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We really hope you’ve all been good boys and girls this year (and not just the children!), because Santa has most definitely been keeping an eye… Still, if you’d like to plead your case, perhaps a beautifully handwritten letter with some compliments wouldn’t hurt? 😉

We encourage everyone to keep this tradition alive, especially among the little ones. For many, this is their first time writing a letter, and it can be a magical moment of discovery and awe.

To give you a hand in this task, here’s the list of Santa’s addresses around the world:

Post Early!

In many other countries, it’s enough to address your letters to “Santa Claus” (or his name in your language). For instance, in Portugal you mail your letters to “Pai Natal”, and you’ll get a reply.

If Santa’s address for your country isn’t listed above, check with your local post office for more details and let us know in the comments. Happy Holidays, everyone! 🎄


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RoteZora90, Germany
I've written a letter to "Christkind" as I was a child! It was so wonderful to get a letter back :)

The link to the german website doesn't work:

meiadeleite, Portugal
@RoteZora90 thanks for letting us know — I've fixed the link :)

Browyn, Czech Republic
Czech Republic

Baby Jesus Post (Commemorative stamps)

Since 1994 works on Božím Daru Christkind post. Postcards, letters and cards for your loved ones may be sended by mail to Christmas post or individually inserted into special mailbox.

All shipments intended for stamping must be provided with a destination address and postage stamp corresponding to the actual destination.

Postcards and letters from 1/12 - 23/12 are stamped with commemorative Christmas stamp and sent back to the listed address. Every year there is a new casual desires Christmas stamp.

Vánoční Pošta
Boží Dar 1
362 62 Boží Dar

LaureB, France
In France, you have 3 possibilities for only 1 destination.

For poets, the address of Santa Claus is:
Père Noël
Rue des Nuages
Pôle Nord

For the traditional, just write:
Père Noël

And for the most pragmatic:
Père Noël
33500 Libourne

Learn more about,1111615.html#oHKVdpEfzJSCrqfx.99

Volodya_VA, Russia
I have seen some post offices in Russia last year with a special mailbox just for those letters. But not this year for some reason.

Norway_girl, Norway
Here's two Norwegian addresses: (only in Norwegian)
Julenissen i Norge
Norway (some info in English)
Julenissens postkontor
Havnebakken 6.

sherrybo, China
12.19 is my 21 birthday.
Can I get some postcards for my birthday?
And of course I can send back.
Facebook or WhatsApp+8613726602903 or email me is okay.

AmitxSahoo, India
Writing to Santa is awesome ❤️

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Pimpinella, Portugal
In Portugal, we can write to Santa Claus (letter or drawing) and there is no need to put a stamp, only in this ocasion. All letters received from our post offices (CTT) will be answered with a reminder. It will expect this year about 170 thousand letters :)

_samy_, India
there isn't one in india....can someone send me a postcard if they have extras:)
if yes,message me on postcrossing forum

Sabina37, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Please add this link to Bosnia and Hrzegovina.

Link you have now is only for the one part of the country.

Iside82, Italy
I have never tried it, but in Italy should be like in Portugal : you can mail a letter addressed to "Babbo Natale" (with an address of your choice, like North Pole, if you wish to add one) and you don't need to put a stamp on it. If you write your own address on the letter you will receive a replay.

cerenyaman, Italy
Can please someone tell me how can I do it in Turkey? I've never heard that happening in real life, it's so much amazing!!!!

filipa_esteves_dias, Portugal
I would to send a letter to Santa Claus!! I'm portuguese! I just have to write a letter and put Pai Natal instead of any address?

Kanife, Belgium
For Belgium I found this address:

De Kerstman
Straat van de Wijze Kinderen 3
de Noordpool

goldfleck, Japan
I'm in Japan and sent a letter to Santa in Canada. I got a reply and only paid postage on what I sent. Santa is indeed very generous.

devimarietta, Korea (South)
I already sent it by December 9th to several countries, I hope I get replied.