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Did you know your used postage stamps can save a beautiful bird from extinction? The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is seeking your used postage to raise money for the protection of the albatross, a large seabird found in the Northern Pacific and Southern Ocean.

The RSPB sells the stamps to stamp dealers and auction houses, and then uses the profits raised to show the fishing community how to use techniques and tools to protect the birds from getting caught in fishing lines. There are 22 species of albatross and all of them are endangered at some level.

For the birds!

While reading about albatrosses, I discovered a page on Wikipedia about the oldest bird living in the wild. She is an albatross and her name is Wisdom. She is about 66 years old! Maybe sending our used stamps to RSPB will help other birds get to live a nice long life, too.

The RSPB ask that the stamps be cut from your mail, leaving a 1/4 inch (6mm) edge around the backing. They should be sent to:

RSPB Stamps
PO Box 6198
Leighton Buzzard,
Bedfordshire LU7 9XT

I confirmed with Laura, the Community Fundraising Manager at RSPB, that the stamp drive is still ongoing. Laura was quite happy to know postcrossers would be onboard with this drive. She also mentioned in her email to me that Postcrossing looks like a lot of fun, and that she wishes she had more time to participate… Perhaps with our stamps we could include a postcard to Laura encouraging her to give it try!

PS – A big thank you to ljbeelady who suggest this post, and to postmuse who wrote about it! 😊

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39 comments so far

sabatonian, United States of America
Awesome project! Will definitely participate and try to get my school involved - thanks for highlighting it here! :)
putriayusha, Spain
Wow, I will definitely join this project!!!! since I love birds and birdwatching in their natural environment :) it's awesome project!!
NIDUSKA, Finland
thank you
arina2986, Belarus
It is great project, and I will join it :)
lilacs, Germany
Very interesting... I'll send some stamps to support this project.
beesknees, United States of America
radiohead92, Austria
Such a wonderful project. Of course I will send many stamps to UK!
marypostcrossing, United Kingdom
I do this! I save all of my general domestic stamps, and they live in a jar on my side table until it is full. I then send them to RSPB or the Hearing Dogs Association. Follow my instagram to see more pictures @_paperpenguins !!
ljbeelady, United Kingdom
Many thanks to all for getting involved.
Gangurru, Costa Rica
My Country has pretty birds. I like them so much.
I am going to send some minisheets to help. Wonderful idea.
leaflets, China
Sounds great !
Let me select some stamps.
Inselfreundin, Germany
Oh great. Finally I found some project I can send my used stamps to. Thank you.
Saaar, Netherlands
Really cool! I'm gonna start saving them! Also, (silly question) you still need to stamp that envelope (with the stamps included) appropriately, right? (Referring to the weight also.) I don't know what PO BOX really means, so just wanted to make sure :S
I'll put a jar on my cabinet as well and start collecting! :)
ukcrystal, Germany
@Saaar: You have to stamp it properly, indeed, otherwise your post service won't deliver the envelope. PO POX means that the recipient has a storage at his local post office. This is usually used for people/institutions who receive big quantities of post or if they cannot pick up the post regularly (it is also common to use it to stay anonymous because you do not need to give your address to the sender).

This idea sounds nice although as a stamp collector 99% of the kind donations will cost more than the stamps are worth. So unless you live in the UK or have very valuable stamps it makes more sense to donate the money directly for the good cause instead of using it for postage.
Ruribi, Japan
I’m going to join this nice project!
Thank you for letting me know about it!
syajaja, Malaysia
amazing project.. thanks for let us know about it
ksenkop, Latvia
I want to join this project, but I have stamps already without the paper! Are they appropriate? Or I can't send them?
lamrach, Hong Kong
I love albatross!
_samy_, India
stamps without paper is there with me ...can i contibute them?
any specific stamps ??
meiadeleite, Portugal
@ksenkop @_samy_ I'm sure they appreciate all the stamps you can contribute (with or without paper). Even if you think they're not worth much, they can always be sold by weight or in "grab bags", for crafts.
Washisaur, United Kingdom
This is great! I want to take part. :) Are ordinary British stamps of any use? I have a good variety of worldwide stamps but the majority are British.
hemma, Germany
My stamps are on the way!
Rodensis, Netherlands
many years of stamps cut out, deviated and saved now get a charity ! great action ... POSTCROSSERS for the ALBATROS !!
ilikeharrypotter, United States of America
are US stamps accepted?
meiadeleite, Portugal
@Letterhead @likeharrypotter They accept all stamps, whether common, rare, from the UK or abroad. 😊
alexturner8, Ireland
Brilliant :)
ZackTseng, China
Are the stamps preprinted on the envelopes available?
meiadeleite, Portugal
@ZackTseng I don't think pre-printed postage qualifies... Sorry about that!
mounten, Italy
Brilliant project I'll send my used stamps too. :)
moonlessnite, Canada
well, what about the peal an stick variety, which are the majority fo stamps in CANADA. Are they ok to send?
terrimik, Italy
An envelope full of stamps are on their way!!
meiadeleite, Portugal
@moonlessnite I'm not sure, actually! I think they are probably ok, as many UK stamps are also like that... but perhaps you can shoot them a quick email and let us know what they say? 🙂
ymym33, Netherlands
What a great way to help to save the albatros! I was already thinking who would be happy with al those beautifull stamps, and there is the albatros! Great!
Jess-Cee, Netherlands
just prepared an envelope full of stamps to be posted tomorrow. Happy to help :-)
juytters, Belgium
an envelope with stamps is on its way
anemone1, Finland
I am also sending you some Finnish stamps, old and new. I want to save the great bird.
sweta86, Germany
Mein Brief ist unterwegs ♡
lisaclown, United States of America
So sad! I didn't know the albatross was endangered... and by what a barbaric way. I think I'll be sending a check to support the cause since I already send my used stamps away for another cause.
I just don't understand how humans have not invented some type of fishing line that can biodegrade or fines imposed for not being responsible with fishing nets. Millions of marine creatures die in such a horrible way because of these "ghost nets". The pictures are horrible.
I wish the RSBP well with this mission.
lori8765, United States of America
I will also be sending stamps. Can we send them throughout the year or is this just a limited project and a deadline for sending?

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