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World Post Day poster

October 9th is World Post Day! 📮

In a few days, the Universal Postal Union will celebrate its 144th anniversary, and this is also the day chosen to celebrate the Post all over the world. It’s a good day to reflect on the infrastructure that connects the globe in tangible ways, allowing things to move from our hands to the waiting hands of another person, no matter how far they are. Where would we be without all these efficient systems in place to make sure our postcards, letters and parcels arrive safely to their recipients?

To help you celebrate the day with postal services worldwide, we’ve asked you to let us know what your own local post office will be doing on October 9th, so that we could compile our habitual list of events. Here’s what we were able to find out together:

Fewer and fewer post offices seem to commemorate the date with each passing year… but don’t let it “rain on your (postal) parade”! We encourage everyone to join in and celebrate the day in any way they can. Send a few postcards with extra-nice stamps, high-five your mail carrier, or say a kind word to the person behind the counter at your post office, maybe bring some cookies, even! I’m sure your thoughtful gestures will all be appreciated.

Hurray for the Post that brings us together!

PS – If we’ve missed any events that you know of, just let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

12 comments so far

thibcabe, Switzerland
For the Belize flag, you put the Belgian one... ;-)
thibcabe, Switzerland
On the 2016 section :-)
volvomom, United States of America
So proud to be a part of this amazing program for over a decade! Love to all!
meiadeleite, Portugal
@thibcabe Just fixed — thanks for letting us know! 😅
athanasi, Greece
Special anniversary postcards have been designed which will be given for free in every Post office of Greece to celebrate the World Post Day. Also, in the capital of Greece, Athens, and particularly in five Metro stations, there will be special post booths where the people will be able to take and send aniversary postcards for free.
Flippie, Canada
Yeah, I can give my postmen a flower again! Each year on this day, I give my postmen a flower. They love it. - Yeah-!
yana_tukay, Belarus
My post office is working on 9th October as usual.. but I am going to surprise my office operator and my postwoman with some chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate 😊🍁📮
vlada_123, Russia
I do not know whether this holiday is celebrated in Russia... Probably not everywhere, but in some places-Yes. When I asked the postman at our post office if he knew about this day... He replied that he had no idea about this holiday. Which is a pity. It is a pity that the holiday of mail is not an official holiday... After all, postmen are as important as doctors, builders, confectioners and sellers in the store... After all, who brings us letters, parcels? Of course, the postmen! Unfortunately, our post office is open on October 9, but I still congratulate the postman! Don't forget to say "thank you" to your postman. Yes, it is a very small gift, but still this word brings happiness...
Lorelai, Germany
I'll write a postcard to Deutsche Post to ask for a POSTCROSSING-stamp in 2020: Bundesministerium der Finanzen, Dienstsitz Berlin, Ref. Briefmarken und Sammlermünzen, Wilhelmstr. 97, 10117 Berlin
coolmandus, Germany
Deutsche Post celebrates this day with a special edition of a postal stamp
TaiYang, Singapore
Singapore post has a special datestamp (1st anniversary of GPO) and 2 cachets (world post day and 160yrs of postal services) for world post day
shihmeisu, Taiwan
There is a night visit to the Postal Museum in Taiwan,there are singing and lottery activities.