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Fernando (or Patagonia) is 31 and lives in Santiago (in Chile). He has a dream of living in the beautiful region of Patagonia, in the southernmost part of South America, hence his username choice.

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I always liked photography and postcards. I bought postcards for each trip and also bought old postcards from other countries in different libraries. That motivated me to write to different people from other countries to swap. One of those people mentioned Postcrossing as a good place to swap. I think it is a magical virtual place to know other people, make friends, know other cultures. It’s magical because it can connect people from Siberia to Atacama, from Egypt to Cuba thanks to this great project… and thanks to technology, of course.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

Yes, I love the nature. Actually I practice trekking, principally in the Andes Mountains. Where I live, Santiago de Chile, is very privileged for this discipline, because is near of the Andes and there are many mountains to practice this beautiful sport. I love reading poetry, listen classical rock and latino-american music and the most important I think, play with my 7 months son, Diego.

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

I have stored very well my postcards, so, I can show my Byōbu (wind wall) in the living-room of our apartment. It’s very special for me, because it decorates our home.

patagonia wind wall

My son Diego also likes the postcards.

patagonia son
Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

Maybe, it’s the hardest answer. I love all postcards, each country is very special for me. Postcards from Poland, Brazil, Romania, USA, Italy, etc. are beautiful.

I think my favorite postcard is from St. Petersburg, Russia, because was my first card received by Postcrossing and the russian postcards are all amazing (Siberia, Moscow Subway, etc.).

patagonia favourite postcard
Is there anything that you are passionate about?

My family… is the most important for me. Also, today we are living so great changes in the world, people must live free and with fundamental rights, I love that people should reveal their oppressors (bad politicians, dictators, etc.). I believe that is the sense of Postcrossing, a free world, free thought without oppression.

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22 comments so far

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Patagonia is a paradise on Earth! You are lucky to live so close and in a wonderful country...
dianaf, Netherlands
I only returned from Santiago last week. I spend 5 weeks in Argentina and Chile. Mainly in Patagonia, it is a wondeful place, but a bit windy. :-)
lucymonty, United Kingdom
Great to see you're passing on the love of Postcrossing to the next generation! Diego is very cute :-)
Earney, Austria
Diego so sweet.
nowaglas, United States of America
very nice to meet you!
moonlessnite, Canada
What a cherry introduction...look at that smile on your boy's face! I have a little grandson the same age. You live in a very special spot on our globe. Wishing you a year of the most intersting postcards...happy trekking.
Apez, United States of America
Awesome! I can't wait to receive a postcard from Chile!
elizabethpostales, Peru
Great interview, nice picture and Diego is so sweet :D
FloridaGirl, United States of America
It was great to read your interview. You express a lot of good ideas. Family is the most important for me too.
DoLcE_ViTa, Russia
Hi Fernando!) Glad to see interview with you here! Diego is really sweet)))

The postcard from Fernando is one of my favourite. It's really beautiful!
Nolleke2010, Netherlands
My daughter Marije (username on Postcrossing Zustermuis) just returned from a 3 months trip to south America. She visited Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chili. She travelled with her boyfriend. They loved Patagonia!!
capricious-pancake, Poland
I have swapped with Fernando and received outstanding postcards! It was a real pleasure. ;)
isagvproject, Germany
Thank you for another very nice spotlight!
Cheryll, Suriname
Glad that a South American [neighbour] is in the spotlight again!!
nice way to display your postcards !!
CAV, Canada
We like how you displayed your postcards. Our class stores ours in an album, split by continent.

We think your son is really cute! :)
honeybee, Austria
It is great to meet you here again and thank you for this nice spotlight. Your son is so cute.
janbonivic, Philippines
Great way of showing your postcards! Greetings from Palawan, Philippines! =)
Patagonia, Chile
Thanks for your words... Well, i'm from Patagonia, I lived there 17 years, now in Santiago, my dream is back to that beautiful land.

See you,
Mabo63, Switzerland
its a dream maybe in the future to travel the region of patagonia, it must be very special there. also the andes are fantastic. nice to read your interview and i wish you all the best. best wishes from switzerland :-)
zjhzlk, United States of America
It is really glad to see you on the spot^^. Patagonia is without one of the most amazing places i've ever been to! Will definitely go back to visit it again in the future.
SarahF, Germany
I love the last sentences from your interview - I sometimes wonder if I'm slightly odd or idealistic, but I think that hobbies like postcrossing might help changing the world to be a better place and it's great to see how many people here are open minded. :)
IvanWong, Taiwan
Thank you for your sharing.
I hope I can travel to this wonderful land someday!^^

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