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About Linda...

I am a single mother of 50 years and live together with my daughter of 21 years.
we lived in this house with my father, but after living together for almost six years he died of cancer in 2013.

I have been writing on my own weblog since 2010.
I write about different things, personal or media or just something funny.
I started posting my own stories online at the end of 2015.
in 2021 I had the opportunity to publish these stories in book.
I've always dreamed of publishing my own book, but I doubt these stories are the right ones to publish.
and then i found this publisher and thought why not.
Anyone who does not dare will never get a step further!
I hoped to write stories to make my own dream come true: to publish my own books!
on May 1, 2021 my first book 'welkom in Cottonshall' was published. the book is in Dutch.
in between I keep writing for the blog and work on a new story.
on the weblog I have every Wednesday an item about postcrossing.
no names are mentioned, only the country where a card is coming from or going to with pictures of the sent and received cards.

I now also have a webshop on redbubble:
With this online shop I wanted to share designs that I make for my weblog or other social media platforms.
and I also just like to make edits of different images.
I mainly focus on making cards and stickers but there will also be other stuff available.

I work as a volunteer at the Salvation Army thrift store.
I have a few medical issues that don't always make things easy for me but i liked my niche at the thrift store.
unfortunately I had an accident during my work. I had stitches in my hand. unfortunately my hand remains sensitive, write with a pen and other small things like twisting a bottle cap remain painful with
my hand.

I have no real preference for what kind of card you can send me.
but I love writing and reading.
I also love American things like animals, nature parks to cities or whatever you can think of in America. Los Angeles is my favorite city.
but cultures of other countries I find very interesting too.
choice is completely up to you what you want to send to me!

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