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Meet dotdotPC (aka Liisa) from Helsinki, Finland. She loves reading, gardening… and studying new subjects!
Here is her Spotlight interview:

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I’m a Bookcrosser and I found links to Postcrossing site from fellow Bookcrossers’ profiles. Once I followed the link and here I am. I’ve always liked postcards, sending them and just handling them. I work at an archive. In last ten years my job description has changed and administration and digital archives take more and more of my time. I don’t get in touch with paper as much as I used to. I think handling paper in form of pretty postcards comforts me. It reminds me of my childhood and of the years of my early career when my duties were less complicated and I could focus on old paper documents and history.

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

I already mentioned Bookcrossing. Earlier I was very active participating and organizing local meetings and events but other things take more of my time these days. I’m still quite active, but only via the Internet. My profile is here.

During almost all of my Postcrossing years, I’ve been studying after hours. Years after getting my last diploma, I realized that I know nothing of pedagogy and applied for a year’s course at the University. Now I’m studying after hours again. I have also realized that studying is one of my hobbies. I used to be active in some associations earlier, but I don’t have time for them anymore. Last summer I took a course in genealogy. It’s very interesting, but I have time only to assist my sister in her research.

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

For years I used the Helsinki General Post Office. Architecturally, it represents functionalism of 1930s, my favorite style. Unfortunately it’s not open to public anymore, but you can see a photo of it by Joonas Antikainen here.

Now I use another post office, that represents functionalism, only four years younger and not so grand as the old General Post office. Postoffice 00510 Helsinki is close to both my home and my office, so it’s very practical.

dotdotPC's post office

I live in the fourth floor of a small block of flats, with no elevator. So far our mailmen and mailwomen have always been very friendly, whenever they have rang our doorbell for oversized letters (usually Bookcrossing books).

Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.
dotdotPC's favourite card

I don’t feel good about choosing favorites, as I’ve received so many fantastic and lovely postcards. I decided to show a great card about 1920s Roly Polys. I like the picture, it’s a museum postcard and it’s the very first card to arrive in our new (that is present) home in 2008. It made a new flat to feel more like a home, even if we hadn’t even moved in when it arrived.

What is it your favorite part of the Postcrossing process?

I like whole process. Sending and receiving postcards gives me similar joy now as they did when I started this hobby and I received less cards per week. Many postcrossers send really great cards and write kind and interesting messages.

Receiving postcards is lovely, but yet my favourite part of the process is getting new addresses and choosing cards for others. I’d like to send an individual card to every person, but it’s getting more and more difficult. So many people wish for city views and landscapes, that I must send similar cards to different postcrossers. I also like making my own collage postcards for those who wish for handmade cards.

Is there anything that you are passionate about?

I’m passionate about my work. As a former public servant I’m passionate about the principle of publicity in administration. I like to encourage and advise people to use their right to get information about public affairs. There are other things, too, more connected to my spare time. Gardens are one. I’m not a skilled gardener, but I’m very eager to learn, I usually assist my sister in my mom’s lovely garden. Graveyards are another. Where ever we travel, my husband and I try to visit local graveyard, especialy in our own country.


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22 comments so far

NicRooz, Netherlands
I just received a wonderful card of dotdotpc today! How nice to read more about you, Liisa! you got me interested in bookcrossing.... Thank you :-)

ned44440, Ireland
Lovely interview

soumya, India
very nice interview, thanks for sharing. Good luck to dotdotPC (aka Liisa)! :) :)

rosenbusch, Germany
thank you for sharing the informations...

AllSerene, United Kingdom
Lovely to learn more about you Liisa!

ctim, Sweden
Nice to see you here on the Postcrossing Spotlight =) I've received a lovely Postcard from you once that is also one of my favourites! =)

scriptor, United Kingdom
I like these interviews - thanks.
All the best to Liisa for her future postcrossing adventures.

Kat_n_Will, United States of America
Nice interview! I found so many things in common, specially the part choosing the card to is the most fun, when you get an interesting profile! Terveisiä rapakon takaa :)

topcloud, Kenya
It's very nice to see you here. You sent me my favorite postcard last year. Thank you!

Hawwa, Spain
Nice interview! I love the postcard you showed. I agree there are so many great postcards that it is really difficult to pick up some favourites. I'm impressed: you have got A LOT of postcards trough Postcrossing! I'm wondering where do you keep them...

pucky, Netherlands
Nice to read more about you! I once received a lovely postcard from you! Thanks!

Piukkuli, Finland
En tiennyt, että Crossareiden sivuilla on tällaisia hauskoja haastatteluita. Olen ollut Crossari vasta neljän kuukauden ajan, mutta tää on ihan huikean hauska harrastus.
Käyn Liisa töissä läheellä tuota sinun postiasi. Rakennus on todella kaunis funkkistyylinen talo. Ikävä kyllä en ole vielä käynyt ko. postissa, koska asun Hollolassa ja käytän omaa konttoriani, mutta ehkäpä käyn siellä joku päivä ruokkiksella.

nugget, United States of America
Nice interview. Thanks for sharing! I also like to explore old graveyards when we travel.

DorotheeB, Germany
Thanks a lot for the nice interview, it's great to learn more about the people participating in Postcrossing, it's make the whole thing even more personal.

ericdeng, Taiwan
I think I get your address twice:P
Recieving and sending so many cards is really busy, big business!

DeeOhTea, United States of America
I enjoyed this interview as I do all of them.. so nice to "get to know" other Postcrossers! To know that you are also a BookCrosser as I am, is the frosting on the cake: )

PS- I also enjoy seeing the post office pictures... who would have guessed that? : )

poppett, United Kingdom
I have received a card today from Liisa. So lovely to instantly recognise the name and read more about you. X

Geminiscp, Portugal
Nice interview, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! :)

dotdotPC, Finland
Thank you for your nice response, everyone:)

avatar404, Hong Kong
great interview. I have received wonderful card from dotdotpc

bodrumlu, Turkey
nice interview

nboliveira, Brazil
Nice interview, Liisa! The postcard is amazing.

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