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World Post Day!

Hurray! October 9th is World Post Day!

This is the day to celebrate traditional mail, and the important role it plays in connecting the world… not to mention making sure our postcards reach their intended destinations, in all corners of the planet! So we invite you to celebrate the day, pat your mail carrier on the back and send a few extra postcards on this very special day. :)

With your help, we’ve contacted many postal operators and museums worldwide to find out how they were commemorating World Post Day. Sadly, most seem to have forgotten their own day… but a few replied, so here is the list of the events taking place this year:

If you find any more, leave us a comment below and we’ll add them to the list.>

Today is also the day in which the new Ukrainian Postcrossing stamp makes its debut! If you’re in Lviv and Kiev, don’t forget there will be launching events in your city, which you can attend. Elsewhere in Ukraine, you should be able to spot the new stamp on your local post office. If you do, please share a photo with us — we’d love to see how it looks on a postcard!

Ukrainian Postcrossing stamp

Happy World Post Day everyone! 📯


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22 comments so far

SusanRae, United States of America
Happy World Post Day! And the Ukrainian stamp is lovely!

sumares, Puerto Rico
To those who live in the "future" … Happy World Post Day! 📯 What a lovely new Ukrainian Postcrossing stamp!

abbyaguas, Philippines

Ishar, Sri Lanka
My first postcard on reached the destination today, what a historic moment on world's Post Day! :D

OlgaBy, Belarus
Greetings from Belarus! Happy World Post Day!
All cities in the post offices are quizzes and lotteries with awarding prizes and gifts!
Today began voting for a new character BELPOST!!

avanesdonk, Netherlands
Happy world post day! And thanks Postcrossing for making us aware of it :)

CaroSmile, France
Greetings from France!
Happy World Post Day everyone :-)
MANY thanks to the great people who invented this fantastic website called Postcrossing!

Blogger, United States of America
Happy World Post everyone! May your mailboxes be filled with postcards. I will be sending out a few extra cards today to celebrate.

Nammak, Netherlands
I'm a bit sad, I can't send cards. This last year my cards didn't arrive.
But happy world post day!

riazkhan4880, India

Verunslv, Russia
Greetings from Samara (Russia)!
My congratulations to everyone who's connected with post and Postcrossing! I'm sorry but I'll send a postcard tomorrow (but I'm going to requst an address some minutes later). But this Sunday it'll be Postcrossing meeting in our city. After it we'll visit the main post office and send our postcard with special cancellation. =)

froukjeb, Germany
Happy world post day!

I would have loved to pat my postwoman on the back today, but unfortunately she didn´t stop at my house today... I´ll try again tomorrow :-) :-)

chrissybaby, Ireland
After postal volume was quite low the last days because of the post strike, I have received a whole pile today! And I sent a few extra ones as well. Happy World Post Day !!

CatharinaG3, Netherlands
The postman did not even come here today....

mrmangus, Poland
Greetings from Poland! Happy World Post Day!

vicki131983, United Kingdom
My post office lady had never heard of it! Such a shame 😔

Kereru, New Zealand
Happy World Post Day everyone around the world connected to Postcrossing. Sadly New Zealand has nothing planned to celebrate this. :(

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Joining in from the Netherlands to say:
"Happy World Post Day."

Vincenzo51, Italy
Greetings from Italy "Happy World Post Day."

PeaceFox, United Kingdom
BRILLIANT to have a World Post Day, let's all celebrate and post something. Pity the the British Royal Mail does not appear to mark the day. Greetings all Postcrossers.

ipuenktchen, Iran
great job ukraine had done!!! congrats!! lucky you!!!!!!!

WhiteKnight, Germany
Maybe the most beautiful poscrossing-stamp til now...

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