devimarietta, Korea (South)

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About Devi...

Hi there, I'm Devi. I love traveling, philately, books, and art. I also collect used stamps.
I was from Indonesia originally, and moved to Korea since 2015.
Moving and adapting in new country is not quite easy but i hope I can still enjoy it.

If you can, I would like to receive postcard with something beautiful and positive. About beautiful landscape card of your country or painting landscape or any culture from your country (special occasion celebration, traditional costume). Recently, I like Lali card, Postcrossing meetup card from your country also nice.
I do care about SDG's goal, I hope the world would better for tomorrow.

I love stamps so much, nice stamps is very welcome especially if you come from country which has special postcrossing stamp, or signature stamp like Finland has Moomin, I would love to receive one!
So many things you can do with just a postcard, dont worry..

**Please tell me this, I'm really curious about your hometown, do you have any recommended place to visit there which is not everyone know? or share story or everything you want :)
**Do you have any favorite books, about what, tell me a bit :)

Happy Postcrossing guys!

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