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Soooo.. our first monthly contest is over, and we’ve received some enthusiastic videos! Who knew postcrossers had such nice video skills?

Here are the entries:

How does Postcrossing work (Misio)
by mrpotato
An Introduction to Postcrossing
by DerbyDragon
What is Postcrossing
by oixxo
Postcrossing world
by paneleroze
by the_beatles_4_ever
how Postcrossing works
by piotrek
Postcrossing and how it works
by positively postal
How to Postcross
by Vandom
Postcrossing manual
by R4

And here is the one we selected as the winner:

Isn’t it such a sweet video? Congratulations oixxo, good job! :)

Video isn’t your thing? Fear not, we’ll try something different next month!

And of course, thank you MOO for gracefully sponsoring our monthly contest. Need to get some postcards, business cards or stickers done? MOO's got you covered, with outstanding quality and original designs! :)


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29 comments so far

mundoo, Australia
Wow, they are ALL great!!! Congratulations to all the entrants.
What a wonderful way to promote Postcrossing.

nocheluna, United States of America
Congrats! That video was adorable. And well explained. ;)

yvi-1, United States of America
I really enjoyed the diversity in all the videos ... some were very good at explaining the process, some were humorous, and some mixed both! Congrats to oixxo.

shui, Taiwan
Congratulations! Love all of the entries! They are so inspired, especially for a mail lover like us! :)

P.S. I also didn't expect to see one of my favorite postcard series (Moments of Color) in R4's vedio! :D

willemijn, Netherlands
What a great winner, congrats!
So many entries, and al so nice! R4 is second best to me :-)
It's clear you've all had fun.

oixxo, Russia
Oh, it is such a great pleasure for me!!! Thank you so much for a great contest, I had fun! And I'm glad people like my video!
Thank you all for your support!

solarts66, United States of America
Cute video! I like the music that went with it and it's funny.

13_february, Russia
Great video, Olga!

newTkd, Russia
Congratulations Olya! It's real funny video!
Мои поздравления!

Mieka, Denmark
a worthy winner

funny_polly, Russia
Поздравляю! :)
Congratulations, Olga!!! :)
Very cute video, it's obvious you were having fun.
Wish you luck with all exams!

Dreamweaverbird, Belgium
This contest is real fun ! I enjoyed all the entries. Postcrossing is alive, woohoo.

canno1979, United States of America
Great video, oixxo!! Congratulations on a well deserved win :)

dianaf, Netherlands
The video is awesome.

anagahan, Macedonia
Great winner video!!It is so joyful and happy! Makes you simply to want to join postcrossing if you arent a member already. Congrats Olga!!

isagv, Germany
Congratulations! This was my favorite one too but all are great! Well done!

Earney, Austria
Congratulations oixxo! well done!

Vainillina, Poland
Congrats! Great job, I love it! It's really cute and funny and I believe it shows the spirit of postcrossing! :)

icspi, Netherlands
uuuuuuuuu Vandom has used the postcard I sent her in her videooooooo (0:14)... yeeeee... In any case... Well done to everybody!!!!!

ekolter, United States of America
Love it! Very cute!

KPatton, United States of America
Aw that was great! What a simple way to explain it and such a cute idea. Congrats!

willemijn, Netherlands
I've come up with another contest (well, more like a very interesting fact): the card received that traveled for the longest period. Last week I received a card that had been traveling for 124 days from Moldova to the Netherlands. Intriguing...

Wrygirl, Canada
I loved all the videos!

I have an idea for one of the monthly contests: do an interview or a profile of an interesting postcard producer or postcard store in your town.

magasuprema, Portugal
Congratulations:) Really liked the winner video:)

StojakSiblings, Germany

kazinhabueno, Brazil
Amazing video!!!!! Congrats to the winner!!!!

oixxo, Russia
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMENTS! They do inspire! :)))

mylifeasadog, Thailand
Lovely and cute VDO I love it... you're deserved to be the winner.
Congratulations ! ^_^

Lumotar, Ukraine
I don't like thw winner video

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