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Have you ever helped out with a stamp appeal? We’ve highlighted a few of these initiatives before, because it’s something a lot of postcrossers are able to do — if you’ve been storing up used stamps waiting for something like this, then now’s your opportunity!

A banner reading: Support the bone cancer stamp appeal, next to the logo of the BCRT (the Queen's profile inside of a stamp

This time, new member StampLady let us know about the Bone Cancer Research Trust Stamp Appeal. The Bone Cancer Research Trust are a British charity dedicated to helping tackle primary bone cancers via research, providing information, raising awareness and offering support to those affected.

How can used stamps help, though? Well, once they reach BCRT, they sort them into categories and then sell them in bulk by weight. They get sold to collectors and dealers, and some special stamps also get sold by auction. In this way, the stamps are used to raise money by reusing all those old stamps which for many people no longer have a purpose. They’re able to use all kinds of stamps, no matter where they come from, whether they’re British stamps or from other countries, and no matter what the actual face value of the stamp is.

You can contribute any stamps you have by collecting up your stamps (they suggest cutting them out and leaving a 1cm border around them) and then once you have a bundle, you can send them to:

BCRT Stamp Appeal
20 Bowers Road

If you’d like to read more about the appeal, check out their info page! You can also read more about the work of the Bone Cancer Research Trust on their website.

29 comments so far

post4hanneke, Netherlands

Great cause, envelope is on it’s way!

panicz, United Kingdom

A lot of British charities take used stamps. There are even collection bins in various places e.g. supermarkets.

shirley64, United Kingdom

Just posted an envelope full. Thank you for letting us know where to send the stamps.

pynart2, United States of America

sending an envie from the USA. its for a great cause.

Pamaia, Belarus

Впервые узнала об этом, хорошо теперь и марки пригодились

lafujii, United States of America

Thanks for this information

Flippie, Canada

Hi, Thank for the information and I will send some post-stamps.

Ashby48, United Kingdom

A timely reminder! I have some saved up, and not sure whether Paula Carr Centre taking them. So, they'll go to a good home either way!

scooziemouse, Netherlands

I always have my own stamps made for postcrossing. not for sale in stores. could they also yield something in value? I'd be happy to donate a few if that's the case.

haha577, China

Thanks for this information!
Will send out tomorrow!

NIDUSKA, Finland

Thank you ❤️🐘🍓❤️💛🙏for information

orange_memo, United States of America

What a noble cause, I better start saving some now.

Lianozovo, Russia

I will definitely send 10 stamps. I hope it will be useful and useful.

mounten, Italy

I've send used stamps for charity in the UK in the past, will send again thanks for the post.

sabatonian, United States of America

This is a fantastic idea, and such a good way to give a new home to old/used stamps. Will definitely be sending these folks the duplicates from my collection, thank you for sharing.

Robin67, Austria

If there is a special postmark on the stamp, better cut out all of it! Maybe someone will eventually get it, who will appreciate it?!

seascape327, United States of America

Great idea, thank you. One large envelope going out today.

wwwera, Israel

There is one more British charity organization collecting used stamps to raise funds
And I really enjoy sending a postcard to a few of these children on occasion, without expecting any answer :))

Romanticored, United Kingdom

What a great project! I wanna ask, is it okay to send new stamps, which I bought online without using them on postcards yet?

paulo, Portugal

@Romanticored The main goal of the initiative is for people to send their used stamps, that may not have value to them, but can be valuable for collectors. However, they also accept unused stamps.

If you are interested in contributing monetarily though, you can donate directly to them instead (link on their website).

mikoYTY, China

I have lots of! I will send

Zdenkayipii, Ireland

Shared on FB and about 30 on the way

sharingpostcards, United States of America

How do you get the stamps off postcards without damaging the stamp.

Hasso1, Netherlands

I love this! I collect stamps for a charity here in the Netherlands, DORCAS. Check out their website if you're in the Netherlands and want to help,

StampLady, United Kingdom

Thank you so much to everybody who has supported the Bone Cancer Research Trust Stamp Appeal so far! We are in need of at least one supporter in every country so please keep sharing. Every stamp helps. Take care, Terri

Rowergirl23, United States of America

will do!
just started collecting so i only have one stamp, but when i have more, i will send them!

Mirror, China

Thanks for this information.I will send them to the designated place

Rowergirl23, United States of America

you cut them out of the card/ envelope

salimpenfriendz, Algeria

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