile. The promise of 27°C in London today an earlier smile already.

OksanaRus, Russia
I received my first postcards on May 29 and it was great. I was very happy!!! One postcard was in an envelope along with a beautiful dried flower. I smiled and looked at him! Thanks to postcrossers for giving a smile !!!;)

TuHsiYi, China
Last Friday,I took a text. To my surprised, I got a very good mark!! Next week, I will take a text which is more important than last one. I hope I can get a good mark just like this one!

Kewl, Philippines
Receiving 69 postcards in one day!!!!

rockycip, United States of America
I "babysat" my neighbor's three-month old Shetland Sheepdog puppy named Buckshot - he is a wiggle-worm and likes to be held like a baby. He is delightful!

illuru, Russia
I met my former colleague yesterday. Do you know all these promises? "I'll come to visit you sometime soon." or "Yes, we need to meet more often." or "I have no time now, but tomorrow is a must." and stuff like that ...
Well, yesterday I didn’t promise anything like that, but I just went with a colleague. We talked well, remembered the old days, talked about ourselves. It was wonderful.
Don't put off such simple things for later. What if they don't happen "tomorrow"?

orange_memo, United States of America
Receiving a postcard from Abu Dhabi-UAE ^__^

Dragon, Germany
The cuddle moments with my cats always puts a smile on my face even when I'm in a bad mood.

HookedonPostcards, Canada
Love that we are focusing on positive vibes. It makes life more calm and pleasant. My BIG smile today: I am now allowed to visit my mother-in-law who has been in hospital since mid-February. Covid restrictions have allowed only one visitor. Now two can visit, so I'm on the list! She and I have known each other for over 40 years, and she's been such a wonderful friend and support.
And, yes, I have been dropping off cheery postcards for her. Isn't this part of the reason so many of us love postcarding! :-)

cheshire42, United States of America
Today, I got a good report from my Doctor as had Open Heart Surgery (Quad four bypass) on May the 4th. But this morning our 5 1/2 year old Rescue Dog "Euler" picked a two pound weight I had been using in my Rehabilitation program. He is such a joy to my wife and I.

ceoramalho, Brazil
I have been dealing with depression since my childhood, I am a teacher and those COVID times have been extra hard to me... well, I walk my dog every afternoon in a lake in front of my house, full of palm trees and colorful birds... we have Fall now, it's cooler and rains are rare in this time of the year where I live, in São Paulo state countryside. I was walking, thinking about life and watching Nina (my 10-year-old-poodle) and suddenly a light rain started... I have always loved rainy days since always, as a kind of hope... and suddenly Nina looked at me asking for protection from the raindrops and all I could do was smile and think that, in spite of all the pain we pass through, there's always a light rain to wash our soul and give us a rainbow...

Madhusudhan, India
Although the pandemic is creating a havoc in my country with lots of casualties, my family and I are resilient by practising meditation and deep breathing to keep the pandemic away. I play my harmonicas everyday which is an antidote for the pandemic considering the deep breathing involved while playing the tiny beautiful instrument. I request all our friends to purchase a harmonica and keep blowing and drawing the air with the instrument which will improve your lung power and you will also learn to play the instrument without anybody's guidance. God bless you all.

kathilo, United States of America
Last weekend, the Memorial Day holiday in the U.S., I drove 2 1/2 hours to my aunt's house. Some of my cousins were there. In all there were 11 of us, along with 6 dogs. A big, noisy family - conversations going on in every room. I hadn't seen them for over a year due to COVID. I was so happy to hug them again!

DrHyde, United Kingdom
Well *here* in Britain it looks like a good day for cricket tomorrow, and I'm umpiring. Best seat in the house to watch the game *and* I get free beer afterwards!

dplonka, United States of America
one of the last things to make me smile was feeding apples to donkeys outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with my cousins and daughter. We named the most interested in the apples Dumpling (as my daughter wanted apple dumplings). She was beige colored and i scratched behind her ears and she seemed to be in heaven. Her mates we named Waffle and Toasty. The horse in the field also wanted apples a bit assertively, so we named him Chip. I have never scratched the ears of a grateful donkey and i was simply delighted and laughing. I hope Dumpling was too.

AnMiSa, Germany
Last Sunday a stranger leaving the parking spot gave us a valid parking ticket. We just saved 2 Euro this way , but this kind and spontaneous gesture made me smile the past week every time I thought of it.

Lianozovo, Russia
I've been waiting for this for so long and now....I'm in the country. Every morning I walk on the wet grass barefoot and listen to the nightingales sing. I watch what flowers have bloomed by this hour and ...I smile at the sun. And when a strange street cat comes and looks at me with her sad eyes, I feed her a delicious snack from a bag and watch her eat. What a positive morning!

triciaan, United States of America
I smiled last week when my 21 year old Granddaughter visited & we made Grandpa’s favorite, a blueberry pie, together! Such simple joys are the best❤️

Secretarygirl, United States of America
I'm a school secretary and sometimes students bring me breakfast. It's summer time and that means no students. Today a parent brought me breakfast out of the blue! She just showed up at my office. That totally made me smile! I'm going to pay it forward.

NatashaRussia, Russia
Hello, world! ☁️
On May 31, I finished teaching children to read, left all social networks, but left only Postcrossing for my soul. I live in a country house, I watch clouds and planes fly in the sky, I admire peonies in the garden, I water carrots, beets and dill). I'm just having fun! Every morning a crow flies to the roof of our house. It would be nice to teach her to bring me letters right out of the window.

Heimweh1004, United States of America
I just received a Postcard with a Picture of an important part of my Home Town it made me happy and smile.

evkoirina, Russia
Полгода занимались продажей квартиры, счастливы, что все закончилось хорошо. Радует жаркой погодой июнь, жду дождь, который вдохновляет на творчество.

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